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What is thank: Definition and 166 Discussions

  1. Andrea Comsteller

    Are You Ready to Learn All About Being a PC Consultant?

    Hi, thank you! I am new to PC. Consultant for about 3 months now. Trying to learn all that I can!
  2. A

    Ready to Become a Pampered Chef Director in Carmel, IN?

    Great to be part of this group! On the verge of promoting to Director! Love my Pampered Chef business! From Carmel, IN!
  3. N

    Ready to Join the Business World? Thanks for the Add!

    Good afternoon all, thanks for the add, I am a recently new consultant trying to start my business. Looking forward to all the resources offered on here. Thanks Natalie Flores:)
  4. R

    Pampered Bride Thank You Card Design

    Pampered Bride Thank You Card Design This is for the digital file only. You will receive a .pdf with your card file and directions for printing. It prints 3 per page. The rope and "Thank You" charm are from Michaels Crafts and can be easily added yourself. If you're not sure how, just ask. If...
  5. DebPC

    Do You Send Handwritten Thank You Notes to Hosts?

    I did until about a year ago. Now I personally thank them over the phone when we close. And when I'm mailing them receipts for outside orders and their order- I do a cute sticker from Sticking To Business and stick it on their receipt.
  6. DebPC

    Effort & Appreciation: Thank You to Our Incredible Creators!"

    I just wanted to take the time to publicly thank all of our flyer, brochure, and recipe phamphlet creators. I use several each month and the amount of time and frustration they save me is enormous! Plus they are so good- I get great results! Your effort and sharing are greatly appreciated!
  7. C

    Thank You Letter to Past Host W/Calendar

    Hi Everyone - I have an idea to send out Calendars to my past hosts as a thank you and to ask for a January booking. Has anyone done a marketing piece like this before? Any ideas/suggestions? Please share anything you have to offer! Thanks in advance! Please "like" my page on Facebook...
  8. scottcooks

    Wow! Asian Green Bean Easy Easy Easy! Thank You, Pampered Chef!

    I have some great fresh, thin green beans, and was trying out some of the barbecue sauces. Well... 7-8 oz. fresh (or frozen) whole green beans 1 tspn olive oil 1/4 cup water Pampered Chef Korean Barbecue Sauce 1/4 cup slivered or sliced almonds Stainless or Exec. 10" Skillet Combine...
  9. R

    Need Flyer for Introducing My New Venture.. Please and Thank You!

    Hi everyone, I am very new to the Pampered Chef world and would like to ask for suggestions on how I can introduce my new venture to the moms at school. I would like to hand out a small, postcard type of flier that lets them know about Pampered Chef and maybe the current host special...
  10. C

    Tasty Bridal Shower Recipes: Success Stories and Thank Yous

    What recipes have you done for bridal showers? How did it go? Thanks!
  11. P

    Thank You for Being a Past Host - Encouraging Hosts to Consider Again

    I was wanting to send a new mini out to my past hosts. I was going to put something inside thanking them for being a past host and trying to encourage them to consider hosting again. Does anyone have something I could use?
  12. pamperedalf

    Are You Ready to Show Your Gratitude to Past Hosts for the New Year?

    I wanted to share the letter I tweaked & coupons (from here) that I'm sending to my past hosts. They will receive a package w/ the new Calendar, the letter, & the coupons. I included a coupon to rebook Jan $25, Feb $20, March $15 or $5 of a $60. Then since Pampered Chef gave us this amazing...
  13. lt1jane

    Thank You Shipping Department!!

    I submitted a small show on TUESDAY 12/20. (AFTER the guaranteed deadline) It was dropped off at my back door this morning!! (12/22) To make me even happier, this is show #2 for the month so I will earn the mystery product!!
  14. K

    Thank You for Booking - Letter/Email Template

    Hello. I am looking for a "Thank you for booking" Type letter/email that I can send within 24 hours of booking a party with me. Anything that anyone has started will be helpful! I can tweak/add/change :) I looked in the files and there really isnt anything. Thanks in advance! Trying to...
  15. raebates

    Winning Display Ideas for Your Upcoming Event | Thank You ChefShalon!

    I love this site! I have an event tomorrow. Before the event there will be a workshop about making the most of your booth/display, followed by a contest for the best display. Thanks to what I've learned here I think I've got a shot at winning. :D In addition to ChefShalon's idea...
  16. pampered1224

    Special Thank You Thread From All of Us...

    who could not attend but really were grateful to all who did and posted info for us! For taking the time to upload pictures and typing up all that info - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! For me, it made not being able to go much easier to take!
  17. E

    Success with Sheila: A Big Thank You and Team Directorship Achieved!

    Hi Sheila and everyone else that participated in SUYB last fall! I just wanted to share with everyone that this month my team and I finally reached our Directorship goal. Sheila, I really appreciated the time you spent teaching the class, and answering all the follow-up questions. You probably...
  18. Intrepid_Chef

    Just Wanted to Say Thank You ...

    and that I was not offended by the person who posted. In fact, I think I found her posts encouraging, but I have tried to block drama from last year out of my mind. I sent a PM to the person who started the thread explaining my long and dramatic history. But I just wanted to let you all...
  19. L

    Thank You for Hosting Letter (Generic)

    I find this helpful to include with my Host Materials.
  20. jbondr

    Do You Send Thank You E-Mail for Website Orders?

    Do you send Thank You e-mails for website orders that provide contact info? I got a couple of orders this weekend. Yeah! This got me to thinking about sending them a thanks e-mail and what to say. Any ideas or thoughts?
  21. heather223

    Effective HO Lead Thank You Email for Customer Orders

    Hi! I was wondering if someone has an email they use to Thank customers who place orders via the HO Lead System. I call when I get the order to make sure they got it, but have never gotten a call back. Was thinking I would follow the calls up with an email in the off chance they may respond...
  22. heat123

    Thank You for Indy Order: Exploring Customer Connection

    I wanted to send a Thank you for an indy order... do they even exist? I was browsing but couldn't find any on Customer connection??? :confused: TIA
  23. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Need Holiday Thank You Card Verbage

    Hello all, I'm wanting to send Thank You Holiday Cards to my customers, but am having a major brain freeze. I'd appreciate any help with word choices. I'd like to wish them a great holiday season, thank them for their biz, etc. Ideas and suggestions? Thanks!
  24. L

    Want to Maximize Your Pampered Chef Purchases and Learn About Hosting a Show?

    I just recently became a consultant, and many of my husband's co-workers have placed orders through him at his work. I have never met most of these people and have no way of really connecting with them to get either bookings/recruits/repeat orders. I'd like to put together a little packet to...
  25. C

    Where can I find a Thank You Letter for web orders in Pampered Chef?

    Sorry if I post this double, but I couldn't find a Thank You Letter. I'm new to the Pampered Chef and haven't figured my Pampered Partner Plus out yet. I'm searching for a Thank You for your Order Letter for web orders - somehow I can't seem to find any. I'm not a born US Citizen and I'm not...
  26. A

    A Big Thank You to All the Wonderful People on This Board!

    I just wanted to say a big "Thank you" to all the people on this board! I am a NC since September and this has been such a huge help in getting my business up and running. The experience, wisdom, flyers, and insight has been so wonderful! I haven't posted much, but the information I have gained...
  27. Bren706

    Thanks to Sheila: A Big Thank You for Providing SUYB Training!

    I think this deserves a separate thread, instead of taking up space on some of the other SUYB threads :). I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU To Sheila for providing us with this training (and taking the time out of your schedule, too). My director (who has been in and out of directorship) gives...
  28. B

    Thank You for Generous Talents - Using Your Flyers at a Craft Show

    I just joined this site and was looking. I love that everyone here was so generous with their talents. I have downloaded some of the flyers you have made. You have made my day. Our team has a craft show at a local mall next week and I am going to use these flyers. I love the one with the...
  29. deanna_g

    How Can a Catalog Tote Help Boost Your Business?

    So I went to a new dr today. The not-so-fun kind of female dr. Ugh. Anyway, I carried my catty tote in with me. The doctor asked me about PC! After my appointment we even talked some more about which stones his wife might enjoy using this fall when she bakes some bread, pizza, etc. He told...
  30. kcjodih

    Did We Win $25,000 for Our School's New Sports Field Thanks to Cheffers?

    Thanks to any and all Cheffers that voted for my children's school yesterday and today for the chance to win $25,000 towards our new sports field. It was announced an hour ago on the website and on The Sports Network that we've won and the sports channel will be coming to our school to present...