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What is press: Definition and 184 Discussions

  1. J

    Fixing an Old Cookie Press: Tips for Reattaching the Metal Bar

    I have the old cookie press and I took out the medal bar came out and I can’t get it back in. Can anyone tell me how to fix it
  2. J

    Vintage Mirro Cookie Press: Pampered Chef Disc Compatibility?

    I have a customer who was gifted a vintage Mirro cookie press. Do you know if the PC replacement discs would fit it? On the site, it looks like they are the same shape - with flats on 3 sides. Anyone?? Thank you in Advance.
  3. M

    Is It Necessary to Peel the Garlic by Press?

    Hi all,Sorry for taking up your time. My family has been using the garlic press and it seems to them that they have got used to it. On recent days, when staying at home, I read one magazine on how the garlic press would hurt the fingers. So I felt amazed about how to peel the garlic by press and...
  4. JanisF

    Grill Pan and Press - Cooking Steak

    I have a customer who lives in a building where she can't have a BBQ, but loves BBQ steak. She bought the grill pan and press, but so far she finds that the steak tastes more boiled than grilled. Does anyone use their grill pan for steak? Do you use the press, and if you do, do you leave it...
  5. J

    Piece Needed for Old Style Cookie Press

    I have a customer that needs a piece for the old style cookie press (item 1525). It is the piece that screws onto the bottom of the cookie press and holds the disks. If you have one that you don't need any more can you let me know? She asked if PC sold replacement parts, but they no longer sell...
  6. R

    Looking for an Old Style Cookie Press? Message me for details!

    I have a customer looking for the old style cookie press (the one with the trigger). Please message me or email me. Email is best though.
  7. higoobs

    Cookie Press Pic and Recipe

    i know I saw the cookie press being loaded with 3 different colors of batter and the cookie came out like a neopolitan style does anyone have this recipe and picture. The pic is super important because a customer wants to try it. Someone mentioned it may be the All occasion cookie recipe in the...
  8. cookingwithlove

    The Garlic Press: Materials & Coating Explained

    What is the garlic press made of. What is the metal and what is the coating?
  9. kcmckay

    Tips for Using an Old-Style Cookie Press

    At my last show I had a guest ask me about tips on old version of cookie press. I don't own one nor have I ever used one even non PC so it was hard to give him an answer. He said he had issues with the dough getting jammed after every 3rd cookie or so. Can anyone give me any tips to give...
  10. Shawnna

    Grate or Press Garlic? Rachel Ray's Way

    I have been watching Rachel Ray the past few weeks and I have noticed that she grates her garlic instead of pressing it or chopping it...with a microplane grater. I don't think I have ever seen her use a garlic press. Do any of you do this? Its obviously very fine...not chunky. Does it alter...
  11. C

    Old Garlic Press Cleaning Tool Not Available

    Well I guess the cleaning tool for the old garlic press is not available after all. So does anyone have one I can buy from you? Thanks!
  12. F

    Garlic Press Featued in Cutry Woman Magazine!

    I just happened to be reading the feb/march 2012 issue of country woman magazine and they were talking about a garlic press....the picture was of pampered chef's press!! nice to know that we are the the known press!!!:)
  13. B

    Looking for Bottom Ring to Old Cookie Press

    When I told my one of my clients that, sorry, we don't sell the old ring and no, you can't return the new one that you mistakenly bought, she wasn't very happy with me. Anyone have one I can buy from you? I'll (obviously) pay for shipping as well!!
  14. babywings76

    Customer Question on the Old Style Cookie Press

    I got this message from a friend on FB last night and could use some help answering it: Question for you regarding the PC cookie press -- I have the old style with the trigger and plastic discs -- don't know if you are familiar with it. Anyhow, never used it until today. My recipe called for...
  15. A

    Will New Disks Fit in My Old Cookie Press?

    I have a host who has the old cookie press who apparently has lost her disks... Wants to know if the new disks will fit in her Old press... I have hunted every where and can't find mine to dry them and see if they fit. My guess is no as the new ones are so much thinner than the old one... Any...
  16. T

    I Need a Cookie Press Asap - Dayton Ohio Area

    Does oanyone have a new cookie press that I could buy and pick up today? It would have to be in the Dayton, Ohio area.

    Cookie Press: Does It Come with a Recipe for Cookie Dough?

    Customer wants to know if the Cookie Press comes with a recipe for cookie dough??
  18. babywings76

    Updated Cookie Press Recipes from CC Community

    In the files are documents about the old cookie press. I was going to go through and take out the recipes and put together a new file and add some of the new things that are on CC now, but thought I'd just see if anyone else has already updated their cookie press file and would be willing to...
  19. K

    Tips for Cleaning Stuck-on Chicken from Raw Cast Iron

    Anyone have any tips? Mine routinely gets chicken stuck to it and I can't seem to really get it off. I have the scraper and it doesn't work that well. It's raw cast iron, so I don't want to damage it. Let me know what you do.
  20. esavvymom

    Interested in an Old-Style Cookie Press? Check Out This Listing!

    Ok folks....cleaning out the kitchen, and I have the OLD-style Cookie Press (#1525 - looks like a "gun" w/trigger). It has all of it's parts, instruction card, and box. It is very clean, doesn't look like I ever touched it, but I did use it 2 or 3 times. Worked just fine (especially if you...
  21. chefheidi2003

    Rant Rusting Grill Press: Can I Save It?

    I have a grill press..my family decided to use it on the grill. I am not at my house very often because I am always at my boyfriend's house..so I didn't know it was used on the regular grill then left outside. Until last week when I saw it sitting outside on the porch FROZEN in a puddle of...
  22. wadesgirl

    Help! My Sister's Grill Press Smashed Her Panini Bread

    My sister told me the other day she hates her grill press because it smashed the bread when she made a panini. Any suggestions I can give her?
  23. mspibb

    Give Away for Parts Old Style Cookie Press

    I still use my "gun" type cookie press but it started slipping. My brother gave me back the one I gave him (he loves peanut butter cookies so I thought he might make his own!) that he never used. So I have an extra set of disks, barrel and connector ring I will give to someone, just pay shipping!
  24. K

    Cookie Press Help: Tips for Perfect Cookies in December | NC Cookie Class"

    HELP me please! I have a NC who is doing a cookie class for December and she just bough her cookie press and made cookies and they turned out in blobs. I do not own it to help her. Any suggestions?
  25. A

    Pumpkin Recipe for Cookie Press

    Just wondering if anyone has ever created a "pumpkin" flavored cookie recipe for the Cookie Press? :confused:
  26. RMDave

    Grill Pan and Grill Press

    In the infamous "Chicken Your Way" video users are told to pre-heat both items. We're shown the cast-iron Grill Press resting in the Grill Pan (with magical if not delicate non-stick coating) while it preheats. Uh ... I already have two "guests" who have scratched the Grill Pan with the...
  27. N

    2 Step Fudge ?? W/ Cookie Press??

    has anyone done the 2 step fudge w/ the cookie press? any tips ?????- here the recipe for inquiring minds... Easy 2-Step Fudge 1 Bag (12 oz.) MILK chocolate chips 1 tsp. Vanilla 1 Container (16 oz.) ready-made frosting Add all ingredients into Pampered Chef Professional Family...
  28. B

    Discover the Versatility of Grill Pan & Press for Delicious Meals - CYW Review

    I got mine yesterday & was SO excited!! I tried it with filleted pork chops last night. It was ok. Right now I am cooking hamburgers. And I gotta say... I'm not impressed :( I get a lot of juices & the meat is simmering in the juice. Much prefer my SS pans. Am I doing something wrong? I *really*...
  29. O

    Cookie Press Recipes Other Than Cookies?

    Has anything done anything with the cookie press other than cookies? Would like to show it's versatility...
  30. O

    Why did my pumpkin cookies using a cookie press turn into blobs after baking?

    I followed a recipe that called for a package of refrigerated sugar cookie dough and food coloring (orange) to make pumpkins using the pumpkin disc for the cookie press. They came out looking beautiful when we pressed them onto a stone. Unfortunately, after baking them, they blew up to looking...