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What is things: Definition and 149 Discussions

  1. C

    Going Out of Business- Lots of Things for Sale

    I have many, many things to sell. If I don't have something listed that you are looking for, just ask, I might have it. Shipping will be added to all listed prices.3 unopened pkgs of F/W 2015 catalogs, 25 per pack- $15.00-SOLD 24 F/W 2015 catalogs, not in shrink wrap, have my info sticker on...
  2. D

    Former Consultant ... Selling Lots of Things

    I just recently got out of Psmpered Chef after 12 years. I have lots of items to sell including soft brief case bag, turn about bag, older style simple additions bag, and stoneware bag. I also have post card invites, lots & lots of different stickers etc. would sell all together for $50. If...
  3. doughmama

    Catalog Tote and Other Things for Sale - Sold

    Cleaning house! All new catalog tote - $12 two zipper bag - $5 quilted bag - $25 Paypal only. Shipping not included in price
  4. K

    Gotta Love the Things Our Kids Say

    So aabout a month ago, my husband and I were invited to an event at the last minute. I don't remember now what it was, and it's not important. We were discussing if we could go or not, knowing there was no way we could find a sitter as such a late date. My 6 year old says "mom. it's called...
  5. K

    50 Things to Do With Canned Pumpkin

    I was looking at a food magazine today( food network magazine), and they had an insert "50 things to do with canned pumpkin" Some of the ideas are pretty interesting. Using pumpkin in deviled eggs, chili, quesadillas, twiced baked potaotes, mashed sweet potatoes (and regular potatoes)...
  6. C

    5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known!!!

    Just wondering if any of you "seasoned" ;) Chefs out there could tell us newbies some things you wish you would have known in the beginning of your PC journey. Example * Things you would have done differently * Best lessons you've learned * Your best sales lines Thanks so much!
  7. chefsteph07

    What Items are Available for Sale? Need to Go ASAP!

    Please let me know if you are interested in the following items: Need these to go asap if possible. All prices are PLUS shipping. NEW in package Set of 2 Fondue Accessory Forks $5 ea Paisley Apron $20 New Consultant Apron $20 Dots Apron (white w/ Dots on bottom) $20 Old Silver Carafe...
  8. DebPC

    What Great Things Happened for Your Business Last Week?

    I booked a bridal shower and a fundraiser.
  9. DebPC

    Director What Great Things Happened to Your Business Last Week?[

    I have a fundraiser and bridal shower booked for July!
  10. S

    How does the show submission process work?

    Well, it didn't take us long to find things that weren't working quite right. What have you discovered that you love? I just found that after you set up a show, you can select recipes to send the host right from the host/show page so they have the ingred list. You can even select to have them...
  11. Sheila

    Director Things That Make You Scratch Your Head & Wonder ...

    https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/418404_3217551882889_1389121744_4060304_932852837_n.jpg Is she just THAT ditzy? Or does she change her name so often that she can't keep up with the current last name? LOL
  12. Sheila

    Director Things That Make You Roll Your Eyes ...

    I get to give the "Welcome to Pampered Chef, now here's a lesson about being professional" speech ... a new recruit's e-mail address that she's actually using is: texas_hottie....@..... :rolleyes:
  13. N

    Director Things We Would Like to Say to Our Team....

    So tired of this every month, thought I could vent a little... "oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you joined this business because you thought the business would just roll in to you... I didn't realize the phone was so intimidating to you--every time I see you you seem to be on it" "Oh...

    Ready to Discover All This Site Has to Offer? :balloon:

    I am new to this site but having fun checking things out :balloon:
  15. babywings76

    Help Me Decide on Open House and Other Things

    Okay, so I usually do a season Kick Off at the end of August. I'm low on shows right now, but may be able to get my 2 in for August...more about that below. So I'm thinking of doing my season Kick Off in September. Do you think a Weeknight, Friday night, or Saturday would be best? I'm...
  16. frozenchef

    Could Use Some Help on a Couple Things

    I'm putting together our recognition program for meetings starting in August and I need a couple of ideas. We've done Cluster Bucks before, but I can't remember all the things we rewarded them for - any ideas here are welcome. Also, we are doing Monthly Conference Challenges to get people...
  17. B

    What are some free things to do in Chicago during a conference?

    A friend of mine just shared this link with me and I thought I'd pass it on. Since I'm on a tight budget during conference, I wanted to know what was free and/or inexpensive. Free Things to Do in Chicago -- National Geographic I know there were other posts somewhere, but trying to find...
  18. alabama pc cons.

    Shop and Save: HWC Pins, Business Supplies, and More for Sale - Jamie Jenkins"

    I have sold alot of my stuff but I have more still..... Booking/Recruiting Slide (NEW) $12 plus $1.00 shipping 10 HWC Pins with Whisk (new in pkg) $10.00 plus $1.00 shipping Black Bag with Brown Handles and PC on top with Business Card holder on back $15.00 plus $4.95 shipping 400...
  19. makeawhisk

    Things You Experienced Folks Probably Already Knew...

    I had my first show on Sunday, which I would say was a success. $660 in sales, 4 bookings and 3 potential bookings, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Mostly friends and family, but still. :) I have a couple of observations, and thought I'd share them here. Maybe you guys already know all...
  20. alabama pc cons.

    Shop Consultant Supplies & Tools: Totes, Agreements, CDs, DVDs, and More!"

    I have sold several things so far (thanks Kristen and Mandy) but some of the sales fell through, so this is what I have left.... 2 large consultant totes $20.00 each Tool Turn About tote 10.00 Consultant Agreements 3.00 Money Bag (white) 4.00 Lots of...
  21. B

    Things I Learned From Spring Launch

    Please share what you learned at Launch that you are applying to your business. What is and is not working? Carry Less, Sell More - I brought one less bag with me to my last show. It's a $1,000 show so I don't think it mattered that I didn't have a couple of extra things with me. There...
  22. M

    Hello I Have Some Concerns About My Web Site and Other Things

    hello I started working for The Pampered Chef in October 2010 I had my opening show Nov. 1st 2010 and I helped some good friends co-host a show that had 2 church choirs as guests and it went very well then after the Holidays I have done all I can to keep going and I have had little response...
  23. pcsharon1

    Interested in retired Longaberger items?

    I have 2 of the retired Patriotic Basket Liners (new in bag) but I don't have a basket. So if anyone is interested in them I'd be willing to part with them. Or I may consider buying a basket if anyone is looking to sell theirs. You never know. I also have a couple of the retired reversible...
  24. C

    Leaving Things Behind: My Misadventures with Kitchen Utensils

    I believe I left my cutting board at my last hosts house. She says she has not seen it, but she has alot of Pampered Chef :( Her husband does most of the cooking so there is a chance he put it away. She does not really cook. I always have it in my bag or behind my dish drainboard!!! It's not...
  25. RMDave

    Will winning tickets to see Kathy Griffin turn my luck around in 2011?

    Finally some uplifting news for me. I just won two tickets (and a "Meet and Greet") for/with Kathy Griffin this Saturday evening at the McCallum Theatre here in the California desert. YAY! Maybe this will be the start of a good 2011!
  26. thehaleykitchen

    Help! Restore Was Done, Lost Things, Now What???

    Help Cheffers! I deleted a show that didn't have orders but then realized that I wanted to keep it. I did a restore thinking that would bring it back...well.....that restore was from 11/20 and now I lost my Black Friday show and two individual orders and a personal order! Help!!!! Is there...
  27. amerrigan

    Lots of Pampered Chef Supplies/Office Things for Sale

    I am no longer selling Pampered Chef and have a list of things I would like to get rid of. I'm willing to make a deal so please PM me if you are interested in anything! 1. Bridal Registry Scrapbook. I made this and used it at my bridal shows. I have pictures of the products the couple registers...
  28. chefshakeerah

    Things to Say When Out and About

    In response to the Go For No, we learned at Conference, I have been telling people everywhere about the Pampered Chef. But I find it very hard to just walk up to some and start a conversation about P.C. Can anyone share some words that have worked for them?
  29. chefkathy

    Director Where Did My Kitchen Tools Disappear To?

    In the past month, I have lost three things at shows--Mix N Chop, Large Turner, and my Small Mix N Scraper! Ugh! I think a past hostess has the first two and she is supposed to be getting them back to me. But I have NO idea where I lost the scraper. Bummer!
  30. aried

    What a Show-Several Things Went Wrong

    Did a show today an hour away from my house. Didn't know what I was thinking on time and left late-realized that on way there. Called host and started driving 80 mph. Made brownies for ice cream sundaes. Made brownies in large bar pan (only one mix) and baked too long they were hard. Thought...