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What is garlic: Definition and 104 Discussions

  1. M

    Is It Necessary to Peel the Garlic by Press?

    Hi all,Sorry for taking up your time. My family has been using the garlic press and it seems to them that they have got used to it. On recent days, when staying at home, I read one magazine on how the garlic press would hurt the fingers. So I felt amazed about how to peel the garlic by press and...
  2. J

    Soy Free Substitute for Garlic Herb Rub in Freezer Workshop

    I have a guest that cannot have soy. The freezer meal workshop utilizes the Garlic Herb Rub in most of the recipes. Does anyone have a good substitute for this? I'm thinking maybe some garlic powder or fresh garli + Italian Seasoning? What do you all think? Thanks in advance, Jammie
  3. melizabeth35

    Tried the Raspberry Habanero Sauce? Share Your Experience!

    Has anyone used this with the Raspberry Habanero sauce? And comments/tips appreciated!!!!!
  4. DebPC

    What's the Recipe for Mini Crock Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry?

    Glad to see PC is finally coming out with some more recipes for this piece. I kind of wish they would rename it The Mini Crock. I think the current name may be too specific. I wanted to repost this recipe. i made it at my show last week and sold 2 out of 6 guests. It was delicious! I microwaved...
  5. DebPC

    Garlic Peeler to Unwrap Caramels?

    Does this work??? So fabulous if it does. I don't have our Garlic Peeler to try it out.
  6. T

    Iso Pantry Seasoning "Garlic Garlic"

    ISO Pantry Seasoning "Garlic Garlic" I have a sweet elderly customer that is looking for this. Anyone have one? Thanks! Toni
  7. Admin Greg

    Discussing the Garlic & Brie Baker: Tips, Complaints, Praise

    Please discuss the Garlic and Brie Baker. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  8. Admin Greg

    Discover the Versatility of Garlic Smash and Paste: Tips, Reviews, and Ideas

    Please discuss the Garlic Smash and Paste. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  9. Kristin Radunz

    Iso Garlic and Herb Rub - Minneapolis, Mn Area

    Hello, I'm in need of Garlic and Herb Rub for a show on Saturday. Does anyone have some I could pick up Saturday morning? I'm in Hutchinson, MN but I will be driving through Minneapolis Saturday morning. Thanks!
  10. kam

    Garlic Slicer Recall - How to Do This

    I do have customers that ordered the one that needs to be replaced...but I am not sure how to contact them!! The first show that was listed for me was a bizarre "combo" show - I had a catty show that didn't reach $150 so I tacked the orders onto some misc orders I had and my mom had and gave...
  11. Sheila

    Director Garlic Slicer Voluntary Recall E-Mails

    I received 3 notifications today regarding old online orders where the Garlic Slicer is under recall. Well, guess what ... in P3 when you look at the online orders, there's no "O" designation next to it. With 2 munchkins running around wanting my attention, it took me a few minutes for it...
  12. wadesgirl

    Recall of Garlic Slicers: Did I Miss the Announcement?

    Looked at the back order list today (um... beer bread is on back order!) and noticed that there is a recall on Garlic Slicers sold during a certain time. When I click on the link it doesn't take me any where. Did I miss this announcement?
  13. DebPC

    Director Cocotte- Roasted Garlic and Onion Dip?

    This is the recipe that came with the Cocotte. There's alot of garlic in there- 3 whole heads. Has anyone made this? Is it good?
  14. cookingwithlove

    The Garlic Press: Materials & Coating Explained

    What is the garlic press made of. What is the metal and what is the coating?
  15. M

    Another Use for the Garlic Slicer

    When making my homemade split pea soup, I sliced the garlic with our PC slicer. I only had the "baby" carrots to slice, and they aren't easy to do...SO I stuck some in the garlic slicer, and they came out PERFECT!!!
  16. P

    Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Potato Cups

    Has anyone made these before? They're in the Easy & Impressive Appetizers book. The garlic doesn't want to break down - i have whole cloves in my cream cheese mixture....I'm not sure what I did wrong. :( Also my filling is really runny and pink, not the nice creamy texture they show in the...
  17. Shawnna

    Grate or Press Garlic? Rachel Ray's Way

    I have been watching Rachel Ray the past few weeks and I have noticed that she grates her garlic instead of pressing it or chopping it...with a microplane grater. I don't think I have ever seen her use a garlic press. Do any of you do this? Its obviously very fine...not chunky. Does it alter...
  18. C

    Old Garlic Press Cleaning Tool Not Available

    Well I guess the cleaning tool for the old garlic press is not available after all. So does anyone have one I can buy from you? Thanks!
  19. F

    Garlic Press Featued in Cutry Woman Magazine!

    I just happened to be reading the feb/march 2012 issue of country woman magazine and they were talking about a garlic press....the picture was of pampered chef's press!! nice to know that we are the the known press!!!:)
  20. The_Kitchen_Guy

    I Bet I Can Peel a Head of Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds

    Sounds like one of those bar bets you can't win, doesn't it? Here's a guy who shows you how to do it: Peel A Head of Garlic in Less Than Ten Seconds My favorite chicken recipe, Garlic Chicken with Garlic Cream Sauce, is much more attractive now. My recipe calls for 40 cloves of garlic...
  21. winklermom

    Dried Minced Garlic Vs Garlic Powder

    I've got a recipe that calls for dried minced garlic which I forgot to purchase. Can I substitute garlic powder? If so, would it be the same amount?
  22. ChefCKHall

    Get Your Hands on the Best Garlic Tool: Order Now!

    Drat! Forgot to order more to have on hand. Need ONE REALLY BAD!! Anyone got one milling around?
  23. C

    Director Xpost Garlic Press: A Durable and Reliable Kitchen Tool for Your Cooking Needs

    I know not everyone here is on cs, and alot of you have a better memory than me. Another questions, this day has already been too long. I think we have had 3 different versions of the garlic press since I started (six years ago) The one in the current catalog has a 3 year warranty, but I...
  24. C

    When Did the Current Garlic Press Model Come Out?

    Another questions, this day has already been too long. I think we have had 3 different versions of the garlic press since I started (six years ago) The one in the current catalog has a 3 year warranty, but I just tried to do an adjustment on the last model and they told me it only had a 2...
  25. R

    What Could Be Causing Black Powder Residue on my Garlic Press?

    I have a customer that has a garlic press purchased years ago, that has a black powder residue all over it. It coats her hands when she tries to use it. (I'm not sure why she did not send it back right away?) Has anyone seen a powdery residue like this on any of our products?
  26. A

    Director Help! Need Recipe Ideas for Garlic Festival Demo

    I was asked to do a demo @ a garlic festival that i'm doing a booth at this Saturday....but I can't think of a recipe to make..... I sent an email to see if i can bring my microwave & was thinking about the white chicken chili....but i've never made it....is it a good one? or should i do...
  27. S

    Replacing Garlic Press Cleaning Tool

    I have a customer whose garborator ate her garlic press cleaning tool, so I'm in the process of ordering a replacement part, but not sure if I should order the new tool or the old one. She has the old garlic press -which I've never seen before. Does the new cleaning tool store in the handle of...
  28. elizabethfox

    Urgent Replacement Cleaning Tool for Garlic Press?

    I have a customer with the old style garlic press.. the one we had before this last one came out. She needs a replacement cleaning tool for hers and when I looked on P3 for a replacement it shows 2 cleaning tools for the garlic press. One says gray garlic press cleaning tool $2.25 and the other...
  29. AmyDare

    Sodium Content of Citrus Basil & Peppercorn Garlic Rubs

    Does anyone know the sodium content for the Citrus Basil Rub and the Crushed Peppercorn and Garlic Rub?
  30. Shannen

    Silver Coin to Wash Garlic and Onion Smell??

    A guest at a recent show asked me if we still have this silver coin that her mom raves about. She said that you wash your hands with it and it gets rid of the smell from even garlic and onions. Has anyone heard of this?