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What is money: Definition and 157 Discussions

  1. Ember Lewis

    Notepads, Lemonade Lady, Money Bag, Photo Mats, &Door Prize Box

    Please add shipping to all items... notepads-2 sets of 5 $5 PC letterhead pack of paper and lemonade lade sweet success pack $5 money bag PC and my cluster photo mats $10 door prize boxes $5
  2. T

    Are there free apps for my Apple devices that can help me save money?

    If you have an ipod, ipad, iphone, sign up for "Apps Gone Free" in the App Store. It is a daily summary of the best free apps of the day. You can even nominate ("bump") apps to be free. My son no longer buys games for his ipod because he can get them for free. I try the different learning...
  3. Jennie4PC

    Can Swagbucks Help You Save Money While Searching Online?

    When searching the internet go to swagbucks.com as you search the internet you earn swag bucks. When you get a certain amount you can exchange it for a gift card or other items. I use it and get a 5.00 GC for Amazon when I hit 450 swag bucks. Saved me a lot of money this Christmas since I save...
  4. esavvymom

    Want to Save Money on Dining, Attractions, and More? Check Out Discount Books!

    Most of us have seen the Entertainment Book or Citywide book (i cant remember the names), but they have tons of coupons that are good for one year. Everything from fast food restaurants, sit-down dining, attractions, museums, sports, shopping and more. They typically sell for $30 or so if...
  5. esavvymom

    Can Rain Barrels Save You Money on Water Bills?

    At least for those of us in a city/suburbia and are on "city water" lines, using rain barrels to collect rainwater for use in your gardens can be a big money saver on the water bill.We have several raised beds in our yard that are used for herbs, veggies, etc. When we have hot summers with...
  6. P

    Saving Money: Use Phone Apps to Cash in

    Download and use the following apps to accumulate points for GC and Cash! Ibotta – Ibotta is a fun and easy way to earn $20 or more each time you go shopping. The more you use it, the better and more personalized your offers become. SavingStar – Select the eCoupons you like and have them...
  7. esavvymom

    Saving Money: Family Memberships

    (uggh- I typed this the first time and it didn't post! round 2) Look at the Family Membership options for places like Museums, Zoos/Aquariums, Theme Parks. I usually have a Zoo or Aquarium membership most years, and a museum membership. For me, the Aquarium membership is cheaper than...
  8. esavvymom

    Save Money: Make Your Own (Eat at Home Vs Restaurant)

    Sometimes we go out to eat because we have a craving for a certain dish our local restaurant has. For example, we love a few of the soups at Olive Garden.Go online and search for a copycat of the recipe you enjoy! Most of the time, you will find it!I have found recipes for the Zuppa Toscana...
  9. kam

    How Can Patience Help in Saving Money?

    This is where DH and I have trouble. :) If I see something I want or need but it is not urgent...I will wait until it is on sale. I will check every week. If it is something on my grocery list that is just a "pantry re-stock" item for me, I will keep it on my list until it goes on sale...
  10. kam

    Saving Money: Use Price Matching & Price Guarantee

    It takes a little bit of effort...but many stores now will price match competitor's prices. It is worth the effort to be prepared! Also, save your receipts as many stores offer 30-day price guarantees. If they (or someone else) offers the same product from 30-days when purchased, they will...
  11. esavvymom

    Save Money: if You Have Kids....consignment Sales!

    In our area, there are two HUGE consignment sales, each held twice a year. Plus dozens of smaller ones throughout the year.Look online for sales in your area. It is a great way to get gently used kids clothes, books, toys, anything kid-related! Most of them around here, if you consign stuff...
  12. C

    Saving Money: Shop the Side Walk Sales

    Shop the side walk sales at the malls for clothes for next year. I just bought my 15 yr old daughter a coat at areopostle for 14.40 originally 119.50. When she was younger a group of women I know all decided to swap clothes for our kids as they outgrew them. Saved me a lot of money as I was a...
  13. M

    Can coupons really save you money on groceries?

    Go to the grocery store with your list already made and COUPONS!!! get just what you NEED and can use Coupons on! Also go to stores like Sam's Club and buy things in Bulk, it may seem expensive but in reality it is cheaper!
  14. esavvymom

    Saving Money: Check Your Statements!

    Bank statements, credit card statements, utility bills..... Be sure to look at the line items, purchases, etc. (1) to make sure they ARE your purchases. This applies especially to your credit/debit cards. We caught that one of our cards was compromised and being used because i do look at...
  15. esavvymom

    Saving Money: (Later) Track Your Mileage!

    Be sure to have a mileage book in your car. Whenever you drive anywhere, if it is for business, record the mileage and the purpose of the trip. I would caution about ABUSING this, ie don't claim going to the post office for stamps/shipping, and then drive an additional 30 miles and include...
  16. B

    Saving Money: Shop Around for Insurance!!

    Quotes are free for home and auto insurance. Do you love your agent? If they are independent, make sure they are checking all their companies to see if you have the best deal. Ask the agent about service (HUGE ASSET). Are claims handled in a timely manner? Check online for complaints...
  17. B

    Have any money-saving and time-saving tips for cooking in bulk?

    You do not have to belong to Sams or Costco to buy in bulk. Gordon's Food Service does not charge a fee to shop there. And their frozen chicken breasts are the best tasting frozen ones I have found. You should always have 5 go-to recipes that you can make in a pinch for family or company...
  18. wadesgirl

    Saving Money - Use a Weekly Meal Plan

    I need to get back in the habit but I find I spend less at the store if I plan my meals for the week and stick to my list.
  19. esavvymom

    Looking to Save Money and Get on Track? Try Dave Ramsey's Budget Worksheet!

    Kow where EVERY dollar goes. The best budget worksheet I have found is in Dave Ramsey's material. You can find it in most of his books, so dont need the course. "Total Money Makeover" is one we started with and got hooked. But his budget has more REALISTIC categories and subcategories...
  20. R

    Saving Money ... Use Coupons and Price Match for the Best Deals!!

    Oh, and one last thing .. go grocery shopping on your own .. I have found that when I take my kids or my husband .. the bill gets bigger!!
  21. esavvymom

    Saving Money: Homemade Laundry Detergent

    Make your own laundry detergent! I have been doing this almost 4 years now. A host/customer put me onto the idea, so I gave it a try. It so easy, and so cheap!!! I hate soending $14-15 or so for a bottle of liquid HE detergent. but making my own is cheap! The recipe and directions...
  22. nikked

    Stop Using Credit Cards! You're Throwing Money Down the Drain!

    Unless you are one of the minority who actually PAYS OFF the credit card every month, you are wasting money on interest. After going through Financial Peace University, boy did we ever learn a lot. We haven't accumulated new debt in about six months, including having our FIRST debt-free...
  23. byrd1956

    Is a Big Change Jar the Secret to Saving Money?

    Actually we have a big change jar. Every time we get change from dollars we put it in the jar. We have had several hundred dollars before when we counted. Definitely came in handy. We have used it for an unplanned bill and taken it on vacation.
  24. Dina Atnip

    Saving Money: Making Your Own Butter

    Making your own butter. Mix heavy whipping cream and a little bit of salt into a small electric mixer one from wm for less than $10 mix 3 min and you will have butter. If you want honey butter just add honey. Don't add alot of salt a little will do also if it doesn't seem to be making the butter...
  25. L

    Money Being Deducted From Account

    Hi New here & getting ready to submit my first round of orders. How long from the time you submit orders to HO do they take the money out of your account? I have a party tomorrow night I'll be closing on Friday, but I will be depositing checks also on Friday. Surely the checks will clear...
  26. ChefPeg

    Help My Friend Cycle to Raise Money for the Arthritis Foundation!

    A friend of mine is participating in the 2012 California Coast Classic Bicycle Tour to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. She needs to raise $3000 by mid-August. I suggested to her that I do a PC fundraiser cooking show for her and she's excited at the thought. My question is, will...
  27. K

    Master Money Saving with Coupon Classes | Grand Opening Party Tips

    I teach coupon classes so I am going to use a theme of Money Saving for my Grand Opening party. I will briefly explain how meal planning and coupon shopping will help them save money in the kitchen. That way they can spend more money on PC products :)
  28. wadesgirl

    Office Max Labels - Save Some Money!

    I went to buy labels today and found a great deal at Office Max (at least my location). At first I noticed they had their Office Max labels on sale 750 for $10 - thinking I had a great deal I grabbed two of them. Then at one of the end caps they had a huge package of Avery labels - 3600 (bonus...
  29. naekelsey

    C/C Won't Have Money Until the Day After

    This problem hasn't happened to me yet, since I am just getting back into it, but how do you deal with someone's c/c or debit card not having money in it until the day after the party closes?If a party needs to close on Nov 30, for me and for the host, and some people do not get paid until Dec...