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  1. J

    I noticed that a lot of consultants are talking about the different

    I noticed that a lot of consultants are talking about the different fairs that you go to get leads and bookings. Which is great and I would love to do that to get my name to different people. I live in Charlotte, NC and have no idea how to go about finding out about who is having a fair and...
  2. M

    Bonus products for consultants

    I was just curious about the products you can earn your first months. If you earn say $900 the first month and $400 the next month. Do you not get anything or does it "bank" and you get the bonus stuff. Not sure how that all works. Thanks Anne
  3. S

    Canadian Consultants Advice Needed!

    I'm working through making a letter and "gift" list to send to local Real Estate Agents. I have some package ideas from US consultants, but what would you think is a reasonable amount for Canadian prices? Most of the packs that they had put together in the US was about 25-35 $, but when I...
  4. monica_sweetconsultant

    Consultants corner

    I just have to say that I am very impressed with the new look of Consultants corner. I opened it up and was like wow!! It sure makes getting around it easier and faster. Thanks PC for all the great work and making life easier for us!!!
  5. ChefNic

    Any other Hospitality Consultants??

    I was wondering how many of you are hospitality consultants? What do you find challenging? Do you feel part of the group, or do you feel like an outsider? Do you hear from your Director? Does the Hosp. Director give you pins, etc? I have a hard time accepting pins, etc from my Hospitality...
  6. pcbrandy

    Attention Consultants around the Waynesburg Pennsylvania area

    Attached is an announcement that I received from my director and thought everyone else could benefit from it also. It has information about a demo by Tanya Broslawsky, selling skills from Amy Chess and Cora Fischer is going to discuss leads outside the show. This will be a great opportunity for...
  7. S

    Canadian Consultants - Tax Benefits, Business Write offs???

    This is my first year doing Pampered Chef and I am hoping one of the Canadian Consultants can explain the Tax Benefits and Business Write Offs for me. I don't fully understand as we are not each registered with the government and do not have a business number... :confused:
  8. kcjodih

    Canadian Consultants

    have any of you mailed out the mini catelog yet and if so how much did it cost? Did you put it in an envelope or just stick a label on it? If so, where did you put the label? I was wanting to include something with it, some sort of note of excitement or something about the host special for...
  9. kcjodih

    Question for Canadian Consultants

    I know I SHOULD know this but can't remember AND can't find it anywhere on CC or in my Recipe for Success. I even asked my director and she came up with two different answers same as I did - and she's been doing this seven years!! Question is: How much in commissionable sales does a recruit...
  10. S

    CANADIAN Consultants - June Bonus???

    Have any Canadian consultants received the bonuses for the 2 shows before June 15, and the June Sell-A-Thon products yet???????????????
  11. W

    Frisco, TX ...Little Elm consultants???

    I have a friend that has requested information on Pampered Chef, but she lives in Little Elm near Frisco, TX. Is there a consultant living around Frisco that would like to give her info on hosting a show? Wendy Mac :)
  12. C

    New Consultants mail your Supply Booster Order now and get Fall/Winter supplies.

    All Supply Booster order forms mailed after 7/29 will receive the fall/winter supplies. Even if your order form has Summer/Spring items listed. Great value for $30. Mine is in mail today.
  13. kcjodih

    Another ? for Canadian Consultants

    Anyone know when our incentives for having 2 shows by June 15th, 2 shows by July 15th etc will be shipped? Can you tell I'm a little impatient? LOL Jodi
  14. kcjodih

    Canadian Consultants

    I noticed that the US ladies are saying that they already know the Sept/Oct/Nov host and guest specials!?! Why don't we? When will we find out? I have a show this Wednesday and I'm really hoping we don't have to wait until August's KCN for the info!!! I went to conference but nothing was...
  15. P

    Men as Consultants

    I have a gentleman that is interested in the opportunity and has some objections with the mostly female cliental and consultants. I have advised him of the successful men in the company and I have a man In my cluster also, I am giving him my Pampered Chef book to borrow and have highlighted the...
  16. K

    Too many people around here are consultants for stuff.I had to

    Too many people around here are consultants for stuff. I had to pick a day for my first show, which I'm having at my house. So I picked 2 July. Printed 32 fliers, distributed them down my entire street. Found out today that another consultant, this one for PartyLite, is having a show on...
  17. B

    I need ideas for PC Consultants workin as team.

    I need ideas for PC Consultants working as a team. I will be staring PC in July and my husband will be working with me. He is really excited to make a go of this with me. I haven't been to a PC party in years, so I am a little nervous as to how this will all work out. Does any one have...
  18. M

    I forgot to post this on my other thread, but do all consultants get a

    I forgot to post this on my other thread, but do all consultants get a free personal website, or do you have to buy space? Can customers order from it and/or set up registries? What other computer software/helpful books, etc do consultants get to use? Thank you
  19. S

    Thinking about joining -- Are there too many consultants

    I have never been a consultant before and am concerned about getting bookings -- There seem to be a lot of consultants out there and I do want to have the opportunity to grow -- I don't have a lot of friends who share my interest in cooking. Is the market saturated?
  20. S

    Part-Time PC Consultants?

    I'm curious to know how many of you do this part-time? Perhaps I should clarify a bit further. How many of you have a full-time job (Mon - Fri, 9-5) and do this on the side? Any suggestions for striking a balance while getting the business up and running? I work full-time during the days...
  21. Marg

    ATTN Canadian Consultants!!

    Did you call the hotline this week? Apparently, if you submit two shows in the first two weeks of June, you will receive something. They haven't said what it is, yet, but I bet it will be good!! So get on the phone and book two or three shows between June 1-14!!
  22. C

    Disabled Consultants

    Okay ladies I really need your help. I know there are alot of you out there that have physical challenges. How have you overcome them? I am asking because at my show today a lady who is dying to join has a physical limitation. As soon as she learns how to overcome it she will sign-up. She...
  23. P

    Letter for New Consultants???

    I could have sworn that I saw a letter on here that you could send out to coworkers, spouse coworkers, teachers, etc., but now I cannot find it! It started out "Dear....., you know me either through my husband xxxx, or through my child, xxxxxx, or work....". I REALLY wanted to find this again...
  24. C

    New Consultants looking for business

    FONT=Comic Sans MS)xxx(/FONT) I have two new consultants on my team that just moved here from another part of the country, want to get their business moving. I want them to move on their own without bookings from me. Does anyone out there have flyers on where they can attract new business...
  25. J

    Any consultants in the Quincy, MA area?

    This is my 3rd month as a consultant and was curious if there were any pampered chef consultants in my area? My cluster meetings are in Westford, so there don't know of any Pampered Chef consultants in my area? j
  26. G

    Encouraging Consultants to Attend Meetings

    Hi! I'm looking for information/ideas to motivate and intice my cluster to attend the monthly meetings. I've tried incentives like fun gifts, meals, on-time drawing prizes. I'm tried spouting off the stats like how much more successful consultants that attend meetings are. Right now I'm...
  27. A

    Wedding Consultants Letter

    I was wondering if anyone has ever written a letter to a wedding consultant about our bridal showers? Or I know there are some consultants that are wedding planners, so what would you look for in a letter written to you? I'm trying to really get into the bridal side of PC and I thought...
  28. DebPC

    Encouraging your consultants to bring a guest.

    Some directors do a drawing for a $20 product at their meeting. Everyone puts their name in but only consultants who brought a guest can win. They get one entry for each guest they brought. The name pulled only wins if they brought a guest. Otherwise the prize is held over to the next meeting...
  29. DebPC

    Letter to New Consultants First Hosts

    Dear _____________________: Hi! I'm Cynthia Nurss, _______________'s trainer and director for The Pampered Chef. I'd like to personally thank you for being one of the first shows that _____________will do as a Pampered Chef Consultant! You have a very important role and your generosity is...