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What is labels: Definition and 117 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Find the Best Pampered Chef Freezer Labels for Your Needs | Consultantrae

    My MIL loves the Pampered Chef Freezer Labels. If anyone has a stash, I'd love to get them from you. Feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected].
  2. raebates

    Urgent Help! Looking for Recruiting Catalog Labels

    I have someone looking for the labels you can print from CC to put on the front of the catalog. A search on CC brings up 110 possible resources, but none of them look like what I'm looking for.
  3. lt1jane

    Can I Alter My Logo for Mailing Labels?

    With the new logo, I had to update my mailing labels that I print out. I had to alter the logo slightly to look decent on the labels (their format would result in a tiny logo you couldn't see). All I did was put the logo on the left and the "Independent Consultant" on the right. I know they...
  4. K

    Making Contact Labels in Word with the Spoon Logo

    Has anyone made new contact labels in Word with the spoon logo. I'm computer challenged!
  5. DebPC

    Labels on Pampered Chef Host Packets

    Here's a label I put on the catalogs.
  6. P

    Custom Catalog Labels for My Pampered Chef Business

    I just began my business with Pampered Chef, I am waiting for my stamp to arrive but I made these labels for my catalogs for now. I just thought that I would share them.
  7. J

    Looking to Buy Clear Pampered Chef Labels

    If anyone has the clear labels with Pampered Chef on them and wants to sell them I am interested. Merrill used to sell them in two different sizes and I can't seem to find them anymore. These were bigger labels that I used on the outside of my host packets.
  8. lt1jane

    Fall 2012 Affordable Quality Labels

    Here are the Affordable Quality labels I put on the front corner of all my catalogs.
  9. kdangel518

    What Labels for Postcard Invites?

    I believe I have seen in the past consultants print out the info for the postcard invites (location, time, phone # etc.) on labels. Anyone know which labels (either avery # or size) to use for that? I am putting together 20 fundraising packets and want to include some postcard invites, but...
  10. lt1jane

    Affordable Quality Labels Ss 2012

    As requested, here are the Affordable Qualty Stickers that I put on the front of all my catalogs Affordable Quality Products $10 or less - 32% Products $20 or less - 69% ($10.01-$20 – 37%) Products $30 or less - 81% ($20.01-$30 - 12% ) Products $50 or less - 91% ($30.01-$50 - 10%)...
  11. wadesgirl

    Office Max Labels - Save Some Money!

    I went to buy labels today and found a great deal at Office Max (at least my location). At first I noticed they had their Office Max labels on sale 750 for $10 - thinking I had a great deal I grabbed two of them. Then at one of the end caps they had a huge package of Avery labels - 3600 (bonus...
  12. heather223

    January-March Guest Special Labels | Consultant's Corner | TIA!

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone has Guest Special Label for January, February, or March? I know there are some on Consultant's Corner, but I was looking for something that is colored and shows the item that is the special. Specifically, I am looking for something similar to what Robin House...
  13. T

    How Do I Print Address Labels From Cc?

    Someone suggest I can do that from CC but I don't see where. :(
  14. W

    Get Booked for November with These Free Turkey Labels - Try Them Now!

    I use this site MANY times per day! You guys rock! I wanted to share a label I made up to hopefully generate bookings for November. I thought I'd probably put it on a Mini Catalog or maybe colored index cards. Please feel free to use this or change it up anyway you want.
  15. F

    Director Easy Price Update Labels: Making Hostess Packets a Breeze

    While making hostess packets I realized that I have tons of recruiting brochures with the old kit price of $155. Thought I'd share the simple labels I made to cover the old price with the new. Now I don't have to toss all the old ones and feel like I've wasted money.
  16. F

    DIY Labels to Update Old Recruiting Brochures

    While making hostess packets I realized that I have tons of recruiting brochures with the old kit price of $155. Thought I'd share the simple labels I made to cover the old price with the new. Now I don't have to toss all the old ones and feel like I've wasted money.
  17. kisrae

    New 2XL T-Shirt & 50 Clear Labels - $26 & $5, PayPal Accepted

    I have a NEW T'shirt that is a size 2xl but is more like a large. Never been warn price includes shipping. $26.00 Paypal works best. I also have a NEW roll of 50 clear lables. Great for binders or bags. Price includes shipping. $5.00 Send me a PM or email me at [email protected]
  18. dannyzmom

    Director Searching for Lost Join Us Brochure Labels and Guide

    I can't recall if it was here or on CS that someone posted a set of labels she uses on her Join Us brochure as well as a guide as to where to put those labels....I printed it all and i *thought* I save it to my hard drive but can't find the files now...anyone have it or know what I am talking about?
  19. mountainmama74

    I Created Labels to Make Using the Join Us Booklet Even Easier!

    I just put them all in my book and now I can just have the same thing my prospect does while we're talking! I hope this helps!
  20. C

    Can I Print Address Labels for Former and Potential Hosts on P3?

    Is there a way to print address labels for former hosts/potential hosts? If not a way to print them, is there a way to just run a list of these with their addresses? TIA!!
  21. K

    Searching for Eye-Catching Return Address Labels

    I am a new consultant and wanted to know if anyone has address labels or return address labels that "POP" I want something that is going to catch attention and cannot find any - thank you for your help :)
  22. wadesgirl

    Trouble Finding Booking/Recruiting Catalog Labels on CC

    I cannot find the booking/recruiting catalog labels on CC. Any help?
  23. C

    Printed Labels vs. Self-Inking Stamps

    Hello - I was wondering what your suggestion was between using printed labels for catalogs and receipts, etc or getting a self-inking stamp. I look forward to your insight.
  24. babywings76

    Labels for Mini Catalog Invites

    I haven't done these in a while. What size label do you use? Do you do the ones on CC and mail them w/o an envelope or do you use another type of label and do it in an envelope? Anyone have a template they use and what label # it is? I've done a couple different things in the past and just...
  25. winklermom

    Labels for February Guest Special

    Does anyone have any labels that they have created and would like to share for the February guest special that pictures the products from which to choose? In my neck of the woods, the only labels that I can get are Avery 8160 and they are nothing like the ones that I can print from CC. Also...
  26. loreo

    Troubleshooting Host Address Labels: Tips for Successful Emailing

    I just started emailing the Host Guest Address Labels from HO to my hosts and we are having a terrible time with them. My first host to use them has tried to send them to me several times and each time they are blank! She says she is saving them to her computer before emailing me back. She also...
  27. C

    Can You Print Address Labels in P3?

    Can you? Just wanted to see if there was an easy way to address some holiday cards. Thanks!
  28. winklermom

    Is Copy/Paste the Best Method for Creating Address Labels in Design Pro?

    For those of you who send out your host's invitations yourself, how do you get the host to send you the names and addresses. I'm new to this and it's taking me forever. I'm thinking there must be a better way. I'm using Design Pro to create the labels. Is it easiest just to copy/paste what...
  29. Liquid Sky

    Mini Catalog Labels for Invitations

    Who uses (or has used) the labels for sticking to the mini catalogs to invite to a show? Pros? Cons? I currently have invitation flyers printed out online at Office Depot (w/ our discount and free shipping) with black text on colored paper. That's $0.04/ea flyer. I also have OD trifold...
  30. wadesgirl

    What's the Best Way to Label Recipes on Your Calendar?

    Let me know what you think! I'm open for critics because I threw it together over a few days and didn't get to go back and check it.