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What is books: Definition and 58 Discussions

  1. Tenille V.

    Lot of 44 Vintage Season's Best Recipe Books

    Sell Lot for $53.60 ($40 for books & $13.60 for shipping medium flat rate box). Paypal only. 44 Vintage Season's Best Recipe Books (new, no stickers, a few with slight marks - see pics) F/W 2011 - 13 F/W 2013 - 4 (1 has slight mark at top) F/W 2014 - 11 (1 has slight mark near spine) S/S 2014 -...
  2. Ember Lewis

    Stamps, Books, Ribbons, Recipe Cards, Supplies & Invitations

    Please add shipping to all items... assorted stamps, stamp pad(used) and business card magnets (new) $5 Books $10 Ribbons, buttons ,and charms (never used) $10 recipe holder $5 assorted note cards $5 bridal apron and note cards $10 8 packs of invitations $3 6 packs of recipe cards $3 recruit &...
  3. Kristin Radunz

    What books can help me build my business?

    I have the following books for sale. They are all in very good condition.The Pampered Chef: The Story of One of America's Most Beloved Companies - $7 Come to the Table: A Celebration of Family Life - $7 (Both of those are by Doris Christopher)Hanging up on your Phone Phobias - $7 The Lemon Aid...
  4. C

    Get Your Hands on High-Quality E-Recipe Books for Specialized Trainings

    I keep hearing about e-recipe books for specific products on trainings I am listening to, where do you get them?
  5. C

    Emailing Recipe Books to Clients

    I am having trouble wording a "cover" email to send out recipe booklets to my clients that have purchased various products. Can I ask some of you to share your ideas on what you say when sending these out, please? I just can't seem to get my brain going on this!
  6. buddy5909

    Lemon Aid Lady and Tammy Stanley Books for Sale

    I have 3 Christie Northrup AKA The Lemon Aid Lady books for sale and 1 Tammy Stanley book. Lemon Aid Lady books: Where to find Customers when you run out of Family and Friends the Lemon Aid Lead Alphabet - $5.00 Hanging Up on Your Phone Phobias and other ways to communicate with your...
  7. C

    Iso: Lemon Aid Lady Cd's or Books

    Anyone have any of the Lemon Aid Lady CD's that they want to part with? Connect Your Calendar to Your Checkbook SWEET SUMMER SUCCESSES (CD1) SWEET SUMMER SUCCESSES (CD2) SWEET HOLIDAY SUCCESSES WHY--AND HOW--SMART PARTY PLAN PEOPLE SHARE THEIR BUSINESSES Also looking for books as...
  8. esavvymom

    Want to Save Money on Dining, Attractions, and More? Check Out Discount Books!

    Most of us have seen the Entertainment Book or Citywide book (i cant remember the names), but they have tons of coupons that are good for one year. Everything from fast food restaurants, sit-down dining, attractions, museums, sports, shopping and more. They typically sell for $30 or so if...
  9. J

    Which business building books can help advance your career?

    These books were vital in helping me promote to Advance Director with the Pampered Chef. They are incredible and full of wonderful info. All prices include standard shipping. Priority Shipping is available at an additional charge. Feel free to make an offer-- I would like to see them be put...
  10. A

    Transform Your Life w/ 5 CD Set & 2 Books - Just $25!

    2 CD set- Make up Optional- Lyn Conway $10 Love 'em & Lead 'em 5 CD set from Lyn Conway- $15 you can visit her site to download the workbook- afreshperspective.com 4 CD's from Ilene Meckley & here Yes you can have it all book- $10 Steve Wiltshires-...
  11. babywings76

    Off-Topic: Sharing Books Between Kindle & Kindle Fire

    Does anyone know if it's possible for my husband who has a Kindle Fire to share a book from my sister who has a regular Kindle?
  12. prissylovescooking

    One of the Best Books That Will Help You With Your Business!

    I had to share this with you all. We had a meeting at the beginning of March and my upline Shan suggested that we read this book: The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz PhD and OMG this book is AMAZING!!!:love::love: I believe it would help anyone new or old to TPC.:) I got it on...
  13. T

    What Are the Benefits of Booking a Party at Another Party?

    This is the first time I am running into this. I have a show coming up the end of the month. The hostess said she already has someone coming to the party that wants to have their own party. What benefits does the host get from someone booking a party at her show? I think she gets the host...
  14. A

    Ilene's Books for Sale: Support Anne's Business Journey!

    I'm cleaning out my office....I have a few of Ilene's book. Asking $25 including shipping. Dear Ilene Sharing & Caring Log Sharing & Caring- The Key to take your business up, up & away PM me if you're interested. Thx. Anne
  15. J

    What are the Best Season's Recipe Books from Past Years?

    I am looking for Season's Best Recipe Books from any year. Thanks Jen
  16. T

    Trish in Texas: Host Benefits & Discounts for Holiday Shopping

    My host from last November wants to order about $175.00 worth of products for Christmas presents. If I put her in as host, she dioesn't get any FPV? If I put her in as a guest, she doesn't get the 10% discount, even though I manually inputted it. Am I doing something wrong? Trish in Texas...
  17. rennea

    Can someone help me get the new Latin recipe book in Canada?

    We don't have the Latin recipe books here in Canada, I was hoping that with the new season they would bring out the first one here but instead we are getting the appetizer one instead. I would like both of them if anybody is putting in an order and wouldn't mind ordering them for me. If anybody...
  18. C

    What are some good chapter books for boys?

    I'm looking for titles of good chapter books for boys. DS is 5, but he LOVES when we read chapter books to him. So far, we've read the following series: Magic Treehouse, Magic Schoolbus, Freddie Fernortner, Fearless First Grader Also - we've read Charlotte's Web, Stuart Little, and...
  19. J

    Looking for a sweet deal on Lemon Aid Lady books?

    Set of 2 -- The Lemon Aid Deed Alphabet (Convert Leads to Committed Customers) The Best of the Lemon Aid Lady (for Sweet Successes and Juicy Profits) Both are in perfect condition. Softcover. $41.90 value -- asking $23 (includes free shipping)
  20. J

    thePower of Focus (2 Books Available)

    FS -- The Power of Focus (2 Books Available)Given to Directors at a past Director Only Conference Event. They both have "Especially for you.... The Pampered Chef" Gold Sticers on them. Sold individually or as a set. One is gently worn on the cover, but very intact -- $7 One is brand...
  21. thecougchef

    Share Your Must-Read Books: What's on Your Reading List?

    janets post about her daughter gave me an idea .. i love to read - even if it takes me forever to finish a book. im always looking for a new book once ive finished reading one. especially now that i am done with my bachelors degree. i find reading alot more enjoyable when its not for a grade...
  22. N

    Twilight Party: Books, Quizzes, & Food!

    Has anyone read these books?? I am in the middle of the third book. I have been invited to a Twilight party next Saturday. My friend having the party is so into these books. She is having quizes, making everyone tee shirts and getting the cd soundtrack to listen too. She is also making food...
  23. cwinter474

    Selling Older Books CHEAP - Inquire Now!

    Ok, so my fall booths have fallen thur so I won't be needing these older books. Let me know if your interested. They are going CHEAP Fall and Winter 2007 with the Stainless on the cover - 16 of those 5 packs of the Holiday 2007 mini's Spring/ Summer with the Dots 2008 I have 88 of these...
  24. cwinter474

    Anyone in Oklahoma City??? I Need Books!!!

    Anyone in the OKC area???? I ordered catalogs last week, Tuesday and they aren't here yet and they aren't showing up past Dallas on the tracking. I only need 10 or so for a show tomorrow afternoon. ANYONE?????? Thanks Carol PS - Yes, I checked with my director... she is OUT as well
  25. Intrepid_Chef

    Out of Books ... Should Still Do the Booth?

    I have a busy weekend ahead of me ... show on Friday night ... show on Sunday, and a booth in between. The booth is at a VFW 2 miles from my house and is only $5, a deal you can't beat with a stick! Did a show last week (first live one for a while) and forgot how much they take out of me...
  26. chefkathy

    Cheryl's 12k Mexico Challenge: 7 Cooking & 2 Catalog Shows on the Books!

    Have 12k to go for Mexico and 7 cooking and 2 catalog shows on the books. (And my two recruits need to qualify, but I'm pretty confident that will happen) Cheryl, I need some of your mojo! Anyone available for a pep talk? Tonight works, but tomorrow is probably better. I just need...
  27. M

    How Meany Is Every One Getting on the Books for Nov?

    i now do have 4 shows on the books and 5 more mabies. i really want to get the highest leval for sell a thon this time. Any ideas?
  28. lisa717

    Non Pampered Chef Related...my Mom's Books

    My mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2000 shortly after I announced I was pregnant with twins....she was put on disability after working her whole life. She decided to fullfill her other dream and write the books she wanted to write...she has three on the market and I want to share...
  29. cwinter474

    Looking for new cookbooks for Trifle Bowls and Deep Covered Bakers?

    I have several women how would love PC to come out with cookbooks designed for the Trifle Bowl (yes, I know John is selling one... not interested, but thank you) and for the Deep Covered Baker. I sell/sold alot of the Stoneware Sensation cookbooks for that reason. I reall think these is a good...