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What is biscuit: Definition and 14 Discussions

  1. P

    Square Biscuit Cutters: A Delightful Idea!

    Some Square Shaped Biscuit Cutters would be awesome!! Just a thought! VA
  2. J

    Is Adding a Second Recipe to Cooking Demonstrations Too Time-Consuming?

    For those of you who have done this at a show is this part of your pre-show prep? I'd love to do this as a second recipe to show off the cookware but I've had a hard time keeping the show to a decent amount of time. I don't want the ladies & gents to feel that it took way too long. Thanks...
  3. babywings76

    Garlic Biscuit Bites- 8 in or 10 in Pan

    Which saute pan do you use when you demo the garlic biscuit bites? The 8 in seems kind of small sometimes. Do you think for a party w/ 10 guests I should make 2 cans in the 10 in pan?
  4. A

    Sweet Biscuit Recipe: Cinnamon Sprinkle Variations

    isn't there a recipe similar to the garlic bites that is a sweet version with the biscuits & cinnamon sprinkle or something like that? Any other versions you guys have come up with? I haven't tried the garlic ones yet - but thought I might try a sweet version for breakfast tomorrow. thanks :)
  5. beepampered

    Do We Sell This? | Shopping Help

    Do we sell this? Thanks.
  6. iteachurkid

    Recipe Help - Biscuit Casserole

    Hey everyone! I have a customer looking for a recipe that she has made before, but can not find. She thought it was from the use and care card, but I searched on cc and can't find it. She said it's made in the rectangular baker and has biscuits on it. She thought it was called something like...
  7. KellyTheChef

    Made the New Sausage and Pepper Biscuit Fritatta

    We had this for dinner tonight....very good! My only complaint was that it is made in the 12" skillet (great to show cookware though!!) and most people don't have a way to cut it without damaging the cookware. I am thinking that you could let it set up for a few minutes, then slide it off...
  8. JAE

    Sausage & Pepper Biscuit Frittata

    I made the Sausage & Pepper Biscuit Frittata for dinner tonight. It was good. I didn't quite follow the directions because I used all the sausage instead of just 8 oz. It took about 8 minutes longer to bake. I couldn't find Provolone cheese in a block or shredded, so I used Mozarella. I used...
  9. lisa717

    Christmas Tree Biscuit Decorating: A Fun Creative Project!

    Anyone ever do it on the biscuits in the shape of a Christmas tree????? I want to do this on Tues at a show but want to hear that someone else liked it..I know it is normally done on cresents.....it looks really cute with the red peppers strung as garland....
  10. M

    Pan-Fried Biscuit Recipe: Easy Oven-Baked Deliciousness!

    where can I find the recipe for biscuits that are cooked in the pan, and then baked in the oven? Thank you, Cheryl
  11. S

    Find a Kitchen Tool to Replace a Biscuit Cutter: Ideas Welcome!

    I have a customer looking for a biscuit cutter. I don't know anything by that name, but is there anything anyone could suggest instead? Thanks!
  12. Kelley Sells

    Fantastic & Easy Apple Cinnamon Biscuit Breakfast Treat

    Using the 8" exec saute pan with this and it was FANTASTIC and soooo easy.... Preheat oven to 350 1 stick of butter, melt on stovetop on med. heat. 1/4 cup of sugar cinnamon 1 cut and chopped apple (or whatever you want to use) 1 package of Pillsbury Grands biscuits Once butter is...
  13. I

    Expert Tips for Perfectly Browned Biscuits: Your Questions Answered

    I tried these the other night.... I didn't realize I had to preheat the oven (shame on me for not rereading the recipe before trying it). So I "browned" the dough a bit on the skillet. That could have been the problem, but I have these questions that I hope you can answer: How high do you...
  14. N

    What Is the Jennifer Rusche Biscuit Demo?

    I have been wanting a simple way to use our cookware at each show, and this sounds like it might be it! What exactly is it? Does anyone have the specifics? Thanks!