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What is season: Definition and 117 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Are You Ready for a Change? Check Out the Latest Pampered Chef Lines!

    If you've been on here a while you might have noticed that I changed my avatar. I decided that it might be good for someone to know what I look like, not just what my feet look like. :)Life is full of changes. Tonight we'll get to see the newest changes to our Pampered Chef lines. I don't know...
  2. T

    Iso Product Large Tote / Bag From 2013 Season

    Looking for product large tote / bag from 2013 season - black / hot pink & white
  3. naekelsey

    Nov OOF: Ready for the Holiday Season!

    Here is the Nov OOF
  4. Y

    How Many Catalogs Do You Usually Go Through in a Season?

    How many catalogs do you usually go through in a season? Roughly?
  5. F

    Fall Products: The Latest & Greatest of the Season

    What are the new products out for the Fall line?
  6. babywings76

    Good Picture for Season Kick-Off Invite?

    I'm creating a FB event and can't decide what photo to put in there. Any ideas?
  7. babywings76

    What Format Should Your Season Kick-Off Show Be?

    Are you guys hosting your own show this month for your customers? I usually do some sort of Season Kick Off party. I'm undecided on what format to do. In the past, I never seem to get that great of attendance and the last one I did I spent a lot of $$ on food and didn't get much out of it...
  8. J

    Reuse Your Old Catalogs & Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season!

    I have a bunch of holiday and fall/winter catalogs. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do with them to boost my sales since the new catalogs are coming out. I don't want to throw them away!
  9. Sheila

    Director Celebrate the Holiday Season with Loved Ones!

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love! :D
  10. aried

    Welcome to the Winter Marketing Season!

    November CN came in the mail today with the winter marketing guide and a holiday mini catalog.
  11. babywings76

    Catalog Shows Dragging Out & New Season Approaching

    I have a girl who booked off of her sister's party. She lives out of state and was just in town for her sister's party, so I set her up to do a catalog show. She was very interested at the time. Then in my follow up with her, she just didn't seem too motivated. Then when I called her again...
  12. C

    It Must Be Pampered Chef Season

    Without really trying very hard, bookings, orders, and recruit leads are coming my way from everywhere. I also just entered my first $1200 show and it hasn't closed yet. Retirement from my day job is looking good!
  13. babywings76

    Is Anyone Watching the Bachelorette This Season?

    This season is soooo odd! Is anyone else watching it? I'm really annoyed with the way the producers or whoever decided to handle things. Anyone want to chat about it?
  14. P

    What is the cost of postage for mailing 1 Season's Best Cookbook?

    Hello, Does anyone happen to know how much postage is needed to mail 1 Season's Best Cookbook? Thanks!
  15. J

    What Recipes Are You Offering This Season?

    I usually offer 3 recipes a season (unless HO has a special on something- like last month was the DCB so I only demo'd the Loaded Baked Potato Chowder). I just find it's easier for me to demo the same recipes all season so that I'm comfortable with the recipes and I can concentrate on...
  16. The_Kitchen_Guy

    It Just Isn't the Holiday Season Without Music

    Walkin' 'Round In Women's Underwear Lacey things, the wife is missin'. Didn't ask, for her permission I'm wearing her clothes, her silk panty hose. Walking around in women's underwear. In the store, there's a teddy. With little straps, like spagetti. It holds me so tight, like...
  17. D

    Maximizing Bookings During the Holiday Season

    Is anyone else having a really hard time getting bookings for December due to everyone being "busy" with Holiday gatherings and such? I have tried telling the people I am talking to that they can get last minute gifts, bring a catalog to their Holiday gathering and turn that into a catalog...
  18. J

    What Recipes Are You Offering This Season?

    I decided that I just want to offer 3 recipes this season- so I'm not constantly having to learn a new recipe for a show. I think it will also make me more comfortable and knowledgeable about the products that I'm using consistently and give my show a better flow. I was thinking about...
  19. W

    Is a Recipe Tasting Event the Key to Boosting Your Business?

    I am in need of a "business boost" and I listened to Sherr Carr Training Call on Successful Recipe Tasting. I am planning a recipe tasting for the new season recipes on Aug 30. I plan to select an appetizer recipe, 3 to 4 main dish recipes and 2 desert recipes. Most will be made ahead and I...
  20. wadesgirl

    New Thoughts for Recipes for the New Season

    I've been trying the new recipes out of the SBRB which is where I normally pick my recipes from. Right now I really like the pull apart pizza and the fajita pizza. I was trying to come up with a dessert to offer (three recipes but they only pick one). Then I got to thinking that I should...
  21. P

    What Do You Do With the Old "Your Season of Success" Dvds

    I'm cleaning out my office and have several season's worth of these - what do you do with them after the season is over?
  22. pampchefrhondab

    Wow, I Lost 31 lbs. in 14 Weeks - Did You See the New Season?

    Did anyone watch the new season? I thought it was really good. I could not beleive the weight they all lost in 1 week!! They lost in 1 week what I have lost in 14 using my Bodybugg! I'm up to 31 lbs. I thought I was doing good (LOL)! I couldn't believe they sent 2 teams home. I can't...
  23. AJPratt

    Grill Master's Guide: What to Season Steaks With?

    We are grilling steaks tonight and wanted to try something different. Usually we use Season-all. What do you usually use to season your steaks?
  24. C

    Fall Recipes: What to Make for the Season?

    What is everyone doing as their fall show recipies? I am going to do the carmel apple tarts but what else would be good to showcase for the fall?
  25. G

    Iso - Retired Measure Cup and Spoon Last Season

    My team leader is in search of the white adjustable measuring spoon and cup that was retired last season.
  26. pcchefjane

    Biggest Loser Season 8 Premiere Recap: Shocking Weights and Emotional Moments

    It started last night with a bang! Two people in the hospital first thing and one is still there after the first week! I cried my eyes out about Abby and her family! Jillian and Bob were really shocked at 6 people over 400 pounds! WOW! Daniel returned and I am so excited! He was my big favorite...
  27. niclowther

    No 'Shop Online' Button: Website Issues Since New Season Started

    Has anyone looked at their website since the new season started? Instead of saying order products mine says nothing and only has a pic of the martini glasses. Anyone else have this? This would really stink if people tried to follow directions on shopping online and looked for "shop online" button.
  28. pc_jessica

    What is the most cost-effective way to pay for a holiday mall booth?

    Okay, so I am signing the contract for my first ever mall booth today...and there is a couple different ways I can pay for this booth. #1- $100 a weekend OR 10% of my sales for the weekend. #2- $50 a week OR 8% of my sales for the week. The way the lady explained it me is that my sales are...
  29. dannyzmom

    Dcb - What Season Was It Intro'd to Our Line?

    Does anyone recall when the DCB was introduced?
  30. chefann

    Get Ready for the New Season with P3 Receipts!

    I just got my big "get ready for the new season" supply order and wanted to pass along some info. While I did order the pack of 100 receipts (JM24), the box also included a pack of 50 that I did not order. So apparently, there is still a free pack of receipts this season. The number for that...