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What is cook: Definition and 83 Discussions

  1. VeronicasEssentials

    Ready to Cook with a SoCal Gal?

    Hi everyone! Thank you for the add hopefully we can share some great information!
  2. C

    Cook Pampered Chef Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies in Brownie Pan

    Has anyone tried using the Brownie Pan to cook the PC Warm Nutty Caramel Brownies? It's soared to cook in a large bar pan.
  3. A

    Easy No Cook Recipes for Your Next Party - Get Creative with No Bake Ideas!

    I have a party in a week at a local bar (small town ) and I wonder if anyone has any quick no cook recipes. I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks, Cyndi
  4. S

    Urgent Need Ideas to Cook W Girl Scouts

    I brought the S'more Cups to the church picnic a month or so ago. Someone asked me if I would like to make them with a Girl Scout group -- sure! That would be fun. Now she tells me it needs to be breakfast with eggs, lunch or dinner for them to earn their badge. We have 1 hour. What to do...
  5. M

    Join Our Healthy Snack Cook-Off & Win Prizes with Pampered Chef Recipes!

    Just received an email at work: "Bring a snack to share that qualifies as healthy and nutritious* Prizes awarded for first and second place winners! *Foods submitted for judging must be 200 calories or less per serving and contain less than 15grams of sugar per serving. Recipes must...
  6. P

    Easy No-Bake Chocolate Recipe for Small Spaces and Large Crowds

    I am doing a show Monday night in a single wide mobile home. There will not be a lot of space to spread out, and not much room to move, as according to my host she's expecting quite a few guests. I was planning to do the Loaded Baked Potato Chowder, but today my host informed me that the...
  7. J

    Products for From-Scratch Cook, Reheat Cook, Non Cook

    I would like to create a suggested product list (with pics!) for several different types of cooks...the from-scratch cook, the reheat cook, and the non cook. I searched the files here and found one older document for the non cook that gives me a place to start, but does anyone else have flyers...
  8. K

    Easy Fundraising with Cook Books: Simplifying the Process for Your Next Event

    I've seen several posts about these but I guess I'm a bit of a simpleton cause I can't figure out how you do it. I'm going to do a fundraiser probably in January for a friend's daughter's church group. I was wondering how to do this and if it's simpler than offering the whole catalog...
  9. byrd1956

    Cook Wild Rice in Rice Cooker Plus: A Recipe to Wow the Hard-to-Please!

    I got an e-mail from a customer asking me to tell her in simple terms how to cook wild rice in the rice cooker plus. Anyone have a recipe that will wow this her (as she can be somewhat hard to please)?
  10. gailz2

    Cook Book Holder--Take a Look at Paula Deen's

    http://www.pauladeenstore.com/Product/detail/Paula-Deen-Signature-Pantryware-Cookbook-Holder/238768 Wouldn't it be nice to have one similiar from PC??
  11. S

    Non Cook Food Ideas for Fundraiser

    I have been asked to do a fundraiser next month for this non profit organization. They asked if I could do a show that don't require the use of a stove, as they have none. I was thinking about the 30 minute microwave but they don't have one either and I'm not sure I wanna lug a microwave there...
  12. M

    Can anyone help with a no-cook demo at a salon?

    Hi everyone! I am doing a show at a salon and have no access to a stove/oven. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for a no cooking demonstration? I am going to do some veggies and dip made with the Southwestern Seasoning. Also thinking about having some of the dipping oils with crusty...
  13. HealthNut

    Girl Scout Fundraiser...need Kid Friendly / No Cook Recipes

    Hello! Ok, so I have booked a show for a friend of mine who's a Girl Scout Mom...In November I will be doing a fundraiser for the Girl Scouts - for them to get their cooking badge - and it's set up on a saturday, 3 different times. One at like 9 a.m. for the "Daisys" and their parents - one...
  14. dannyzmom

    Easy No-Cook Recipes for Clothing Store Demo - Perfect for New Team Member!

    My brain is FRIED and I can't even think anymore. Can anyone suggest some no-cook recipes for my new team member to do? She is doing a demo in a clothing store. No oven and I am fairly certain no microwave
  15. chefheidi2003

    Recipes for a Bachelor Who Can't Cook

    I work with a guy who just bought a house..he was trying to figure out ways to save money..I told him that he would save a lot of money if he wouldn't eat out as much..he said but I can't cook. I told him that I would come over and teach him how to cook. And he said that he would really like...
  16. Intrepid_Chef

    New Microwave with 1000 Watts - Ready to Cook!

    Finally got a NEW microwave with a working turntable and more than 800 watts of power! It's stainless ... guess I can live with that ... I was hoping for white, but oh well! It's 1000 watts and the DCB fits PERFECTLY in it ... now I can make all those recipies you guys do.
  17. itsjustCarla

    Do You Cook for an Entire Week - All in the Same Day?

    A friend of mine cooks a week of dinners all in the same day then freezes them. Each day, she picks one dish to re-heat and serve her family. I LOVE this idea, but when I asked her, almost all of the dishes she makes have pasta in them. We usually eat only one pasta dish a week (spaghetti...
  18. E

    DCB in Microwave: Can I Cook 30-Minute Chicken?

    I just got my new DCB and discovered that it will just fit in my microwave, but it won't rotate. I'll have to take the rotating thing out if I want to cook something in there. Does that matter if I'm doing something like the 30-minute chicken? Or will it not cook evenly? I'm thinking it will...
  19. P

    Party-Perfect PC Recipes: Quick and Easy Ideas for Crowd-Pleasing Dishes

    I need some new ideas for foods to cook at the parties. I am new to PC and the only things I have made are the California Club Pizza and the Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza and the guests love it but it is getting boring. Any other PC recipes that are quick and easy and hold the guests attention?
  20. P

    Can You Cook a Delicious Roast with Just a DCB and Basic Ingredients?

    I am basic-cooking challenged. I really want to cook a roast tonight using my DCB. I have onions, potatoes and carrots all ready. 1. What kind of roast do I buy? How do I know how to pick one out?? 2. What exactly do I do with it? Haha broad questions I know but I don't know how to do...
  21. BlessedWifeMommy

    Question... Cook Before I Take or After?

    I'm doing a 30 minute chicken for my friend tonight. She lives 35 minutes away and it just dawned on me is it better to take it ready to do in her micro (cold) or should I cook it and try to keep it hot? Basically I have to decide if it is easier to keep it cold for the 35 minute drive, or...
  22. babywings76

    Cook N Serve Pudding to Use in Trifle?

    I really am craving Janet's PB cup trifle. I bought everything I needed, or so I thought. I realized I don't have the instant pudding. I have vanilla instant (not sure I would like that instead) or I have the cook n serve pudding. I have never used that kind of pudding before. Is there a...
  23. A

    Need "No Cook" Idea for Moms Group

    I will be doing a show for a Moms Group in their meeting room with limited kitchen facilites. I need ideas for "no cook" recipes that the ladies can help to prepare. This will be after lunchtime but before they have to pickup the older kids from school so it needs to be quick too. I was...
  24. mscharf

    We Are Having Our First Cook and Look Tonight!!

    i am not sure why i am on the computer, b/c we are having our first team cook and look tonight at my house. I have to finish cleaning, prep veggies, and shower!! i am really excited we are doing: jalapeno pizza bites, chicken pene al fresco, beef satay fried rice, pork noddle skillet, and...
  25. K

    Can You Cook Pasta in a Microwave Cooker? Answers Here!

    I just got an email from a customer. It is below. Does anyone know the answer to this question? Merry Christmas! I just got off the phone with my mother, and I had sent her the small and large microwave cookers. She wanted to know if she could cook pasta in them, and if so, how to do it...
  26. C

    Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares: To Cook Now or Tomorrow?

    I'm making the Ham and Cheese Brunch squares today for tomorrow morning. Would you cook them now or in the morning?????? Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  27. C

    Discover the Ultimate Cook N Book Training Guide - Get Your Copy Now!

    I am desperately looking for the Cook N Book booklet that PC put out. I've looked on CC and in the files section here. I'm not losing my mind am I? There was a booklet, right? It told what to do when and how long each thing should take. If anyone has the document or knows where I can dowload...
  28. C

    Easy Whitefish Baked Scampi Recipe for Dinner | Quick & Delicious

    fish? I have the recipe below premade for dinner tonight but now I'm not sure how to cook it. Do I bake it on the bar pan? On a cookie sheet? Thanks. Whitefish Baked Scampi – serves 4 1 ½ - 2 lbs Whitefish Fillets 1 Tablespoon butter – softened 3 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2...