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What is local: Definition and 99 Discussions

  1. mspibb

    Ordering Chopper for Christmas: Amazon vs. Local Store

    Got a text this week from a friend asking if I could get a chopper before Christmas. I said certainly and she asked Price and shippping. I sent her the total- I took a 10% discount off (Our sales tax is 9.75). I get a text back saying the person is ordering from Amazon. Found it $33.49 and...
  2. Shannon Russell

    Need tips for success as a new Pampered Chef consultant?

    Hello I just joined PC my Director is not only in another state but time zone as well. I hadn't planned on becoming a consultant when I spoke with her. I was going to book an online party with her off my friends party. She talked me into joining. Lol I am a stay at home mom to my 17 month old...
  3. chefjeanine

    Would You Rather" at the Local Fair - Share Your Food/Tool Qs Here!

    I'm getting ready for my local fair. One of the folks (a new consultant with GREAT ideas) is planning on playing a "would your rather" game with people to get them engaged. If you have some food/tool related questions already, please share.If as you read this, you come up with some potential...
  4. S

    Hosting a Vendor Event at My Local Volunteer Fire Dept

    Hello all!!!!If this isn't the right place please be kind and let me know!!!Im hosting a vendor event at my local volunteer fire dept. As of now I have approx. 20 vendors and looking for some crafters! As well as home vendors! If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected] is...
  5. B

    Scripts for Pampering Local Businesses - Get Help Now!

    So I've heard a few people say that they select a business in their area and then pamper them with a sample recipe. I need some help. I don't really know what to say???? Does anyone know where I can find a script or something? I tried cold calling a business and asking them if I could...
  6. P

    Unique Ideas for a Deli PC Party?

    Hello! I live in a very small town and we have a new Deli that opened a little less than a year ago. The owner would like to do a PC party of some sort but I was looking for some kind of fun idea to go along with it. I was unable to find any posts about this already however if someone knows...
  7. wadesgirl

    Want to Support Local Businesses? Join Our Vendor Event!

    I'm putting together a vendor event with my sister. I'm trying to come up with a flyer but I'm stuck at what to put on it that will really grab people's attention. I found a few on here but they talk about food and door prizes - which we aren't doing! A lot of them are about holiday shopping...
  8. naekelsey

    Connecting Your Exercise Classes to Local Businesses: Tips & Advice

    I have heard about people going to business' that do Zumba and other exercise classes to see if they can set up there or, at least, have catalogs left there for the customers. I am just wondering how people go about asking them? Has anyone done this and what do you say??? Do you go in...
  9. M

    Local Bridal Guide Advertising?

    I was contacted by a local newspaper group about advertising in their Bridal Guide that will go out 4x/year in a few newspapers. I did forward the info to HO to ask what is acceptable for me to put in there, after I read through the Policy Guide. I'm debating it...cost could be worth it, or...
  10. P

    I Am Participating in a Multi-Vendor Event at Our Local Ymca and

    I am participating in a multi-vendor event at our local YMCA and wanted to send out E-Invitations from my website. I've set up the show and have loaded all the guest information, but I really wanted to send a holiday themed invite. The "summer" and "fall" marketing campaigns are...
  11. P

    Supporting the Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk: Participate in our Local Y Fundraiser!

    Participating in a Fundraiser at our local Y this weekend for the Susan G Komen 3 day Walk for the Cure. This is a flyer I made to go along with the basket. The basket has hot pink and black/white polka dotted tissue paper in the bottom, the items in the basket. It's wrapped in clear...
  12. vanscootin

    Liven up your Local Second Harvest Food Bank: Outdoor Picnic Event!

    I'm doing an outdoor event (what was I thinking) for the local Second Harvest Food Bank today. I've been thinking that my display has been a little ho hum the past few events I've done so I'm changing it up today.... Here be the plan.... I have my table which I will set up almost as...
  13. dannyzmom

    Director AD on Local News: My Story of Success

    My AD was in a little clip on the local news today: http://www.wsvn.com/features/articles/moneymondays/MI92365/
  14. whiteyteresa

    Urgent Who Would Do Such a Cruel Thing to This Poor Dog?

    http://times-news.com/local/x1075322613/Search-ongoing-for-dog-with-nose-mouth-duct-taped (I hope this link works) This was first posted on Facebook 2 days ago. So sad - They need to find out who did this and well I will keep my opinion to my self :eek:
  15. P

    Director Dream Come True: From Local to National Media Attention

    I got a call yesterday from the Media Dept at HO. They were asking me questions about how I increased my business etc for a media piece. I thought for the CN. Turns out I am being submitted for a national media piece in First Magazine!!
  16. P

    Advertise Your PWS in Our Local Town Website!

    I know that we're not allowed to link to our PWS but can we have the website listed in an advertisement? Our local town has a website and I could do a display ad on their website. Can I just mention my PWS without linking to it?
  17. J

    Find Local Fairs & Fundraisers: Tips & Resources

    I am very interested in doing a booth at local fairs, etc. but I have no idea how to find them. I saw an add in the paper once for vendors needed but when I called they said they already have a PC person. Is there a website, or any tips anyone can give on finding local fairs, fundraisers, etc?
  18. wadesgirl

    I Have an Opportunity to Advertise in a Local

    I have an opportunity to advertise in a local "news" paper (not really a news paper but something that still gets circulation around this area). Anyway the lowest rate is $30 a week for 13 weeks - comes to $390. While I would probably never spend that much on a booth, I'm debating on doing...
  19. lockhartkitchen

    Are You Ready for Day 4 of the Awesome Local Festival?

    Tomorrow is day 4 of my local festival. Great reception to PC! I made sure that I got everyone's information that wanted a new catalog (didn't hand these out), which gave me the opportunity to talk more to them and know their needs. I booked two shows today on my calendar and got a fundraiser...
  20. P

    Proposal Letter for Local Homeschool Basketball Team Fundraiser

    Ok so I have a local homeschool basketball team that is potentially intersted in doing a fundraiser but they need a propsal letter of what it would entail, the cost, the profit, and details like this in writing prfereably all in one document I am kind of at a loss and I thought I had seen...
  21. RCKmom

    Cooking Class with Pampered Chef to Support Local Fire Dept?

    I have been in touch with my local fire department on doing a fundraiser for them. The contact person ask me today if she could advertise it as a Cooking Class by Pampered Chef and charge $5 to attend the class? The $5 would be extra money for the department on top of the fundraiser...
  22. emiscookin

    Religion Curious About Local Living? Discover the True Insider Perspective!

    Sorry, I just had to ask. ;) I was soooo curious! Oh and Yes, I am. :) Born and raised.
  23. C

    Houston Local: Pampered Chef Gear for Sale - Pick-Up Only!

    I am getting out of PC and I have a lot of PC stuff for sale. I live in the houston area. I realy don't want to ship. If you live in the houston , Texas area please call or e-mail for more details. calendars, post cards, stoneware, cookbooks, catalog tote bag, table cover, apons, and lots, and...
  24. N

    Southern Illinois Bakers: Check Out Our Cookie Press in Local Newspaper!

    I wasnt sure where to post this lol. The local newspaper for my area featured our cookie press in their Taste section. I grabbed the paper because I saw that there was a recipe for spritz cookies. When I looked at the pic it was our press, cookie sheet, cooling rack, and 2 prep bowls...
  25. M

    Need Something to Leave at the Local Curves

    I have a friend who is a manager of the curves here in my town. She said I could come bring her some things for her to pass out to her customers. What should I give her? I was looking through the files on her but there are so many... I am not sure what would work best. Looking to book full for...
  26. tvanhowling

    Helping a Local Church & Food Bank with a Trivet Fundraiser

    I went to a Holiday Bazaar last Saturday on 11/14/2009, it was at a Salvation Army Church... no sales, a couple of leads and one of the items I had on my table was the RUFTH Trivet, people loved it.. I overheard the coordinator say they needed to raise money for their local food bank which is...
  27. L

    Creative Ideas for Booth at Local Fair - Get Back in the Groove!

    I am doing a booth tomorrow at a fair in my area. There are probably 10 or so consultants who take different times. I am looking for a creative way to attach something to peppermints to give away. Any other creative ideas to get bookings or recruits would be awesome. I have not had any shows...
  28. lockhartkitchen

    Local News Channel Featured Pampered Chef as a Business

    Last night on my local news channel, they featured a PC consultant for the topic of home based business during this economy. They featured her cooking show using the DCB and it was also featured in the news trailer. It was a great plug for PC. By Shellie Bailey Shah, KATU News and...
  29. BlessedWifeMommy

    Is Our Local Grocery Store Closing? What Will Happen to the Employees?

    I'm so sad. The only Family owned Grocery Store chain in AZ is in bankruptcy, and is closing 14 more stores. Turns out our local one is on the list. This sinks I'm so upset for the people who work there. They will all soon be without a job. Oh and the next closest store is a mega...