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What is belinda: Definition and 35 Discussions

  1. O

    Affordable Belinda Ellsworth Items - Used Options Available!

    Hi Looking for any Belinda Ellsworth Material? My current budget will not allow me to purchase new.... Thanks in advance:balloon:
  2. pcsharon1

    Belinda Ellsworth Cd's and Paperwork System

    I have the Power Hour paperwork system and her success training CD set. There are 7 CD's total plus the binder with the individual folders in them. I have listened to them several times and put the pieces I am going to use into play and don't think I will get any more out of them. I don't...
  3. O

    Need Belinda Ellsworth Material? Looking for a Deal!

    Hi I will be house bound after joint replacement , yet again for the month of Feb. and 1/2 of March. I would love to get my hands on some Belinda Ellsworth material to occupy my time. My budget does not allow me to buy it new for $116.00....Does anyone have anything they would like to sell...
  4. esavvymom

    Belinda Ellsworth- Raleigh, Nc on March3Rd

    I AM SURE YOU'VE HEARD.....BELINDA IS COMING BACK TO RALEIGH ON SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2012!! The early bird registration expires on the morning of February 2nd!! You can save $10, so sign up now!!...otherwise-it's still a great deal!! Here is the information for the event Belinda will be...
  5. cookingwithlove

    Director Free Belinda Ellsworth Call Today

    Hi, Wendy You wanted to receive NEWS from The Booster so here is a special notice: Belinda Ellsworth FREE call TODAY! Belinda Ellsworth and I have been friends for years. We BOTH have the same goal of helping you to be more successful in your business. We are going to be teaming up on some...
  6. esavvymom

    Raleigh, Nc Area Consultants - Belinda Ellsworth Seminar?

    My hospitality NED (Kathy) just sent this to us. I figured if there are other consultants in this area who are NOT already part of Lydia Martin's or Kathy Yellet's circle, I'd let you know about this. If this is something you'd be interested in, just post in here. We can relay to Kathy the...
  7. esavvymom

    Belinda Ellsworth? Worth Going to See Live?

    Belinda Ellsworth is doing a "Leaders & Aspiring Leaders" event. is she worth going to? It's a 3.5 hr event on a Friday evening. I can't go to Director Express because it's during on a weekday. I just signed my 2nd team member, and I really do want to make director by Jan 1. So I'm...
  8. A

    Belinda Ellsworth - Visiting Austin, Tx

    Hi TX Consultants, Not sure if some of you have gotten the email, but Belinda is coming to Austin, TX on Oct 9th!! Super excited to hear her speak finally as I missed her the last couple of times she was at Conference and definitely need a boost to my biz! There are more details on her...
  9. J

    Has Anyone Attended Belinda Ellsworth Events?

    I saw a post on here about Belinda Ellsworth and was wondering if it is worth going to an event ? Thanks in advance for the input. Judy:)
  10. J

    Fs Belinda Ellsworth Tape Series

    Interviews and Opportunity Events 4 Cassette Tapes Great Condition! $40 value -- asking $18 (free Media Mail Shipping) Checks and Pay Pal accepted.
  11. S

    Belinda Ellsworth Step Into Success

    I have listened to this oodles of times! Belinda Ellsworth Complete 6 CD Step Into Success Package. Covers goal setting, sales, presentation, bookings & recruiting. Purchased at conference several years ago for $75. Asking $50, includes shipping. Any takers? :) PayPal only...
  12. susanr613

    Belinda Ellsworth Will Be in Oak Brook Illinois for Cheap

    I just got an e-mail from Belinda - she's doing her 4-hour Step into Success seminar in Oak Brook IL on Feb 21. Early registration is only $25, and if you pay at the door it's $35. I can't go, but thought you all might be interested.
  13. J

    Fs Belinda Ellsworth "Power Hour"

    Belinda Ellsworth "Power Hour" System. NIB New, never used, complete with sturdy hard shell case, colored folders, instuctional CD and reproducible forms. Belinda will be speaking at Leadership in January, so you know she has great things to share! Learn to take control of your time...
  14. PChefPEI

    Belinda Ellsworth CDs: Reviews and Recommendations

    Anyone have her CDs? I have heard some of the "Building a Million Dollar Organization" series, but was thinking of getting the ones on "The Power Hour" and "Step Into Success" series. Just wondering if it would be worth my money. Any thoughts?
  15. P

    Looking for Direct Sales Success? Have You Heard of Belinda Ellsworth's Tapes?

    I am cleaning house , and have this set of 6 cassette tapes by Belinda Ellsworth. She came to our city a few years ago and is wonderful! She was a pro in direct sales and has moved up to doing speeches and tapes on being a top seller. the 6 tapes are : Create your own success The art of...
  16. sarahlegare

    Belinda Ellsworth in Boston Area

    I'm going to a Belinda Ellsworth training in Worcester, MA this Sat (March 29th) and I'm so excited!! Is anyone else going? I heard about it from a Tastefully Simple Rep, she invited me to go along! You can go online at stepintosuccess.com and register. It's $42. Let me know if anyone else...
  17. pamperedpals

    Fs: Step Into Success by Belinda Ellsworth

    I have a 6 CD Step Into Success by Belinda Ellsworth for sale. The CD's that come with it are: 1. Creating your own success 2. Bookings - The Backbone of your business 3. Bookings con't - Recruiting is an attitude 4. Recruiting con't - Sales with Service 5. Introduction to Sales...
  18. dannyzmom

    Fs: Belinda Ellsworth: Step Into Success Tapes

    Set of 4 tapes plus 2 bonus tapes: Create Your Own Success The Art of Booking Recruiting: "It'a an Attitude" Increasing Your Sales Average plus two bonus tapes: Introduction to Sales Creating a Powerful Presentation Asking $50 plus shipping (it will ship media rate so it...
  19. M

    Belinda Will Be at Our Spring Kickoff

    Belinda Elsworth will be at our Spring kick-off this Saturday morning. I am very excited. She was awesome when I saw her at National Conference, and Several of the directors in our area came together, and invited her to our Spring Kick-off. It cost us $30 for the workshops and lunch, but I...
  20. AJPratt

    So, I Pulled a Belinda Today... (Now What?!)

    So, I pulled a Belinda today... I went to a restaurant for lunch today and left a catalog and my card with the tip. I wrote a quick note on the back of my card saying, "You do such a great job, I'd love to have you on my team. Give me a call and we can talk about it." And, she called!! She...
  21. C

    in theWords of Belinda Ellsworth....

    "Tonights the night I'm bookin' 'em all!" (long post alert!) Wow! I went into last nights show with a not so great attitude - the host had rescheduled twice.....she insisted on doing the invites herself (and only used 7), and the day of the show said to me "Could be 2 here, Could be 10 -...
  22. hoosierchef

    Belinda Ellsworth in Indianapolis

    Hey all you fellow Hoosier Consultants, or ones from nearby....... JUST an FYI. I found out today that Belinda Ellsworth is going to be in Indy on Saturday, June 9th. Both my director and I are going. I hope you can come too! I would love to meet some fellow Cheffers there! It's only...
  23. M

    Belinda Ellsworth or Julie Weitz

    Serious dilema here! Both Belinda and Julie will be coming to Southern Califas on April 23. I can't decide where to go. I've heard great things about both ladies. Any suggestions?:confused:
  24. pamperedalf

    Belinda Is Coming to California

    Here are some dates that Belinda is coming to California for open seminars: pass it on to anyone in any DS that might be interested. Sacramento on March 17 San Jose on March 18 Anaheim on April 23 More details on her website about where & cost.
  25. heat123

    Are Belinda Ellsworth's Strategies Effective for Boosting Show Success?

    Ok, just curious as to who has listened to her audios or live presentations and worked her info into your shows or outlines? If you have, are her suggestions effective? I am just about ready to take all the notes I have typed after listening to her audios and compile them into an outline for my...
  26. DZmom

    Belinda Ellsworth Step Into Success for Sale!!

    Hey guys!! It's been awhile. I've missed you all. I hope you each are thriving and business is booming. I'm starting to realize that I made the right choice about taking a break from the business. It was hard in the beginning, but life is much less stressful and I'm getting some much needed...
  27. pamperedalf

    Belinda's Awesome Training: A Must-Have Experience for PC Enthusiasts

    First let me tell you that was one of the best trainings I have been to w/ PC. She was so awesome!! I had seen her at conference & really liked her, however an hour was not enough time in my opinion. Now before I get into details, I have to tell you guys about my adventures this evening. I...
  28. S

    Belinda Ellsworth Is Coming to Northern Ca

    Just in case anyone in the area hasn't heard. Belinda Ellsworth is coming to Roseville on January 4th. The registration is still open and we need more people! The early bird price is $27.50 and good through the 19th. You can register from the 20-31 for $37.50. I will try to post the form...
  29. AJPratt

    Belinda Ellsworth Success Express

    Has anyone signed up for the Success Express?
  30. AJPratt

    Iso: Belinda Ellsworth Products

    Hi! I already have the Step Into Success original series and the Power Hour Package. I was just wondering if there was someone who wanted to share these with a fellow consultant. My email is [email protected]. Thanks!