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  • Awesome, I passed Debbie's info along to a gal by the name of Jennifer Worsham

    Thanks for the help
    Hi Sharon,

    I have a Facebook fan who is looking for a rep at Fort Hood area who might be willing to donate a small basket of PC to go into a raffle at the end of May/first part of June.

    Looks like you have downline and a hospitality director in the area. Can you provide their contact info so that I can provide it to Jennifer at Fort Hood?

    It's changed a lot since we were there. We didn't even have a PX when we lived there and the biggest one in Germany opened about a year and a half after we left. We've only been once but I would love to go back. Since you are selling PC there - and I was the only one there selling when we lived there - do you know Meg? She lives in Graf.
    We're stationed at Visleck but live in Kaltenbrunn (about halfway between the two). I love it here. We're supposed to go back in July so we are trying to get in all of our last minute traveling since we don't think we'll be back here (this is his second tour here).
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