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  1. C

    Belinda Ellsworth Training in Cincinnati!

    Hi ladies! I'm attending Belinda Ellsworth's Leadership Seminar in Cincinnati on Thursday, August 25th, and I wanted to know if any of you would be there! I loved Belinda's Steps To Success CD's, and I've got lots of encouragement and motivation from listening to her words. Hopefully this...
  2. P

    Belinda Ellsworth Summer Business Tips

    Here is part of a newsletter from Belinda Ellsworth...Step into Success. She is AWESOME! I recommend you checking out her site. Monday, July 11, 2005 THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: SUMMER BUSINESS TIPS Here are a few things to do to jumpstart your summer business. 1. Talk to at least one...
  3. kimcooks4u

    Belinda Ellsworth - National Speaker!

    Belinda Ellsworth - National Speaker! Well worth the $35.00 We had the Belinda Ellsworth Seminar! Great Success!! 100 people attended! She was great! I would highly recomend getting her to your area! Any ideas how to delete my post now that this event is over? Don't want to clog the posts. Thanks.