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What is classes: Definition and 32 Discussions

  1. naekelsey

    Connecting Your Exercise Classes to Local Businesses: Tips & Advice

    I have heard about people going to business' that do Zumba and other exercise classes to see if they can set up there or, at least, have catalogs left there for the customers. I am just wondering how people go about asking them? Has anyone done this and what do you say??? Do you go in...
  2. J

    Can I Swap My Nc Classes at Conference?

    I sure the answer to my question is on here somewhere, but I can't find it. Can I change the classes I am taking at conference? I want to swap some up. Thanks!
  3. E

    Pampered Chef Teletable Talk Classes

    Has anyone ever used the prerecorded Tele Table classes that the Pampered Chef website offers? I am wanting to learn how to use my new website I have through PC and I found a class which is supposed to help you use your website more effectively. I can not figure out how to download it to my...
  4. I

    What Classes Are You Taking Next Week?

    Here is my class list Fast Start Booking & Recruiting 7/9/09 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Selling With the Stars 7/10/09 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Promote Leaders Pronto 7/10/09 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM “Out & About” Contacts Made Easy 7/11/09 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  5. P

    Exciting Cooking Classes Starting in April - Reserve Your Spot Now!

    My director suggested at a recent meeting to hold a monthly cooking class. People would pay to reserve a spot, and then use this money towards their purchase. I created a survey within my last newsletter asking who would be interested, what types of classes, what day of the week worked...
  6. wadesgirl

    Maximizing Success at Leadership: Recruiting Tips & Partnering Strategies

    I'm torn between three classes at Leadership. I'm looking at: 3-A-Day: Connect with Main Street Recruiting Leads from Every Show Partner with New Consultants for Early Success I'm leaning towards the bottom two since recruiting is the one thing I want to work on but feel like I should...
  7. Becky0216

    Recruit's Potential: Personal Chef Hosts Cooking Classes

    I have a potential recruit that is also a personal chef. She would like to help her PC biz by showcasing her PC products while doing cooking classes. She already hosts cooking classes at her home without PC. She wants to know if it is ok to serve what they cook on plain dishes. (non pc) She...
  8. T

    Where Can I Find Affordable Online Classes?

    I am looking for a four year college with on line classes that are around $200 per credit hour. Anyone know of any?
  9. J

    Cookie Press and Cookie Classes?

    I had a host rave about this item and told me I should get it to use and offer mother/daughter cookie classes. Anyone have this item? How do you like it? Anyone done cookie callses like that before? If so, what all did you do? Thanks! God bless, Amanda
  10. KellyTheChef

    Williams-Sonoma Free Demos and Technique Classes

    I just got an email from WS, here is what I copied and pasted. I am sure you can go to their website and look for these free classes. The ones that require reservations are an hour long...but still FREE. The other ones are only 15 minutes and do not require reservations. The closest one to...
  11. N

    Wee Little Wahoo Re: Kids (& Adults) Cooking Classes

    For all of those who wished me well as I prepared for the Kids & Adult Cooking Classes through Community Education at my local college, I've got a wee bit of a wahoo:sing: Today I followed up with the program director and we fairly firmly set eight classes on the community calendar, one adult...
  12. N

    Kids (& Adults) College Cooking Classes

    OK, all you creative fellow cheffers! I've been given the opportunity to teach adult and kid cooking classes through the local community ed program. All I need to do is come up with an official "proposal" to present to the board. I've got my cover letters completed as well as proposed...
  13. dannyzmom

    Online Training Classes - Don't Forget!

    If you take all the classes you get a special ribbon at NC. I finished my last 4 last night while DH was at work and the kids were at their Dad's house. I had a quiet evening at home with the computer :)
  14. pampered1224

    Was Asked About Cooking "Classes"

    I have no clue what to do here. I have a customer who thought it would be neat if I held some cooking classes. I know if I got this type of exposure, it could probably create a booking or sales boom for me but I am scared to death to even try it. I am hoping someone out there has done this...
  15. L

    What Are Some Fun Cooking Class Ideas for a Local High School?

    Wasn't sure where to post this thread, my local high school has asked me to do some cooking classes, this works for me two ways. One I get paid (needed) and two I can promote my pc business although it is not pc related per se. My question is what could you suggest. The coordinator suggested...
  16. P

    Fun and Educational Kids Cooking Classes for Ages 5-12 | $48/Month Fee

    I am toying with idea of offering kids cooking classes (once a week, in 3-4 wk sessions). My idea was to have a fee of $48 / month (4 classes). At the end of each session (ie: after the 4 weeks), the kids would a PC tool to keep. Has anyone on here done this before? I am curious as to...
  17. jdavis

    Notes From Conference Classes?!

    I know you all have to wind down and get everything together, but I would REALLY REALLY appreciate anyone posting their notes from their classes on here so we can all get some more inspiration, insight, and help. Thanks in advance!
  18. C

    What's Everyone Doing After Classes

    I've never been to conference before. What does everyone do each evening? My director plans on seeing a play one night. Bobby
  19. R

    Want to Expand Your Culinary Skills? Consider Our Cooking Classes!

    I often hear women talk at the shows I do abot the classes they have taken at the local college. I would like to start offering these to increase my business over the summer. I would like to offer this for both kids and adults. I would charge enough for each prepaid class to cover the price...
  20. pcheftammy

    Has Anyone Tried Doing Cooking Classes?

    I am intrigued by this. I would like to try this for a few months by offering a different type of class each month. I have concerns about the cost for guests. Are they charged purely for the products or do you round up to help pay for the groceries? Is shipping and tax also added in? Any...
  21. C

    Signing Up for Classes: Confused but Stoked!

    OK, so I see everyone is signing up for classes, do we do this on our own? I am so confused it's not even funny! I am so stoked though! I found out I saved $70 for reg, my hotel is going to be $150 and I already got my plane ticket! WOO HOO~I LOVE THIS!!!!!
  22. randis

    Unlock Your Inner Chef: Cooking Classes to Triple Your Team!

    I stumbled onto a GREAT idea and thought I would share...I am new to this site, and figured if people liked the idea, then I would make some new friends :) One of the doctors that calls in for elig at my full time job, her sister owns a coffee shop here in town. Well, I was talking to her...
  23. C

    Fun and Easy Kids Cooking Classes for the Holiday Season

    I know I read on here somewhere that some of you cheffers have done cooking classes with kids. I was wondering what recipes you did and what products they got to take home with them. I'd like to do a couple over Christmas/winter break. Was thinking about doing something with the decorator...
  24. nikkijo

    Planning for a Conference: How Much Time Between Classes?

    I'm registering for confrence right now and how much time should I leave between classes?? TIA! Nikki
  25. K

    Maximize Your Learning with Evening and Weekend Tele Classes from PC!

    Does anyone else feel jipped because PC offers few to no tele classes on evenings and weekends? I work full time and can't call into these classes because they're all held when I'm at work. The Super Starter classes, especially, are only held during the week. I feel I'm being penalized for...
  26. monica_sweetconsultant

    How Do I Listen to Recorded Tele-Talk Classes Without Downloading Them?

    how do you get them to work without downloading them onto your computer? i did download the ilink thing you need to listen to them but when i click on the date it wants me to save it to my computer. i thought you just clicked on the date and listened to it. my hubby will kill me if i save all of...
  27. C

    Discover Fun and Healthy Kids Cooking Classes - Flyer Available!"

    does anyone have a flyer to advertise a kids cooking class
  28. T

    Cooking Up Success: Pampered Chef's 2006 Cooking Classes

    I think it's great Pampered Chef is going to the "Cooking Show" idea. Everybody who cooks loves to think they're a chef, even if they're not ;) Here is a list of my 2-1-06 cooking classes. Feel free to update or change. I just sent out a big mailing to realtors, day care centers, and salons...
  29. T

    Cooking Classes as a Booking Tool

    We are using Cooking Classes to boost our sales as well as acting as a booking agent. Here is the latest list of classes. I make sure to let people know that, if they can't attend, I can order them the products, as well as give them the recipes, instructions, etc. As an incentive, I've let...
  30. I

    Going to Do Children's Cooking Classes

    I decided in an effort to create regular "bookings" and guarentee my December sales for free spring products to do Children's cooking classes ~ charging for tools, etc. $47 of the $50 charged would be in PC tools (added to my total). Want to see? The first page is printed on cookie...