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  1. Shannon Russell

    Need tips for success as a new Pampered Chef consultant?

    Hello I just joined PC my Director is not only in another state but time zone as well. I hadn't planned on becoming a consultant when I spoke with her. I was going to book an online party with her off my friends party. She talked me into joining. Lol I am a stay at home mom to my 17 month old...
  2. ChefAprilFrench

    How Can I Balance Being a Pampered Chef Consultant and a Working Mom?

    hi, I just signed up to be a pampered chef consultant and I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have a full time job as a government civilian, married with 2 girls, 7 and 4. My goal is to be able to quit my job in 2 years, or at least go part-time. I thought my kids would need me less as they got older, what a...
  3. A

    How can Chef Success help me grow my Pampered Chef business?

    I have only been selling Pampered Chef for a few months. This sight is going to be a great help. I will tell you now, thanks in advance. Andrea
  4. D

    Ready to kickstart your PC business adventure?

    Hi my name is Dani and I'm joined PC a few weeks ago. I'm having my grand opening this Sat so I found this forum to get some information on getting started. I love it so far! I look forward to interacting with fellow PC consultants. Dani
  5. K

    Creating a Community Garden - Has Anyone Started Yet?

    Has anyone created one yet? I was going to start one but thought I would check first
  6. C

    New Consultant Checklist for the Beta Website: A Helpful Guide

    Does anyone have a Checklist for new consultaants that uses the new beta website? I tried the getting started checklist on cc and it won't open. Thanks!
  7. H

    Ok Maybe I Just Haven't Paid Attention but When I First Started 4

    Ok maybe I just haven't paid attention but when I first started 4 years ago we did teleclasses, is this gone? Are there old recorded ones to listen too?
  8. V

    New Consultant Struggling to Get Started

    Hey everyone! I'm new :) Just got my consultant kit and am so excited. However, I'm already stuck. I'm a stay at home momma to 2 little ones (1 and 3), with a very small circle of friends and a very limited budget for events such as booths, etc. Any friendly suggestions for a rookie? I have...
  9. angel7581

    Party Time Management: How to Get Events Started On-Time

    How do you get your parties to start on time? Mine never seem to start on time and then I get home later than I plan on too.
  10. finley1991

    Director Getting Started with Recruiting: Where Do I Begin?

    So I'm just getting around to thinking about this! Has anyone done one yet? Thoughts??? I'm looking at the info we got at NC and it says to download the Recruiting Blitz Call Script and of course, it's not to be found where the info says it is so can anyone direct me to it?
  11. L

    Need Advice: Struggling to Get a New Pampered Chef Consultant Started

    I need some advice... I got a call from a lady that lives about 45 minutes away, she said she found me on google, checked out my PC website and signed under me.. I was confused because people can't find me as a consultant on google, I have tried. She informed me that she hasn't been to a PC...
  12. R

    Ready to Rock Your Business? Join Me on the Journey!

    Hey everyone! I'm so excited about my new business! i signed up the end of january and have already done two catalog shows and have a wedding shower and 4 more catalog shows this month and a spring preview, two cooking shows and a wedding shower next month. i love this forum already! ~Marie...
  13. S

    Can I be a working mom, volunteer, and successful Pampered Chef seller?

    Wanted to say Hi to everyone. I started selling pc last feb. I started off great i was able to get my 4 shows and 1250 in my first 30days. I did great then after my 90 it slowed i kind of bounced up and down the rest of the year. So my goal this year is to stay focused and go for it. If...
  14. Sheila

    Director Want to Win Free Pampered Chef Products by Playing a New Facebook Game?

    Anyone else tired of seeing the "numbers" game filling their daily feed? I am! So I just posted this ... (Steal away & use it if you want!)
  15. Sheila

    New Facebook Game: Win Pampered Chef Products - Call Now!

    Anyone else tired of seeing the "numbers" game filling their daily feed? I am! So I just posted this ...
  16. lafngirl

    I Thought I "Knew" Fb Until I Started Creating a Business Page :(

    I would like to be able to "share" some wall updates from my PC page...on my personal profile to encourage more of my personal acquaintances to take a look at my PC page..but I don't see any way to "share" my own links. I've seen other people do this on theirs and I can't figure it out :( Any...
  17. Sheila

    Are you ready to take your Pampered Chef business to the next level?

    The winning vote was for Sunday Nights, 11PM Eastern/8PM Pacific. The first class starts Sunday night (Oct 3rd)! So if you wanted to play and you are not confirmed on the list, please e-mail me at [email protected] with your real name & your CS username ASAP so that I can add you...
  18. M

    How to Get Started With Fundraisers

    Hi everyone, I have a potential fundraiser booking and I need to know how to get started. I also have a call in to my director to fill me in, but thought I could get some tips here first. I know NOTHING about how to do them! Where do I begin? Thanks! Meredith
  19. S

    Online Party Guide: How to Get Started

    Has anyone ever done an online party? If so, exactly how does this work? I have friends and family out of state and would like to do this but don't know where to start. Thanks!
  20. dinonum

    Personal Are You Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Family?

    :chef: *waves* My name is Liz and I'm a new Consultant in Southern Indiana. I actually just ordered my kit about three hours ago, and I couldn't be more stoked to get started. I am twenty-one years old and married to an awesome and supportive husband. I recently quit my job at McDonald's...
  21. kristina16marie

    New Pws Color Choices Started Today

    I'm so bummed! I was updating my PWS with the new specials & now the choices are turquoise blue & a salmon-y pink-y color. =( I was SOOOOO excited that they had purple before, it's my FAV! Why don't they let us choose from all those colors & keep the one we want?
  22. J

    Getting Started With Fundraisers

    I would like to start doing Fundraisers but I really don't know how to even contact groups that might be interested.
  23. mountainmama74

    Exciting New Home Office Lead: Ready to Get Started!

    I got my first home office lead!! I contacted her today and she's SO excited to start her business!! We talked for about 20 minutes! She had some questions but it sounded like she had pretty much made her mind up and just needed to know how to get started! I'm so excited for her, it sounds...
  24. M

    Why Have You Started the Pampered Chef

    I now have a reason why i need pampered chef now.I now want Finacial FREEDOM. before i alwasy thought it is just a time away from thekids but now it is more than that. i know i can make it to a full time job. What is your why?
  25. M

    Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Craze and Make Extra Money for Vegas Trips?

    Hi everyone...after thinking about doing this for the past couple of years, I broke down after my party last week and decided to become a consultant. I'm going to do the agreement tomorrow and I'm really excited to get started. I think I must be half-crazy to do this since i"m a sales...
  26. C

    soMy First Show Cancelled 90 Mins Before It Started

    The woman hosting was supposed to have 4 or 5 people there, and everyone but her and her roommate cancelled!! :cry: She's going to reschedule to (hopefully) next weekend but I was so bummed. She wanted to do it so I'd get people there who'd be likely to book a show for me. Now I don't know what...
  27. colegrovet

    What are some interesting facts about daily life in the 1500s?

    The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s: Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and they still smelled pretty...
  28. niclowther

    No 'Shop Online' Button: Website Issues Since New Season Started

    Has anyone looked at their website since the new season started? Instead of saying order products mine says nothing and only has a pic of the martini glasses. Anyone else have this? This would really stink if people tried to follow directions on shopping online and looked for "shop online" button.
  29. C

    Welcome! Get Started with Pampered Chef Logo Wear & Essentials

    Hi!! Brand new to PC and this site.........looking for logo wear and any essentials that don't come with the starter kit...which should arrive on Tuesday!! So excited!!! Thanks in advance.... Also, any help navigating this site???? Tutorials or trial and error???? :chef:
  30. meganmcg

    Started Pampered Chef April 2, Just Introducing Myself

    Hello All! My name is Megan and I live in southern IN, I have been a 'lurker' for the past month and figured it was time to introduce myself! I have done 3 shows so far and really enjoy the business. This is my fun job for now but would love to do this full time eventually, especially when...