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  1. Sakinah Garrett-Corcoran

    ISO Holiday Mini Catalogs

    The Mini Holiday Catalogs are now discontinued. If you have any extra packs of 25 I would really love to purchase just need 1 or 2 packs
  2. J

    Random Items for Sale

    I am selling a few items I don't need... Let me know if you're interested! - Nourish Bowl - $10.00 - Old large consultant tote (black, larger than current tote) - $15.00 - Snowman Dotted Divided Platter - $15.00 - Snowman Round Appetizer Plates & 4 holiday bamboo spoons (2 petite, 2 small) -...
  3. D

    Need Advice/Ideas for Holiday Bazaar

    I was asked by someone to participate in a Holiday Bazaar. It's not really open to direct sales companies, only "craft" type items. However, I was told I could have the Batter Bowl "sand art" things available for purchase and other pre-made items for cash & carry. I'm just not supposed to...
  4. K

    Holiday Open House Invitation

    I thought this may be helpful for some of you!
  5. S

    Holiday Sale Questions

    A fellow consultant and I are going to be holding a Holiday Sale in November at one of the local community centres. We are looking for some ideas, and have a couple of questions for any of you who have held a sale in the past. We are questioning the following: 1) Do people get upset when...
  6. P

    Holiday Ideas

    I would like to give my extended family and friends some small items from PC for the holidays. Some of them have never heard of it or used the products. I would like to add a tag with a catchy phrase to the item...any ideas?
  7. B

    Chicken holiday wreath recipe

    Help???? Does anyone have the recipe for the Wreath - chicken - I had it today and left it at the grocery store??? :confused: :o
  8. DebPC

    Please Post PC Holiday Ideas

    Please Post Pampered Chef Holiday Ideas Please share one or two Pampered Chef holiday ideas! Thanks for sharing!
  9. DebPC

    Holiday Gift Buying

    Pampered Chef Holiday Gift Buying Be sure and always talk gift buying at your late fall shows. When going around for intros if someone says they love a product suggest they buy one as a gift for someone. I always point out the gift sets in our catalogs. I always mention how our flat stones are...
  10. M

    Holiday Club

    I was considering offering my customers a Holiday Club this year. I would provide gift wrapping if desired, but the main focus was the payment. They have until December to make their final payment and then I will submit it as a nice show. Shipping is either standard and they meet me or I go...
  11. DebPC

    Holiday Gift Tag Sayings

    Pampered Chef Holiday Gift Tag Greetings Knives...Hope your Holiday Season is on the "cutting edge" Deluxe Cheese Grater...You're a "grate" friend! All-Purpose Spreader... Spreading Cheer through-out the year thankful Measuring Tools...You "measure up" to a great friend or Wishing you...