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What is plus: Definition and 134 Discussions

  1. A

    Looking for Plus Size Iso Logo Wear - Any Suggestions?

    I hate ordering from merril. It takes for ever and the shipping is insane. Lol. Does anyone have shirts (long sleeve or short) or a jacket for sale. If it is merril or it runs small then it would need to be 4x. If it is stretchy then 2 or 3x is good. Ty. Email pics if that is easier...
  2. C

    forSale Charm Bracelet Plus 11 Charms

    For Sale charm bracelet with 11 charms. $100.00 includes insured shipping.
  3. mspibb

    Where Can I Find Plus Size Logo Wear for Sale?

    Plus size Logo wear for sale Lost weight, too baggy. All have been worn but clean and in excellent shape. New Merrill stuff seems to run smaller than the old logo wear, thus the 4X on the black!Red shirt CJ Banks shirt I had monogrammed. 3X $12 Blue SS button down type 3X $17 Light blue 3/4...
  4. I

    Can Pampered Partner Plus be used on multiple computers at once?

    Is it not possible to have Pampered Partner Plus installed on two computers and have them talk to each other? I assumed that since it's web-based, you would be able to log in in multiple locations. But I installed it on my computer at home and entered the start of an order. I then installed it...
  5. DebPC

    Boost Your Show Average: 3 Keys to $1K+ Performances!

    Everyone wants them! Up your show average and it's an automatic raise. Please list 3 keys to achieving $1k shows more often.
  6. T

    Closet Cleanout Sale - Plus Shipping!

    Just trying to clean out my closet. All prices are plus shipping. stars and stripes apron $5 reduced to $3.50 hwc white hat $2 med red pc bag $6 reduced to $5 tan plastic table cover $6 PENDING used catalog bag bigger one with bussiness card holder on the front(has small hole in front...
  7. T

    Upcoming Changes to Pampered Chef Website: What You Need to Know

    Hi! Does anyone know if they are still planning on shutting down the "old" way, which is still my way, at the end of June? My director is on a Pampered Chef vacation, and I forgot to ask her before she left!! I have some cooking shows and 2 fundraisers that I want to put in for July, but as a...
  8. NooraK

    Pamperedpartner Plus Shipment Confirmation

    I just got an email today, saying that a show I held on March 31st and submitted on April 11th has been shipped on or before May 15th. Umm... I received the boxes April 18th. :eek:
  9. C

    Sales Receipts: Comparing 2-ply & Pampered Partner Plus

    Hey Everyone, Im fairly new to PC and im placing an order for supplies. Can someone inform me what the difference is between the Sales Receipt 2-ply and the Pampered Partner Plus sales receipts? Each give you 100 but there is like a $5.00 difference and I am wondering why. Thanks in advance!! :D
  10. lmklipfel

    Recovering Old Sales Info from Pampered Partner Plus

    I was a consultant for 3 years took a 2 year break and am back again, we have since got a new computer is there any way to get my old sales info that was in pampered partner plus? I got a new consultant #. Any help would be appreciated
  11. vhadley

    Not Adding Tax in Pampered Plus?

    I'm submitting my parties and it's not adding tax onto any of the orders. This is confusing since the total paid amounts do not match what I actually have. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I've never fully turned in a party, I've been entering my parties from this week and will...
  12. byrd1956

    Cook Wild Rice in Rice Cooker Plus: A Recipe to Wow the Hard-to-Please!

    I got an e-mail from a customer asking me to tell her in simple terms how to cook wild rice in the rice cooker plus. Anyone have a recipe that will wow this her (as she can be somewhat hard to please)?
  13. M

    Can You Cook Pasta in the Rice Cooker Plus?

    I just got a call from a truck driver who is interested in the Rice Cooker..he said he's looking for something to do pasta, rice, veggies in, while on the road. I've gone through all the files on the RCP and don't see any suggestions for cooking pasta. I've seen a few people post that they do...
  14. M

    Iso Catalog Tote, Plus Size Logowear

    I'm looking for plus sized athletic logo wear (tshirts, hoodies, yoga pants, etc) and a catalog tote. Are you looking to part with anything? It would have to be new or gently used. Thanks!
  15. 3

    Rice Cooker Plus Cake With Soda

    Does anyone know the recipe for a no egg cake....or the diet (weight watcher) version...instead of using frosting?
  16. gailz2

    Have you tried Cinnamon Plus Spice as a dip with pretzels?

    I decided to try making the Cinnamon Plus Spice as a dip for a party today--I added the normal mayo and sour cream and some spice--I added a bit of sugar to give it some sweetness as it wasn't very good without it. Everyone loved it with the pretzels I brought to go with it. I just wanted them...
  17. wadesgirl

    Fs: Consultant Items Plus New, Used and Retired Items!

    I have a list of New, used and retied items available, please PM me. I also have the following consultant items. If you get me your zip code I will get you the best shipping cost. I take check or money order only. Red Tote - new - $10 Help Whip Cancer 1/4 zip pullover (large) - used alot...
  18. babywings76

    How Much Cinnamon Plus Spice to Use

    I've only made a pumpkin pie about twice in my life. My boys LOVE pumpkin pie and have been begging me to make one and they want to help. So, I own the cinnamon plus spice blend and haven't ever used it before. Mainly because I don't know how to use it. :blushing: When a recipe calls for...
  19. M

    Syncing a Palm Pre Plus with Yahoo Mail

    Hello, I am signing back up with PC this afternoon after a couple of years off (so excited:D). Anyway I just got a new phone (Palm Pre Plus - LOVING IT!!:love:) and I know that I can sync it with yahoo mail and Gmail. I know that PP3 can sync with Gmail. Does PP3 sync with yahoo :p? Thanks so...
  20. L

    How Much Cinnamon Plus Spice Blend Should I Use in My Bread Recipe?

    I am making bread that needs 1tsp nutmeg and 1 1/2tsp Cinnamon so i want to try the Cinnamon Plus but how much do i use? Do i add them together or ?
  21. E

    Rice Cooker Plus Cakes & Flavor Ideas

    Does anyone have a list of different cakes/flavor ideas to make in the Rice Cooker Plus? I couldn't find it in the files!
  22. S

    Entering Amex Card Payments in Pampered Partner Plus

    Okay - I had two ladies at my show last night that I need to get entered to close the show that used AMEX cards - how do I enter them as payments in Pampered Partner Plus - it is giving me an error because they are 1 digit shorter than other card types?!?!?!?!?!
  23. beepampered

    Can I Place a $60 Order Plus a Past Host Order?

    Can I do this: $60 order and one order from past host for knife block set (this would be more than $150 but not without the past host order) one order from present host for skillet Thanks for helping me help a host get something for not doing much (and a second show for me to earn the...
  24. Liquid Sky

    Substitution for Cinnamon Plus Spice Blend????

    Going to make the Autumn Apple-Cherry Crisp at a show tomorrow. I don't have the Cinnamon Plus Spice Blend. What works good in substitution for that?? TIA!!
  25. B

    Troubleshooting Tax Rates in Pampered Partner Plus

    I just installed Pampered Partner Plus and am entering a show. It says that tax rates are automatically set based upon the "ship to address," but it's not figuring out the tax rate or automatically entering the county. Help! Do I have to do anything to make it figure out the tax rate? I know I...
  26. C

    Delicious Rice Cooker Plus Recipes for Your DCB - Find Them Here!

    a day or two ago I was browsing through the threads about the deep covered baker and ran across a recipe for rice a roni using two packages of rice in the rice cooker. I think it was one of the threads about the DCB sets, because it had DCB recipes too. I failed to either copy or subscribe...
  27. susanr613

    Fs - Mix of Old and Current Products, Plus Ss 09 Catalogs

    Howdy: I have a few items left over from a recent grab and go show, as well as about 25 - 30 SS 09 catalogs. PM me for the items. I would be happy to give you the catalogs if you pay shipping from 60107. Thanks!
  28. wadesgirl

    Tried More Recipes! Plus More...

    Did the Rush Hour Chicken Fajitas. I never have tried the normal fajita recipe that has been running around. I did it as said in the recipe cards. Not a big fan of the chipotle seasoning. Maybe the southwestern - what do most of you use? I do plan on doing this as a show recipe. This is a...
  29. C

    Replacement Blades for Egg Slicer Plus: Need Help?

    I have a customer who purchased an egg slicer plus before i came along, now she needs replacements blades for her slicer. How do I go about getting the replacements for her? Still new at this and all, thanks..
  30. cwinter474

    Plus Size Consultants and Insurance

    I'm searching for health insurance for myself. My husband and daughter are covered thru the state due to disabilites. I'm 46yrs old, 5'2 and weigh .... well let's just say I'm over weight. I have NO medical conditions, other than my weight and I'm not on any medications. I've been turned...