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    25 Unopened Spring/summer catalogs Available

    39 Brand New Spring Summer Catalogs Available If anyone is interested, I have an unopened package of 25 spring/summer '05 catalogs available. In addition I have 14 loose catalogs. They are all brand new, unmarked. They're great for fairs, etc. Please e-mail me an offer or trade. THANK YOU. Jill...
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    Theme Show How to print available flyers

    I love some of the Theme Show Flyers and ideas found under this websites files. Specifically, I would like to use the Hawaiian Luau idea for summer bookings and the Jimmy Buffet Theme (I know a lot of Parrot Heads); however I am having trouble printing these flyers. Does anyone know how to...
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    Pre-recorded Tele-classes on now available!

    Just in case you haven't heard yet, pre-recorded tele-classes are now avaiable on CC. I do have a step by step (with visuals) instruction sheet on how to do this, but unfortunately I couldn't load it due to the size of it. I emailed Deb to see if there is anything that she can do. Until...
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    New Products available June 1st ???

    Does anyone know if you can pre-order the items on Page 37? Sort of like a "back order" status where the guest can add them to the orders at May shows, but then those specific items would just not ship until June? I have a catalog host that has several guests that want to order both the HWC...