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What is consultants: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. brennan1265

    May Sign up Special for New Consultants

    Would anyone happen to know what the promotion will be for new consultants who signed up in May?
  2. Admin Greg

    What is the Most Important Tip for New Consultants Doing Shows?

    If you could only give one tip for doing shows to a new consultant what would yours be?
  3. L

    Gifting Etiquette for Consultants: Is it Normal to Give Gifts?

    Does every consultant give a gift to their host? The director I signed up with gives a nice gift (choice of classic stone, large cutting board, cool n serve, Brie baker, etc) to every host. I'm just starting out; is this type of gift normal?
  4. dingie70

    Male Consultants Where Are You?

    Wasn't there a male Consultant thread
  5. A

    Updating Host Packets: Seeking Advice from Experienced Pampered Chef Consultants

    Good afternoon friends! I have been a PC consultant for a long time and am looking to update the contents of the host packets I provide. What I've done has always worked fine, but just want to spruce it up a bit. Would you share how you provide all the necessary information and paperwork to...
  6. J

    How to Set up a Consultants Bag/Binder

    Hi I am new to PC and have not gotten my starters kit yet. I was wondering how you all set up your consultants bag and/or binder. I don't have much in organizing skills and I want to be as efficient as possible so that when I do shows I don't look like I don't know what I'm doing. Can anyone...
  7. Intrepid_Chef

    Consultants Corner: Has Anyone Gotten a Contact from the Site?

    I was puzzled by the email about changing the "find a consultant" feature on Consultants Corner. I can't understand why someone would complain about being contacted, or why they would not follow up.But I thought of it as no big loss since I have NEVER been contacted through this feature, even...
  8. kam

    Where is the recipe section on the new Consultants Corner layout?

    OK, I know it is not THAT new...but OMG...I can never find what I need on the new layout of Consultants Corner. I waste SO much time clicking around. And Search just does not always help. So, I give up trying to find the recipe section on CC - NOT on the base site - but for Consultants. We...
  9. chefjeanine

    Find Consultants in Berrien County, MI to Increase Sales & Earn $3.50/Hr

    I am searching for Consultants living in or near Berrien County, Michigan who would like to increase their sales and expand their business. Each year, I have a booth at the local youth fair and I’m in need of a few good people to help staff this site. This year the fair runs from August...
  10. C

    Looking for PC Consultants in Reston, VA?

    Are any of you in or near Reston, va? A friend asked me to do a "big selling event" and need a pc consultant. I live in sc and have something booked that day so I can't go. If you're interested let me know and I'll pass along your contact info.
  11. DebPC

    Any New Team Leaders or Senior Consultants?

    Every step up the ladder is important. When people read that you did it- they think they can do it too! Toot your horn!
  12. T

    Join the 2 Week Sales Club and Help Struggling Consultants!

    What if we tried to do a 2 week sales club. Those that are signed up we would choose a consultant every 2 weeks. With in that two weeks everyone that is signed up would order from that consultant. This can help that consultant with struggling sales as well. You would be committed to buying...
  13. S

    Cyber Monday Free Shipping for "Unqualified" Consultants

    Correct me if I'm wrong but is it not true that consultants who are not yet "qualified" or have yet to reach $1250 in career sales CAN'T get individual orders on their websites. If so, will this rule be waived for the Cyber Monday Free Shipping deal or are they just out of luck? There are...
  14. kisrae

    Are There Any Local Consultants in Sonoma County Looking to Team Up?

    My team is growing here in Sonoma county and I'm wondering if their are any local consultants on CS (other then my team) who would like to team up for team meetings or for large vendor events. Please email me if you are interested. I'm going to start calling those people who show up on HO...
  15. Bren706

    "Re-Activating" Consultants and Pp3

    For a consultant that has been dropped after 6 months, and then decides to submit an order on the 7th month (go figure :rolleyes:) and needs to do the $25 reactivation, will she still have access to all of her previous contacts in PP3?
  16. babywings76

    Kit Enhancement Details for New Consultants?

    I have a recruit who just reached her first 30 days (but really it's been 60...they extended it for new consultants as a way to make up for the inconvenience with the issues with the New Website beta issue stuff.) She signed on 7/23. Anyway, on CC, it says today is the end of her 30 days and...
  17. Kjurich

    View Your Career Sales on Consultants Corner

    Other then looking in Pampered Partner and added up is there somewhere on Consultants Corner that shows my career sales so far?
  18. ChefPeg

    Facebook Pampered Chef Consultants Support Group

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/416409101719933 It is a private group so you'll have to ask to join. The admins will want to take a look at your facebook profile to see that you have put on your profile that you are a PC consultant. But if your FB profile is set to private, they probably...
  19. K

    Training New Consultants: Pros & Cons

    Who does them and who does not? I am debating on stopping them as I do not feel they really benefit the new consultant... what do you do? How do you train them? :)
  20. R

    Open House Show Ideas for Consultants

    Has anyone ever done and open house type show, where the guests can come and go? If so, does anyone have any iedas to share? I am a new consultant within the last 6 months and am having a hard time getting some bookings. I am considering doing an open house, showing some of the products on a...
  21. K

    When does the 90-day free membership for new consultants start?

    Ok, so new consultants get the website free for 90 days once they qualify. Does the free membership start as soon as they qualify (as in they better hurry and get their stuff together) or as soon as they actually open their website?
  22. esavvymom

    Consultants Wanted in Raleigh, NC & Surrounding Areas

    I am looking for consultants in the RALEIGH, NC and surrounding areas. You will meet leads from all over the Triangle area and nearby I'm sure. Another consultant team and I have recently signed up for a Vendor booth at the upcoming Kids Exchange consignment sale held at the NC State...
  23. P

    Summer's Impact: A Poem of Two Consultants

    I'm looking for that poem that talks about the 2 different consultants and what they do during the summer.....and how it affects their fall....anyone have this?
  24. K

    Maximizing Success: Utilizing P3 for New Consultants Training

    I know that new consultants are supposed to use the new website, but instead of trying to train new girls on something that a. isn't working and b. I'm not wholly comfortable with myself, I want to put in their shows for them on p3. Can I do that? Or are they totally blocked from p3?
  25. Intrepid_Chef

    New Website for Consultants: Debuting May 14, P3 No Longer Available June 30

    Not new consultants. Just consultants. I heard this would be debuting May 14 for us. It's still not up for us yet. I'm not complaining but I would like to know the time table for us to get the new web/app. I have a June party open and need to know if I MUST submit it using this feature...
  26. kisrae

    Charter Gift Option for New Consultants' Hostesses

    I have a new consultant who is submitting shows. Is there still a gift option for the first few hostess? Charter gift Is what I think it was called
  27. N

    What is the special offer for new consultants who sell $1,250 in June?

    Does anyone know what the special will be for consultants who sign up in June once they sell the $1,250 to qualify? Thanks
  28. T

    Questions About Business Cards for New Consultants - The Pampered Chef

    HI! I am a new consultant, and really love this website! I have a question about business cards. I was thinking of going outside of the Merrill website to have business cards made. I was reading The Pampered Chef's policy on using their logo...etc...and was wondering where you got your cards...
  29. W

    No problem! Glad it worked out. Have a great day!

    Are there any consultants here from the Bridgewater/Somerville area of NJ? I have a friend that lives in the area and has been working on a catalog show this past week. I had sent her a host packet with two catalogs but last minute she decided to invite 50 people over for a dessert evening...