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What is sept: Definition and 171 Discussions

  1. WestCoastPC

    Are You Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Family in September?

    Hello, my name is Brenda and I reside on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada. I am excited to share I will be joining the Pampered Chef family come September (with new Catalogue launch!). I have been to a number of in-home parties over the last two decades and am impressed by what the company...
  2. MissyPC

    Iso Sept or Nov Necklace Charms

    Hello ALL Trying to locate the rockcrok charm from September, 20772 Missy
  3. BebeRogers

    Iso Sept and Oct Necklace Charms

    I just earned the Nov 2014 charm and would love the Sept and Oct to go with it. Let me know if you have one or both to sell! Thanks!
  4. C

    Should I keep or sell my Sept bag and bonus apron?

    I just got my Sept bag and I don't think I will use it - $20 + shipping. I also got the bonus apron. I will sell that for $15.
  5. higoobs

    Looking for an Iso Sept Mini Tote? Find Sellers Here | Geneive

    Is anyone willing to sell their september mini tote? Please let me know through this thread or PM me. Thanks Geneive
  6. L

    Discover the Must-Have Iso Mini Sept Demo Bag for Your Busy Lifestyle

    I had a crazy month and so I am ISO the mini demo bag.
  7. higoobs

    For Sale: Sept. Bag - Didn't Earn? Buy Here!

    I didn't earn the September bag does anyone want to sell theirs?
  8. kam

    Sept Recruiting Special: Flyers for 3 Months

    Here are some flyers with the Sept Recruiting Special included... ***Update: added a "3 month format" with Sept Recruiting. Not sure how many are using these flyers with the Recruiting info...***
  9. ivykeep

    Sept Oct Nov Host Guest Special

    Attached is a pdf I made for the Sept Oct Nov host and guest specials (unfortunately the word version was too large to upload). I don't have full adobe anymore so can't make it fillable (but if someone else can, please feel free to edit). I left a blank space where you can use a pdf editor to...
  10. N

    Stealing Hearts Game: Bringing Fun to Carmen's Sept Party!

    At my last show I did a different spin on the Stealing Hearts Game. I saw a video on YouTube from a Lia Sophia team meeting and I thought it would be fun. Since I'm fairly new I did not know if I could answer the questions or even know how to get my crowd motivated. So with this game I handed...
  11. W

    Sept Hosts: Earn a Free Gift by Helping You!

    This is an idea I just heard about and will be trying it with my September hosts (no more shows in August scheduled) Tell your host that one of her friends has the opportunity to earn a free gift by helping her out. Your host asks friend to take a catalog to work and collect a few orders...
  12. N

    Discover the September Recruiting Bonus for Recruits and Consultants

    Does anyone know what the Recruiting Bonus for the recruit and the consultant for September??
  13. dannyzmom

    Sept Host/Guest Fillable - Where Can I Find It?

    Has that one been posted yet? I need to get my Sept host packets mailed this week and I use those in my packets. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the direction of that flyer :)
  14. kam

    Are Updated Flyers for September and October Available Online?

    Here are my flyers updated with Sept/October 2012: **Updated: Added Sept Oct MiniCatty and 2 month flyers
  15. Sheila

    Director Iso Scans of the Specials for Sept, Oct & Nov

    I don't have my CN yet & wanted to add those in the slideshow that I'm doing for the overseas consultants' Fall Launch. Any of you have your CN yet & willing to scan & e-mail me those images?
  16. chefkathy

    Director Just Computed My Stats for Sept and Oct

    This is for Cooking Shows only Show Avg: $864.17 Avg Commission: $229.50 per show (not including overrides) Free amt given away: $296.76 (includes host specials and half priced items + tax) per show WOWWOWOWOWOW! Can't wait to share this info at my show tonight!
  17. doughmama

    Fs: New Runner & Sept Incentive Bag

    while they are both nice, I really don't need either. PM if interested in either.
  18. K

    Get Your F/S Sept & Oct Incentive Bags | $45 Each or $80 for Both!

    I am looking to sell both the sept and oct incentive bags. Email me if interested [email protected] $45 each or $80 for both plus shipping cost.
  19. doughmama

    Interested in Buying My September Incentive Bag?

    I earned the September bag but really don't need it. If you are interested in purchasing it, send me a message. Thx.
  20. N

    Ack!!! Cat Peed on My Sept Bag!!

    URGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid cat took a pee on my bag- WHY ?? no idea- but that bladder was full- we took this cat in 6 wks ago- she was very skinny and not doing well- we fattened her up and she's good- bad thing is original Calico cat is NOT happy with the new resident- Door to Calico's...
  21. P

    Director Top Selling New Products: Simple Slicer, Chip Maker, and Measuring Colander

    What are your top sellers of the new products? Simple Slicer, Chip Maker and Measuring Colander for me. I am surprised at the colander actually
  22. R

    Where Do I Find the Sept Host Special Item Numbers?

    I don't know why I have such a problem finding the host special item numbers. I had the same problem last month & eventually found them somewhere, but I'm having no luck this time. I tried searching the forums here & on PC community, but not pulling up anything that gives the information...
  23. kam

    Canadian Flyers With Sept Recruit

    Here are some CANADIAN flyers that have the Sept Recruiting Info. I have attached: 3 month format: Sept recruit/Sept/Oct 2 month format: Sept/Sept recruit MiniCatty: Sept/Sept recruit You can put in your Cons Info on all of these using reader. The 3 month Sales Blurb is editable. For...
  24. kam

    2 Month Flyer: Sept & Sept Recruit

    Here is the 2-month format flyer for September Specials and September Recruit 2011. Thanks
  25. kreaser

    Discover Sept Recruiting Info for New Recruits and Recruiters | Company Name

    wahooo...the Sept recruiting info is available!!!! Great for new recruits!!! as well as the recruiter!!!! Gosh I love this company!
  26. kam

    What Are the September Host and Guest Specials on One Page?

    Here is the September 2011 host & guest specials on one page flyer. Thanks! Edit: HO corrected the September flyer due to a price increase on the Grinder set...the revised flyer is here: http://www.chefsuccess.com/f20/sept-flyers-updated-price-increase-70018/#post814877 Do not use the...
  27. C

    Sept Guest Special: Free Cookbook Offer

    Anyone know how to give a Sept guest special cookbook for free? I don't see a special item number for it. Thanks
  28. colegrovet

    Birthdays Today: Sept 30 - Elie Wiesel, Angie Dickinson, Cissy Houston & More!

    Author Elie Wiesel (EL'-ee vee-ZEHL') is 82. Actress Angie Dickinson is 79. Singer Cissy Houston is 77. Singer Johnny Mathis is 75. Actor Len Cariou is 71. Singer Marilyn McCoo is 67. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is 65. Pop singer Sylvia Peterson (The Chiffons) is 64. Actress...
  29. colegrovet

    Today's Celeb Birthdays: Lizabeth Scott, Steve Forrest, Jerry Lee Lewis & More!

    Actress Lizabeth Scott is 88. Actor Steve Forrest is 86. Musical conductor Richard Bonynge is 80. Actress Anita Ekberg is 79. Actor Eddie Barth is 79. Writer-director Robert Benton is 78. Singer Jerry Lee Lewis is 75. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is 74. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) is...