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What is corner: Definition and 72 Discussions

  1. Intrepid_Chef

    Consultants Corner: Has Anyone Gotten a Contact from the Site?

    I was puzzled by the email about changing the "find a consultant" feature on Consultants Corner. I can't understand why someone would complain about being contacted, or why they would not follow up.But I thought of it as no big loss since I have NEVER been contacted through this feature, even...
  2. kam

    Where is the recipe section on the new Consultants Corner layout?

    OK, I know it is not THAT new...but OMG...I can never find what I need on the new layout of Consultants Corner. I waste SO much time clicking around. And Search just does not always help. So, I give up trying to find the recipe section on CC - NOT on the base site - but for Consultants. We...
  3. mspibb

    Troubleshooting Software Issues: Consultant's Corner to the Rescue!

    For the past 3 days everytime I try to open my software I get an error message. Go to Consultant's Corner, download the manual fix. Last night I had to do it 3 times before I could get it to work. Tonight I come home to enter another order on a show I need to turn in and I have the error...
  4. Jennie4PC

    Submitting on Inactive Consultant's Corner Date: 1/13

    I know this has been thrown around a lot and I have never had to worry, But I do now. If the consultants corner says inactive date 1/13 does that mean I have till the end of June to submit something? or is it end of May?
  5. Intrepid_Chef

    Anybody on a Mac Having Problems With Consultant's Corner

    I have noticed I have a problem opening PDF files on the MacBook I use at work. I am just wondering if I am the only one. Our computer system is relatively new and I'm guessing it's just a new way of doing things that I'm not familiar with. I have no problem with accessing consultant's...
  6. byrd1956

    Chocolate Bowls Recipe Search - Consultant's Corner

    I have looked on Consultant's Corner, but cannot find the recipe for the Chocolate Bowls pictured in CN this month. Anyone know the right link?
  7. Kjurich

    View Your Career Sales on Consultants Corner

    Other then looking in Pampered Partner and added up is there somewhere on Consultants Corner that shows my career sales so far?
  8. ShellBeach

    Can't Get Into Old Consultant Corner Website

    One of the issues I have is with the OLD website - it won't let me get onto Consultant Corner like it used to. I get a 404 page not found error. So, I called tech support and they made sure I was typing my consultant # and password correctly, also told me not to use the autofilled entry...
  9. N

    Finding the Right Webpage Title: Is C Corner the Answer?

    is there one somewhere? On C Corner? I am drawing a blank and need one.
  10. K

    New Consultant: Where to View Total Career Sales on Consultant's Corner

    Can anyone tell me where I can go on Consultant's Corner to view my total career sales? I'm a new consultant and I know I'm probably just overlooking it, but I can't find it. Thanks in advance!
  11. finley1991

    Director Transform Your Business with Expert Advice from Consultant's Corner

    It looks really pretty with the new format!!!!
  12. kristina16marie

    Whoa - Consultant's Corner Just Got a Makeover!

    check out the new (and hopefully improved) consultant's corner. looks spiffy!
  13. B

    When Do Your Recruits Appear on Consultant Corner?

    I just signed my first recruit last night and wondered how long it is before they show up on my grid?
  14. M

    Why Is Consultant Corner Behind On Orders?

    We have been totally spoiled! On consultant corner it says they are working on orders from February 27th. It's now March 8th - anyone know why? Did they just get hit with a bunch of orders at month end?
  15. Shelly Flanagan

    The Impact of Consultant Corner on Chef Success

    How do you think the new Consultant Corner Community will affect Chef Success? Sounded a lot like this site when they introduced it at SL.
  16. K

    "Celebrating Your Success" Link on Consultant's Corner

    Does anyone have any idea when they will be updating this? I know it seems small, but they have me under $100,000 in career sales, and my career sales are over $215,000. I like the recognition, but they are leaving out $115,000 in sales!
  17. byrd1956

    Why is there a logout link on Consultant's Corner now?

    Hey, when did a logout link appear on Consultant's Corner? Or have I been 'blind' for awhile??
  18. Nep2nfly

    Help! Consultant's Corner Question

    I posted a catalog show yesterday (my first show, actually - my grand opening is today - so say a prayer!) through Pampered Plus software. It shows that it was received on Consultant Connections (in the shipping area), but it still shows that I haven't made any sales on the Consultant Corner...
  19. L

    Inputting Our Shows on Consultant Corner: Need Help!

    Help! I can't find where to input our shows starting today on consultant corner. anyone been able to do this yet?
  20. S

    Consultant's Corner Not Showing Receipt of My Shows Tonight

    Consultant's Corner/Shipping status is not showing receipt of my 3 shows tonight. Anyone else having this happen-are they just busy tonight? Thanks! Suzy in Texas
  21. Monty060609

    Rant Streamlined and User-Friendly Consultant Resources at Consultants Corner

    I have to say I think this is one of the WORSE websites I have ever used! It is so sloppily set up I can't believe it. A company as large as Pampered Chef and the consultant's corner could have been made as a HS senior project. -There are multi links and they all go to the same place. And...
  22. N

    Having Trouble Logging on to Consultants Corner

    Is anyone else having trouble logging on to CC? It has happened before but when I put in my password it won't log on. It just goes back to the login screen. So frustrating!!
  23. S

    Figuring Out the Supply Order Form: Tips from Consultants Corner

    Is there someplace on Consultants Corner that will give me descriptions of the items on the Supply Order Form? I don't know what some of the items are so I can't tell if it's something I need. Thanks
  24. darlinclem

    Mp3 Files From Consultant's Corner

    I'm fairly new to saving mp3 files. I can do it through online services and ones that are sent to me. I can't for the life of me figure out how to save files from the Online Training Center of Consultant's Corner. I use the latest version of Firefox. When I click on the link I have a tab...
  25. D

    Supply Order Shipping: Pampered Partner Plus & Consultant's Corner

    How long does it take for Supply Orders to get processed and shipped out? I just submitted one through Pampered Partner Plus, but I don't see a check mark like I do for the regular shows I submit. I do see "submitted on such-and-such date..." Is there somewhere in Consultant's Corner where I...
  26. C

    Anyone Able to Get to Consultant's Corner??

    I have been trying to get onto PC's website since yesterday and it keeps coming up the "page cannot be found". I really need to make a product adjustment for 2 of my 3 Small Batter Bowls that I ordered as gifts for other people and their lids were broken. :( Can anyone get onto...
  27. turtle15

    Where to Find Fundraiser Info on Consultant Corner?

    I can't seem to find it. Thanks!
  28. chefcharity

    Have You Checked Out Consultants Corner Yet?

    Just logged on - cc is up and running.
  29. urbnk8

    Trouble Signing In to Consultant's Corner? Here's What You Need to Know"

    I haven't been on here for a while, so maybe someone's already talked about this, but is anybody else having trouble signing in to Consultant's Corner? I put in my consultant number and password and I get the screen saying that the site has been moved or changed. Did I miss something...
  30. K

    Welcome to the Consultant Corner!

    Hello, I just got my consultant ID today and looked at the Consultant Corner! Oh my goodness there is a LOT of information!! I got lost several times! LOL