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What is week: Definition and 141 Discussions

  1. dn4007

    Hosting a Pampered Chef Party - Ready to Shop and Save?

    Hi Everyone! I just joined Pampered Chef and am really looking forward to getting to play with all the fantastic products. My first show will be a Facebook/catalog party with my sister as host. Her goal is to have $1500 in show sales. Fingers crossed!
  2. byrd1956

    Effortless Salad Prep: 7 Days of Healthy Meals

    I have downloaded the party pack for the Make It Take It and am trying to figure out how to copy/save just the part of the flyer "How to Prep Salads for the Whole Week" so I can e-mail it to someone that purchased the jar. I tried copying and pasting into a word document but that didn't work...
  3. chefjeanine

    Six Week Intentional Action Course - W/ Dana Wilde

    Just checking in to see if anyone else will be participating in this course. There is a cost to it, but I do feel like I need a kick in the butt AND to be held accountable. Dana is holding another webinar (which is basically an advertisement for this course) that contains some really great...
  4. byrd1956

    Has Anyone Updated Cost Images for Products? Search Results.

    I have seen a number of images with the cost per week/month/year for various products. Some have the wrong product prices. Has anyone updated any of these images? I did a search and could not find any files for this.
  5. C

    Facebook "Fan of the Month...or Week"

    In order to increase the number of the "fans" to your page, do you offer a "fan of the month" where you give away a prize to one of your fans? If you do, how do you go about picking the fan? What is your prize? Do you feel it helps bring traffic to your page? Thanks!
  6. pcsharon1

    This Week I Am Hosting a Thirty-One Party.........

    so if anyone has been wanting to order anything the link to my consultants website is www.mythirtyone.com/kristinabrown This is a party I had to reschedule from before Christmas because my entire family spent the first three weeks of December sick. So I rescheduled it, created my Facebook...
  7. T

    Join the 2 Week Sales Club and Help Struggling Consultants!

    What if we tried to do a 2 week sales club. Those that are signed up we would choose a consultant every 2 weeks. With in that two weeks everyone that is signed up would order from that consultant. This can help that consultant with struggling sales as well. You would be committed to buying...
  8. C

    Director Back to School Chaos: Surviving the First Week with 3 Kids!

    The kids are back in school. Yesterday was our first day. This year I have 3 in school. Grades 3, 2, and K. and only 1 at home. This morning by 11 am I had cleaned the dining room and kitchen, ran the dishwasher and hand washed dishes, made dinner, and run a load of laundry. I called my...
  9. DebPC

    What Great Things Happened for Your Business Last Week?

    I booked a bridal shower and a fundraiser.
  10. DebPC

    Director What Great Things Happened to Your Business Last Week?[

    I have a fundraiser and bridal shower booked for July!
  11. K

    Business of the Month: Keep Up with the Latest Updates and News!

    Anyone want to update this for this month? I recieved this from a friend and am not sure how to make it more professional.
  12. M

    $25 Re-Sign for Past Consultants This Week?

    Does anyone know about the resigning of past consultants?
  13. P

    Director Just Having a Good Day / Week / Month!

    I think I'm driving my family and my team crazy because I'm just so freakin' happy! Last summer, I barely sold $1000 in July, this year $6000! I'm getting bookings like crazy, recruits are coming at me everywhere, my team is recruiting and promoting. It's just an amazing year so far! :woohoo:
  14. P

    Tragedy Strikes: Devastating Barn Fire at Our Small Town Farm | Plew Farm

    My husband & I recently started a new business in March of this year .. offering locally grown poultry, pork, beef and produce. We have worked our butts off getting this off the ground, from marketing to building all of our feeders and the like. We are leasing a barn and land here in our small...
  15. vanscootin

    Disaster Show: My Worst Demonstration Ever | Get Free Conference Tickets!

    If you've seen Web Soup on G4 you'd get the title and why it's funny....:rolleyes: So I had my worst show EVER last night... it was a booking off a show I did in March for my friend's cousin. I was excited because I am $176 away from earning conference for free! The host says there will be 5...
  16. pckelly

    Director The Most Astounding Increase - $45,000 in One Week!

    for your viewing pleasure!! I am astounded - my org has taken a $45,000 increase from last Wednesday to today. I seriously thought I was going to cry last week when looking at stats. As of now, we're just $2000 off from last February's sales. I can't IMAGINE what HO looks like right now with...
  17. wadesgirl

    Personal Embracing Change: Saying Goodbye to My Office of 5 Years

    :( The company I've worked for 5 years is moving this week. I'm sad and happy at the same time. It will be great to move into a new building (a real building - not a run down old main street building) and to have an actual office to work in but I'll miss this place! Won't miss...
  18. KaryCam

    Week 1 Winner: Who Got the Fanny Pack?

    Well, they posted the winners of the week 1 drawing on Consultant's Corner. This week's winners got the fanny pack. I got one of the 500 fanny packs, anyone else win one?
  19. K

    Turning in My Two Week Notice... Any Advice?

    I thought that I would share... I will be turning in my two weeks notice on Thursday of next week. After much planning, my husband and I have decided that it is time to make Pampered Chef Full-time. I am really excited about my new adventure and nervous as well. I have been in the business...
  20. lockhartkitchen

    How Did I Lose 6.2 Pounds in One Week?!

    I'm tooting my own horn. I have never lost this much at one time in my life. I started Weight Watchers with a group at work, which I eat what I want, but it's all about portion control. I also started a meal replacement shake (not Weight Watchers). I've always been skeptical on the amounts...
  21. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Dswa: Party With Your Kids Week

    It's Party with Your Kids Week @ DSWA... I signed up for the FREE Family Business Toolkit from @DSWA and a chance to win prizes! http://bit.ly/a5gGcK #pwyk
  22. esavvymom

    Fb-Online Live Cooking Show With Pampered Chef Next Week.

    I don't know how many of you saw this, but I had a question or two about it. So my question(s): (1) I am not a Facebook member, nor do I ever intend to be, but would I be able to view this Online Live Event? It's a "Public Event". Since I can see PC's FB page, I'm hoping I can watch the Live...
  23. Bren706

    Session 2 Discussion: Tote Bag Contacts From Last Week

    I always carry my tote bage as my purse, but have not been making it a point to bring up the conversation first. When I do, it is usually by handing out a recipe card first. I did hand out a few recipe cards last week, but for the most part, I was awful about getting their contact...
  24. J

    New Consultant: Need Ideas for My Party Next Week!

    I signed my new consultant agreement on 8/11 and received all of my stuff on 8/20... they sent me 25 spring/summer catalogs, 25 summer catalogs, 25 fall/winter catalogs --- and 200 OLD order forms. I have a party next week and if I order new ones now, I don't think I'll get them in time for...
  25. S

    Are you ready to join me as a Pampered Chef Consultant?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to CS too. I'm married and have 4 kiddos and baby #5 is due at the end of October!! I'm signing up for PC for the adult social aspect of it. Plus I love all the PC products! I've been using PC stuff for 7 years now. I first started as a PC consultant 7 years ago when we...
  26. thehaleykitchen

    Doing an Open House Next Week....

    Morning all! I am doing an open house next week here at my house and was wondering about being able to put up yard signs...Are we allowed to do that? I was thinking along the lines of the garage sale signs you see everywhere with arrows showing people where to go. Can we do that for a PC open...
  27. lockhartkitchen

    Booking in Close-Within the Week?

    I just finished a festival today. I booked a show for Wednesday and one next Saturday. In my six years, I've never had shows that close in. I am used to "controlling" my guest list with sending out invites. Any suggestions for me, for these hosts that just got host packets? I want to make...
  28. chefcharity

    Celebrate a Successful July with a $3100 Week - WAHOO!

    I just had a $3100 week! A $1300 show, a $1200 show and a $600! Lovin' July!! WAHOO!!!!
  29. B

    New Consultant to Be -- Signing in One Week

    Hello everyone! My name is Brooke and I will be fulfilling something I've been thinking about for along time when I sign on with TPC next week. I love the product and I'm not in it to get rich by an means. I lost my job as a high school chorus teacher due to budget cuts at the end of the...
  30. Careyann

    A Week of Success: Sharing My Great Pampered Chef Story!

    I have to share how great yesterday was! Actually the whole week for PC but yesterday is when I got it all in! After being in the business since 9/2008, I had my first recruit, a friend of a new neighbor who found me because I came over to drop off the hostess packet!!! I'm giving her that...