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  1. S

    Canadian Consultants Advice Needed!

    I'm working through making a letter and "gift" list to send to local Real Estate Agents. I have some package ideas from US consultants, but what would you think is a reasonable amount for Canadian prices? Most of the packs that they had put together in the US was about 25-35 $, but when I...
  2. P

    CANADIAN Tax Info

    finally... My apologies for not posting this sooner. This is the file that I use to decide what reciepts to keep & toss. Pretty much every reciept I get throughout the year is kept in my accordian folder in my office. If there are any reciepts that aren't clear (like from the $$$ store), I...
  3. S

    Need Canadian Fundraiser Flyer - Help!

    I am urgently working to get a fundraising packet out to my daughter's school. I really want to get it in the hands of the Principal by monday, and I don't have a recent flyer, I just reactivated and know that if I wait to order them, they'll choose to do a different fundraiser. If any...
  4. S

    Canadian Consultants - Tax Benefits, Business Write offs???

    This is my first year doing Pampered Chef and I am hoping one of the Canadian Consultants can explain the Tax Benefits and Business Write Offs for me. I don't fully understand as we are not each registered with the government and do not have a business number... :confused:
  5. kcjodih

    Canadian Consultants

    have any of you mailed out the mini catelog yet and if so how much did it cost? Did you put it in an envelope or just stick a label on it? If so, where did you put the label? I was wanting to include something with it, some sort of note of excitement or something about the host special for...
  6. D

    Canadian recruit

    I have a question. I have a friend who lives in Canada and is interested in maybe signing up but is a little worried about the startup costs. I did not know that it was higher for them to sign up then us in the US when I began talking to her about it. How come it is so much more for them? I know...
  7. kcjodih

    Question for Canadian Consultants

    I know I SHOULD know this but can't remember AND can't find it anywhere on CC or in my Recipe for Success. I even asked my director and she came up with two different answers same as I did - and she's been doing this seven years!! Question is: How much in commissionable sales does a recruit...
  8. S

    CANADIAN Consultants - June Bonus???

    Have any Canadian consultants received the bonuses for the 2 shows before June 15, and the June Sell-A-Thon products yet???????????????
  9. kcjodih

    Another ? for Canadian Consultants

    Anyone know when our incentives for having 2 shows by June 15th, 2 shows by July 15th etc will be shipped? Can you tell I'm a little impatient? LOL Jodi
  10. kcjodih

    Canadian Consultants

    I noticed that the US ladies are saying that they already know the Sept/Oct/Nov host and guest specials!?! Why don't we? When will we find out? I have a show this Wednesday and I'm really hoping we don't have to wait until August's KCN for the info!!! I went to conference but nothing was...
  11. Marg

    ATTN Canadian Consultants!!

    Did you call the hotline this week? Apparently, if you submit two shows in the first two weeks of June, you will receive something. They haven't said what it is, yet, but I bet it will be good!! So get on the phone and book two or three shows between June 1-14!!
  12. kcjodih

    Need a recipe from the Canadian Season's Best Fall/Winter 2003

    Hello everyone...if any of the lovely ladies from Canada has a S/B F/W 2003 around I need a recipe for a show this weekend. The host just contacted me and wants me to make the quote "Warm layered Greek Dip" that's in this cookbook I have here in front of me...it's the S/B F/W 2003. I didn't...