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Pampered Chef: Six Week Intentional Action Course - w/ Dana Wilde

  1. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Legacy Member Gold Member

    Just checking in to see if anyone else will be participating in this course. There is a cost to it, but I do feel like I need a kick in the butt AND to be held accountable. Dana is holding another webinar (which is basically an advertisement for this course) that contains some really great information before she explains the course. It is worth your time, even if you have no intention of being part of the class. I'm afraid the "register here" links may not be working. If they are not, message me with your email address and I'll forward the email to you. Here's information about that webinar:

    The 5 Super Easy Ways to Accomplish Anything in the New Year!

    This is an actual CLASS, by the way. And it's free.

    Here's what we're covering.
    1. The ONE thing you MUST have in place to make your new year rock (and specifically HOW to implement it.)
    2. What DAILY decision you must make if you want to grow your business (or accomplish anything for that matter.)
    3. How to stop chasing shiny objects (for real.)
    4. How to organize your time so you’re working fewer hours!
    Register here.

    P.P.S. This is 100% LIVE ...without a net ...and seating is very, very limited.
    Dec 21, 2015
  2. Admin Greg

    Admin Greg Senior Member Staff Member

    How did this end up?
    Feb 11, 2016
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