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What is stamps: Definition and 37 Discussions

  1. Ember Lewis

    Stamps, Books, Ribbons, Recipe Cards, Supplies & Invitations

    Please add shipping to all items... assorted stamps, stamp pad(used) and business card magnets (new) $5 Books $10 Ribbons, buttons ,and charms (never used) $10 recipe holder $5 assorted note cards $5 bridal apron and note cards $10 8 packs of invitations $3 6 packs of recipe cards $3 recruit &...
  2. pcheftammy

    forSale: Nancy's Artwork Rubber Stamps

    I have 4 groups of stamps, $5 each or all for $15 plus shipping! Please message me with which one's you are interested in!
  3. K

    Nancy's Artwork Stamps and Consultant Post Cards - Sold

    Nancy's Artwork Stamps and consultant post cards Assorted consultant postcards and rubber stamps. Accepting offers. List Date: 8/13/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Nancy's Artwork Stamps and consultant post cards -------------------------------------- Item...
  4. P

    Usps Possibly Raising First Class Stamps to .49

    USPS possibly raising first class stamps to .49.....that is going to cut into the commission check big time. May have to look back into the idea of using the postcard invitations again
  5. C

    Pampered Chef Supplies Blowout Sale: Prints, Stickers, Aprons & More!

    I am Selling most of my PC Stuff I have lots to go through but not enough time! Here is a start. Shipping is included in the price! I could only post a few pictures so leave your email and I will send the rest! Thanks 31 Fall / Winter Catalogs $17 2012 Consultant Planner $7 Denim PC...
  6. P

    Postage Rate Increase: First Class and Postcard Stamps Rising on January 22

    January 22.... First Class to 45 cents Post Cards are raising 3 cents to 32 cents each :(
  7. C

    Printed Labels vs. Self-Inking Stamps

    Hello - I was wondering what your suggestion was between using printed labels for catalogs and receipts, etc or getting a self-inking stamp. I look forward to your insight.
  8. Chefgirl2

    Need a New Ink or Rubber Stamp? Check Out Office Depot's Sale!

    I just wanted everyone to know that I was at Office Depot today and saw that they had 50% off Select Brothers Items - Ink and Rubber Stamps are what caught my attention. I had been thinking about getting one with only my name, cell phone and website. The PC logo is cute, but didn't want to...
  9. T

    Unopened Rubber Stamp Set from Nancy's Artworks - Only $6 + Shipping!

    I have an unopened set of rubber stamps from Nancy's artworks. It has a whisk, super scraper and a pizza cutter Anyone interested, $6 plus shipping
  10. K

    Need some kitchen inspiration? Check out our tools and buttons for sale!

    Stamps – $2.00 each 1. Bring in $100.00 in outside orders and you’ll receive ________________ 2. Awesome! 3. Tools – (pictures of) whipper, pan, rolling and lemon grater 4. Bring a friend, get a gift! (two of these) 5. Chef’s hat 6. Here’s the scoop (ice cream scooper) 7. Stay Sharp...
  11. J

    Where Can I Find Pampered Chef Rubber Stamps for Card Making?

    I am into card making and a friend told me that pampered chef used to have some rubber stamps with products on them!!! NO Way! I would totally love to find these! If anyone can help me, I would so appreciate it! thanks Judy:love:
  12. K

    Where Can I Find Nancy's Artwork Stamps?

    I am looking for some of Nancy's artwork stamps. I would like one with the tool turnabout, but any of them will do I guess. They don't have to be new but in good condition. Thanks.
  13. cat

    Fs: Nancy's Artworks Stamps and Catalog Door Hanger Bags

    FOR SALE! 109 plastic catalog door hanger bags with PC Logo printed on them 98 plastic catalog door hanger bags with NO Logo on them (just plain) (SOLD)I recall paying $5 for 50 bags so I'd like to sell them ALL for $7 plus shipping. --------------------------------- I also have various...
  14. Intrepid_Chef

    Can I Successfully Trim My Stampin' Up Stamps for a Professional Look?

    So I attended my clustermate's Stampin' Up party and ordered a set of stamps .... the "business builder" set. They are not "die cut" so I am instructed to trim each stamp using "straight cuts." Never mind that the stamps themselves are not straight. Anybody have these stamps and cut them...
  15. B

    Fs: Nancy's Artworks Wood Stamps Plus Others...

    I am selling my wooden Stamps. Each for $5 (includes shipping to US). Says: “Contact me for: Fund Raisers, Bridal Showers, Kitchen Shows & Business Opportunities!” (shows a saucepan w/ lid) (from Nancy’s Artworks) Says “Bring a friend, get a gift!” (shows Cut n Seal, slotted spatula...
  16. P

    Need Rubber Stamps? Three Available for $8 Including Postage!

    I am cleaning closet and duplicates. I have 3 stamps 1. Save this receipt under your silverware tray! (Used) 2. Bring a friend get a gift (Used) 3. Phone orders welcome (Brand new!) I would like $8 for all three including postage. Please pm me if interested. I can e-mail you a...
  17. V

    Stamps.com Blank Stamps for Sale!!

    I have 5 sheets (total 125 stamps) of the stamps from stamps.com for sale. I recently canceled my service, and placed an order just before I decided to cancel. $5.75 gets you the stamps and them shipped to you! I will accept Money Order. If you want to pay with paypal, please add $1 to...
  18. J

    Get 130 Postcard Stamps for $30 - Hurry!

    Do you mail invitiations for your hosts? Please remember that postage is going UP (again) on May 15 from 26c to 27c for postcard stamps, and from 41c to 42c for regular first class stamps. I'm having a baby this Wednesday (yes, three days from now), so I am not doing any more parties...
  19. L

    Updated - Fs Nancy's Artwork Stamps

    I am selling each stamp for $5 (includes shipping to Continental US only) I prefer Paypal. New!!! Contact me for: Fund Raisers, Bridal Showers, Kitchen Shows & Business Opportunities! (shows a saucepan w/ lid) This one doesn't say anything but has picture of TTA with lots of tools in...
  20. L

    Looking for Pampered Chef Products? Check Out My Collection!

    I have the following Nancy's Artwork Stamps for sale: $25 for all (includes shipping to Continental US only) New!!! Save this Receipt under your Silverware Tray! (shows silverware and a tray) Contact me for: Fund Raisers, Bridal Showers, Kitchen Shows & Business Opportunities! (shows a...
  21. V

    10 Rubber Stamps Nancy's Artwork & Stampin' up

    Stampin' Up Get Paid for Having Fun, used Index finger pointing, new Don't miss this, new A gift for you, new Pick a Date Pick a prize, new Bring a friend or two, used Book your girls night out with me, used Rising star, new Nancy's Artwork Phone orders welcome, new...
  22. chefann

    forSale: Rubber Stamps From Nancy's Artworks

    I've got a big old bag of rubber stamps that I bought to use for team incentives. Based on my team's past performance, I'm better off selling them to pay down my credit card bill than keeping them. :rolleyes: All stamps are new and have never been used.Descriptions are below the pictures. Prices...
  23. heat123

    How Many Stamps for an Envelope? TIA!

    Does anyone know how many stamps this requires if sending in an enevelope? TIA, saves me a trip to the PO!
  24. chefbritt

    Troubleshooting Vista Print Stamps: How to Fix Missing Stamps on Your Order

    I recently put in a large order through Vista Print, and I ordered one of the free stamps along with it. I finally got a chance to take it out of the box yesterday, and I don't think there is a stamp on it! I've tried everything I can think of, but can't figure it out. When it comes down, there...
  25. C

    Fs: Nancy's Artworks Rubber Stamps - Reduced!

    Eight rubber stamps available from Nancy's Artworks. Seven have been slightly used, but are still in great condition...the other one (which I have signified below) has not been used at all. Here are the designs: * Save this Receipt under your Silverware Tray! * What's Cookin'? The...
  26. C

    Fs: Nancy's Artworks Rubber Stamps

    JUST REDUCED! Eight rubber stamps available from Nancy's Artworks. Seven have been slightly used, but are still in great condition...the other one (which I have signified below) has not been used at all. Here are the designs: * Save this Receipt under your Silverware Tray! * What's...
  27. heat123

    Sufficient Postage for Bills with 1/2 Sheet of Liberty Bell Stamps?

    I have about 1/2 a sheet of the LIberty bell ones and was wondering if that is enough to cover .41c postage for bills this month? Thanks!?
  28. J.Corley

    Sending a Catalog in the Mail - How Many Stamps Do I Need?

    I need to drop a catalog in the mail but I don't know how many stamps it will take. I can't make it into the PO today but need this catalog on its way. You all have any idea if two will work?
  29. C

    Self-Inking Stamps Are $5 off at Office Max! Also, 5 Cent Folders!

    Just stopped at OM to have my ink refilled, and saw these fabulous deals! Had to share, just in case anyone is looking. The folders are the cheap-o colorful ones, limit 15. I will be going back tomorrow to get some more! Enjoy!
  30. PCSarahjm

    Newbie Seeks Stamps from Nancy's - Any Help Appreciated!

    I am new... but I would really like to have some of the stamps that Nancy's offered. If anyone would like to part with anything let me know. Thanks in advance!