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    Mini cinnamon rolls + ??

    For a party coming up the hostess asked for the Mini-cinnamon rolls, which I'm glad to make as it highlights the mini-baker (which is the guest special). However, I am concerned that it dosen't use very many tools. I don't want to insist the host buy groceries for another recipe just to show...
  2. C

    Cinnamon Tostada Chips

    I am doing a show tomorrow where there is no oven. I am making the Apple Berry Salsa and Cinnamon Chips. I plan on making the chips ahead at home and just showing them how I did it during the show. How long will the chips last and stay good? How should I store them? I will be making...
  3. A

    Cinnamon or carmel rolls

    Does anyone have a quick recipe for cinnamon or carmel rolls? I have my first show on Saturday which is a brunch show. I was thinking of doing the ham & eggs braid, but would like a quick simple recipe for rolls too.
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    Cinnamon swirl bread

    Can anyone post or e-mail the recipe for Cinnamon swirl bread that you make with the scalloped bread tube. email: [email protected] Thanks!