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  1. tlmcunning

    Guest Thank You Letter

    Does anyone have a letter that you send to your guests after a show thanking them for coming and placing an order? I am trying to come up with one, but am not sure what exactly I want to say. I am trying to work in the letter that if they had been the host they would have received ****in...
  2. P

    Host Thank You Gift

    I am having a show in November for a good friend. She has given me 32 people to invite. I really want to show her that I appreciate her having a show. Any suggestions of a nice gift to give her during the first part of the party? Maybe something that might enhance some bookings?
  3. W

    Thank you

    i am looking for a thank you card i can send to guest..anyone have one
  4. C

    Public Thank You

    Just wanted to publically thank Rita for the help she has given me. Rita doesn't know me at all, but (correctly) dedueced a problem I might be having based on some of my postings on this board. She took the time to call me, a stranger, just to help me out and offer a very useful suggestion...
  5. S

    Thank You note

    I'm just wondering if anybody has the thank you note from the companie, (with the receipe on the back) I'm trying to find it on the web site but can't get my hands on it. Thank You, sweet
  6. A

    Thank you letter

    Does anyone do a thank you letter to all the guests who placed orders. I am going to give my host all the receipts from her show so she can match up the product, but I was thinking of putting a little thank you on each receipt. I just wanted to thank them for purchasing, save your receipt &...
  7. J

    Host thank you note

    Is there a good format you use for the after-show thank you note? You know, where you tell the host what she earned free - in dollar amount? And what she would have earned if she was the consultant? Also do you ever send a note to the other customers - telling them what the host made and again...
  8. K

    Thank You Notes

    When you recieve a show's order and you are getting it all together, what besides the receipt do you include in your customer's bag? I'm just trying to get some ideas. I was thinking of throwing in a thank you card with next month's host special flyer, etc. What does everyone else do...
  9. pcbrandy

    Recruit Thank You Letter?

    Does anyone have a letter that you send to your recruit thanking them for joining your team? This is my first month in the biz and I got my first recruit! I was wondering how to express to her how happy i am that she joined? Thank you in advance for all your help! pcBrandy