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What is hosts: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Ordering Flexibility Now Available - A Benefit for Us and Our Hosts

    Anyone else excited that customers can now order up to the time the party is submitted? No having to change the order deadline. I think this is a great benefit for us and our hosts.
  2. Estelene Nichols

    Has Pampered Chef Stopped Sending Bags to Hosts for Their Orders?

    Has Pampered Chef stopped sending bags to hosts for their orders? My last host said she didn't get any and had 3 boxes of stuff!
  3. kam

    Shipping Costs for Guests & Hosts on Shows

    What are the shipping costs for guests (and hosts?) within shows?Thanks!
  4. DebPC

    Looking for a Flyer for Your February Hosts?

    I have 2 February hosts. Is there a flyer out there to include in the packets?
  5. G

    Setting Up an Open House w/Mystery Hosts: Tips & Hints

    I want to do an open house with a couple mystery hosts at the end of this month. The problem is, I don't know how to put this into Beta. What do I put under the host's name? What do I put under the host's e-mail address? Am I able to change these once I know who the host is? I want to be able to...
  6. pampchef.angel

    Expert Tips for Coaching Catalog Show Hosts | Boost Sales & Success

    Anyone have tips on host coaching catalog show hosts? I can tell them to ask everyone, show the catalog to everyone, but it just seems like I want to do MORE to help them, only I don't know what...? How do you guys handle catalog hosts?
  7. MissChef

    Hosts: Learn How to Use & Maximize Benefits of My Pampered Chef Website

    I was wondering if anyone has a flyer that could be added to a host pack that would replace the old flyer "How to use my website" and "How to Maximize your host benefits by using my Pampered Chef Web Site. I WANT IT SPECIFICALLY FOR HOSTS! Not just customers.. So they know the benefits of using...
  8. C

    Teaching Hosts to Use New Website

    I have been using the old flyer "What can my website do for you?" for the past several years. Now I am on the new website and I can't find a new version. Has anyone updated this so it goes along with the Beta site? I will be doing a fundraiser this fall too and will have to give directions to...
  9. DebPC

    How Far Ahead Do You Get to Your Hosts Home?

    I get there 45 minutes ahead. 15 minutes for set up and 1/2 hour for prep. I also use this time to talk with the host.
  10. DebPC

    Do You Send Handwritten Thank You Notes to Hosts?

    I did until about a year ago. Now I personally thank them over the phone when we close. And when I'm mailing them receipts for outside orders and their order- I do a cute sticker from Sticking To Business and stick it on their receipt.
  11. wadesgirl

    Frustrated Hosts: Dealing with Two Difficult Parties

    GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! :grumpy: What is wrong with my hosts this month?!?!?!?!?! I have two this month that are giving me gray hairs!! I always set up the day to close the party before I leave their house with full instructions on how things work after their party. The first one, who's party...
  12. T

    Host Benefits: Past Hosts and New Hosts - How to Enter P3

    I had a show in June someone booked a party for July but never had it. She called me last week t have a show this week. My question is, do the past host benefits work for her friend or not since she didn't have it when she said she would? If the past host still qualifies for the host...
  13. K

    Holiday Shows for Your Hosts: Ideas & Recipes

    Anyone doing or offering holiday shows for your hosts this fall? I was thinking of doing so and marketing it when I sell my Booking Benefits. What would a good holiday recipe be, though? Any other ideas?
  14. W

    Sept Hosts: Earn a Free Gift by Helping You!

    This is an idea I just heard about and will be trying it with my September hosts (no more shows in August scheduled) Tell your host that one of her friends has the opportunity to earn a free gift by helping her out. Your host asks friend to take a catalog to work and collect a few orders...
  15. 1PamperedMommy

    Gluten-Free Show Recipes: Ideas for Hosts and Guests

    I have a show coming up for a host who is gluten-free. Anyone have any ideas for show recipes?
  16. P

    How to Handle Difficult Hosts as a New Consultant?

    Hi! I am a fairly new consultant - I started in October 2011. I have done fairly well so far and recently had my first party (last month) where everyone was talking and no one seemed to be paying attention. It was a joint show with my friend and her boyfriends sister-in-law. They held the...
  17. T

    How to Handle Hosts Who Resist Selling: A Guide for Coaches

    So if you are doing your host coaching by the book, what would you say to a host that says this to you? As we talked about gathering orders from people who couldn't attend the show, she simply said she did not want to make people feel they had to buy for her... Ugh! I hate when they say...
  18. C

    Recipes to Give to Potential Hosts or Businesses

    I am looking to restart my business. I would love ideas on small inexpensive recipes that I could possibly hand out to people I meet or bring to businesses for PAB. I would like to attach my business card and a monthly specials flyer so people know who I am . Is this a good idea or does anyone...
  19. C

    Director Do other hosts struggle with remembering past guests?

    Please tell me I am not alone. After 8 years in the biz, there are some hosts that I simply cannot recall. I look at the name and have no recollection. Can't think of how I met them, what they look like, was it cooking or catalog? Sure, some of this comes back to me once I look in P3 or at my...
  20. K

    Hi Everyone! :) I Have a Question...if You Have 2 Hosts for a Show

    Hi everyone! :) I have a question...if you have 2 hosts for a show (host/co host) and they get 3 bookings....would each host get to choose the host special when their friend holds their party? Or just one?
  21. P

    Thank You for Being a Past Host - Encouraging Hosts to Consider Again

    I was wanting to send a new mini out to my past hosts. I was going to put something inside thanking them for being a past host and trying to encourage them to consider hosting again. Does anyone have something I could use?
  22. P

    Director Host Coaching Woes: The Importance of Inviting All Guests to Your Party

    I have a host who would NOT return any calls for host coaching. Her party is today and yesterday she told me she has 3 people coming. I'm talking to a friend of hers today who just had a party and I asked if I'd see her this afternoon and she said no she wasn't invited!!! How do you...
  23. C

    Ordering at a Mega Show: 8-10 Hosts Explained

    Not sure if this is the right place or not, but can anyone tell me how they go about taking orders at a mega show with say 8-10 hosts? Thanks
  24. vanscootin

    Venting Frustration: Customer Service Reps & My VIP Hosts

    I know there have been posts before complaining about the cs reps... but I want to vent just a little. This month I have had to VIP customers, and by VIP I mean very important pain. The first one wasn't even supposed to be my customer. I got a text at 630 one morning from a consultant asking...
  25. naekelsey

    Highest Show Contest for My Hosts

    I am looking for a flyer that I just can't seem to find. Whatever host has the highest show during each 6 month period receives something for free. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
  26. PampChefJoy

    December Hosting with Dylab: Don't Miss Out on Our Latest Updates!

    Sorry this is late... I totally forgot I hadn't updated for Dec!
  27. Intrepid_Chef

    aTurkey Deal for You and Your Hosts

    Let's talk turkey! I was flipping through my coupons and saw this: http://www.butterball.com/savings It's $5 in coupons when you buy a Butterball turkey. So ... buy the turkey Save the receipt! Get the coupons which are good on Ground Turkey, Turkey Breast, Turkey Legs. Gobble...
  28. L

    Trueky GC: Shipping & Hosts Questions Answered

    Does anyone know if the free trueky gc is in the host's name? Also I understand they are mailing it separately. This could cause some grief as a lot of my hosts shipping address are not their mailing address!
  29. W

    Booking Blitz: Awesome October $2500+! Incentives for Party Hosts? Help!

    I'm interested in doing a Booking Blitz. I have a show tonight but no other ones scheduled. I had an awesome October $2500+!! What are your thoughts/ideas on this? And what do you offer as an incentive to have a party ($100 free products)? Any and all feedback will be GREATLY appreciated!!
  30. C

    Welcome Back! Free Business Card for Past Hosts

    I created a business type card for Past Hosts. You can give this to them so they are able to remember you as their consultant and their host id... unfortunately it is a PDF, so you can't ad your info on it...i left it blank tho, anyone know how to ad an edit box to pdf? i can't save it as a...