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What is site: Definition and 162 Discussions

  1. DeniseT

    Ready to Level Up in Pampered Chef? Join Me on My Journey!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Denise and I have been with Pampered Chef since Dec 12, 2021. I fast-tracked to Director in February and working on Advanced Director now. I have 9 active team members and 7 1st Generation team members! I am excited about this site, as I have received a lot of great...
  2. Beverly M Hernandez

    What should I do first on this overwhelming site?

    So I have been a consultant for over a year and this is my first time here. Can you suggest to me what to do first? It is so overwhelming to see so much available. Thanks in advance. I am a 1st grade teacher in rural Colorado and I love pc products which is why I joined the team. It isn't for...
  3. C

    Looking for a supportive and knowledgeable community? Check out CS Colleen!

    Hello, My name is Colleen and I have been a PC consultant since August 9th, 2019. I stumbled across this site by accident and I am so glad I did. Thank you for allowing me to join!! I look forward to learning and participating in this group.
  4. Steven and Teresa King

    What can CS offer for new members like us?

    We are Steven and Teresa King (husband/wife PC team), live in TN, have one son who is six years-old. Look forward to seeing what this group has to offer.
  5. Bobbie Herald

    Can anyone relate to constantly restarting with Pampered Chef?

    I've been with Pampered Chef for 17 years total. With the way life goes and medical problems I have had to restart several times. Therefore losing my status. Uugghhh! I'm glad to be a part of this site. Thank you for welcoming me. Bobbie
  6. D

    Who is Donna Morosko, Pampered Chef's Newest Director?

    I am Donna Morosko. I've been with Pampered Chef for almost 5 years. I promoted to director in June 2015.
  7. M

    Ready to join the community? Introducing Margo Mills from Nova Scotia!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Margo Mills and I am from Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am excited to peruse and participate in this site. Thank you for welcoming me.
  8. S

    Looking for Pampered Chef Business Ideas and Recipes?

    Hi Everyone, I started with PC in August of 2011 and in October of 2011 my husband fell sick and I had to put my business on the side. I am now back and have a lot of questions and need ideas. I am new to this site and I am appreciating you all so much. You all have wonderful ideas that I...
  9. Intrepid_Chef

    Consultants Corner: Has Anyone Gotten a Contact from the Site?

    I was puzzled by the email about changing the "find a consultant" feature on Consultants Corner. I can't understand why someone would complain about being contacted, or why they would not follow up.But I thought of it as no big loss since I have NEVER been contacted through this feature, even...
  10. MissChef

    Trouble Ordering April Grow With Love Special on Beta Site

    On the April Grow With Love Special, it says at the very bottom that it can be ordered as a future party pick and even gives numbers, but in the Beta Site, when I try to enter that number it won't take it. And when I do it by the description and the picture, it only brings up one picture to...
  11. pjpamchef

    Surface Tablet: Reviewing the Beta Site Experience

    Does anyone have one of the new Surface Tablets? It's a micro-soft product. Just wondering if it would work well with the new Beta Site.
  12. B

    Searching for Recipes on Beta Site

    Does anyone know how to search for recipes by product on the beta site? I keep looking around, but can't find the option to search by product. TIA
  13. P

    What is the Fiesta Salad Turnover on the Welcome Screen?

    Does anyone know what that recipe is on the welcome screen? It looks like a taco or hamburger recipe on a folded over flat bread. Can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks. VA
  14. K

    Try the Beta Site: Updates and Hesitation!

    Anyone tried the beta site since the new updates were done? I want to use it so badly but am so hesitat!! Just curious!
  15. L

    Add Gift From Consultant on Beta Site

    My mother in law is hosting a show and my sister in law can't make it, so she placed her order online to be shipped to her house, instead of my mother in law's. Her Birthday is coming up so I told her I would give her a free gift for ordering. I know in p3 there was a box to check off. Does the...
  16. S

    Personal Web Site Orders for a Fundraiser

    I know there is no way to switch a show in P3 from Fundraiser to Cooking. Can you change it on your personal website from a Fundraise to a Cooking show and re upload them into the new show on P3? I haven't been doing this all that long but I hope that makes sense. Any help would be great...
  17. pampered1224

    Have You Helped Fight Breast Cancer Today?

    I click on all of the tabs and click on all of the "give now"s. It is FREE to click and each click gives a donation to which ever cause the click me button is in. From Breast Cancer to Autism to Children's literacy and more. You gotta do this daily. You gotta read the stories of adoptions in the...
  18. chesse

    How can I access the Beta Site for testing and development?

    Hi, How do I access the beta site? Char
  19. DebPC

    Director Is Anyone on Here Doing the Beta Site?

    Just wondering if they're making good headway?
  20. Kjurich

    Trouble Logging In to New Site: What Am I Doing Wrong?

    :confused:Ok what am I doing wrong way can't I get into the new site. I have been usingthe old site but want to change over to the new one but when I login it tells me my login and password are wrong?:confused:
  21. esavvymom

    What Is the Pizza Recipe on the New Web Page?? (Public Site)

    Ok. Someone please tell me you know where to find the recipe on the public website (new one) with the grill pizza pan? It shows mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and looks like a type of lettuce or green, maybe feta or something??Looks delish! Is it in the new grilling cookbook and I missed it...
  22. kreaser

    New Directors: Experiences with Submitting Shows on the New Site

    I was just wondering if the new consultants out there using the new site are able to submit their shows easily? I think it would be helpful to hear from directors on here or other consultants who have new recruits using the new site.
  23. pampered1224

    I Have a Request for All Newbies to This Site...

    And to the rest of us... IF YOU CHOOSE TO READ PAST THREADS THAT GO BACK FURTHER THAN 3 MONTHS, READ THEM. PLEASE DO NOT POST TO THEM! Most of the info is now out of date but some of these threads should remain buried for all our sakes. These threads caused a lot of bad feelings and even created...
  24. KateInTheKitchen

    Enabling Your Web Site to Take Online Orders - Canadian Edition

    One more question... for now! :D Having qualified, I've gone ahead and set up my personal web site. How do I enable it to take online orders? I'm in Canada, in case that makes a difference.

    Ready to Discover All This Site Has to Offer? :balloon:

    I am new to this site but having fun checking things out :balloon:
  26. H

    This Site Is Always so Helpful. I Have a Customer Asking if Our

    This site is always so helpful. I have a customer asking if our sprinkles have perservatives. Shes allergic to it. Does anyone know? :mad:
  27. M

    Inactive and Renewing Web Site Soon

    I feel awful about this and it's not like I have not been doing my best I am inactive right now I have had no luck with sales I know it's not a matter of luck but I started in October and did very well last year and I have been going out there and giving people information I know that I need to...
  28. C

    What Can I Do to Prepare for My Pampered Chef Launch in April?

    Hi fellow PC lovers, I am so excited to be starting PC in April ( I will be going on vacation in March so that is why I am starting in April). I am getting my shows lined up. My friends and acquaintances seem excited too. It seems like their are so many creative ideas here. I can't wait...
  29. M

    Hello I Have Some Concerns About My Web Site and Other Things

    hello I started working for The Pampered Chef in October 2010 I had my opening show Nov. 1st 2010 and I helped some good friends co-host a show that had 2 church choirs as guests and it went very well then after the Holidays I have done all I can to keep going and I have had little response...
  30. Thinker

    Blue/Pink Backpacks & Sackpacks - Sold Out on Merrill Site

    I am in search of a backpack or sackpack. They were blue or pink. I saw them a while back on the Merrill site but I guess they sold out of them. Thanks