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What is tool: Definition and 140 Discussions

  1. Sandyj

    Find the Perfect Tool Turnabout #2171 in Back or White - Shop Now!

    Looking for a Tool turnabout, back or white #2171. Don’t mind if it is gently used.
  2. mspibb

    Is the Tool Turnaround Restyle a Fail for Show Use?

    I seriously dislike the new Tool Turn around. I stand my chopper in the center, which doesn’t exist in the new one. It is way smaller (The black one I carry to shows is packed to overflowing now!) and every time I try to pick it up I pull the Center section out! For use at shows the spoon rest...
  3. Nicki Robinette

    Looking for Tables Cloths, Banners, Apparel

    im looking for anything PC logo for trade shows and parties.
  4. byrd1956

    What tool is best for making long strips of bologna for a unique snack?

    I have a friend that sent me this message: "What kind of slicer or peeler do I need to make long strips of bologna so that I can crunch them up into S sales and put them on toothpicks. My bologna is one of those round thick tube shapes like from Hickory Farms. I want thin slices wide and...
  5. byrd1956

    Is the Tool Turn About Tote still available?

    I have a Tool Turn About Tote for sale. The bamboo, black and white tool turn abouts fits into it and makes them easy to carry to your shows. $10 plus shipping.As of Nov. 5 this has been sold.
  6. Delaney Olson

    Where Can I Find a Red Tool Turn About for My Daughter's First Apartment?

    My daughter and I both love Pampered Chef products. She is a college student and about to move into her first apartment. She really wants a red tool turn about but I can't find one. Any suggestions?
  7. Admin Greg

    Is the Pampered Chef Cake Tester and Releasing Tool worth the hype?

    Please discuss the Cake Tester and Releasing Tool. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  8. W

    What is the Tool Turnabout and how can it help with kitchen organization?

    Tool Turnabout Used, but looks new Store more! An extended base has an improved spinning function that handles up to 10 lbs. of tools and still spins freely. The black color complements any kitchen and appliances, even stainless! Dishwasher-safe. Will combine shipping if you purchase other...
  9. M

    Tool Turn-About Dimensions & Capacity: What to Expect

    Anyone know the dimensions for the tool turn-about? Also it says 10 pounds of tools can be held, how many have you found that to be? Thanks!
  10. B

    The Perfect Lettuce Slicer: Finding the Right Tool for the Job

    What is the best tool to slice lettuce, like when you make tacos etc.?
  11. DebPC

    Tool Turnabout for Sprinkles Etc.

    A host just sent me this, I believe she got the bottles at Michaels.
  12. J

    Measure Diameter with Tool Turnabout Dimensions - Customer Service Alternative

    Hi, Does anyone have the tool-turn-about and can measure the diameter. Customer service doesn't have it. Thanks
  13. DebPC

    Tool-making: Crafting a Solution for Every Job

  14. K

    Discover the Perfect Tool for Making Twice-Baked Potatoes - Shop Now!

    Ironically I have had 2 people within 1 day ask if we had anything to make twice-baked potato. Whatever product they are talking about works like this: you bake the potato then take it out of the oven. This unknown product then goes around the potato (I'm assuming) and squeezes the potato guts...
  15. C

    Old Garlic Press Cleaning Tool Not Available

    Well I guess the cleaning tool for the old garlic press is not available after all. So does anyone have one I can buy from you? Thanks!
  16. chefheidi2003

    What Are the Dimensions of the Black Tool Turnabout?

    Can someone please give me the dimensions of the Black Tool Turnabout? I need to know if it will fit where I want it in my kitchen before I order 1 or 2. Thank you in advance.
  17. 3

    Black Spice Tool Turn About Bag for Sale!

    I have a team mate that has an extra spice tool turn about bag for sale..it is the black one if anyone is interested just shoot me a email [email protected]!
  18. C

    Quick! Need Diameter for Tool Turn About

    I need to close a show in the next few hours- Guest needs to know if turn about will fit on counter. Thanks!
  19. Kitchen Diva

    Pampered Chef Forged Cutlery and Honing Tool for Sale

    Hi everyone- it's been quite some time since I've posted here, but it was suggested that I come here to see if anyone is interested in my forged cutlery. I have 4 Pampered Chef knives (with protective covers) and the Pampered Chef Honing Tool for sale. I recently started culinary school...
  20. ChefCKHall

    Get Your Hands on the Best Garlic Tool: Order Now!

    Drat! Forgot to order more to have on hand. Need ONE REALLY BAD!! Anyone got one milling around?
  21. N

    Smart Cart- Maybe a Great Tool for Shows

    Smart Cart I have used this company before and this is where I got my lap boards from. I like the cart
  22. KayPT

    Why is the Tool With the Coating Trays Weirdly Shaped?

    So I have a stupid question. Why is the tool with the coating trays so weirdly shaped? I don't understand why it has the end with the hole, etc. Do any of you know? Thanks!
  23. D

    Can a Forged Cutlery Honing Tool Sharpen Non-PC Knives? A Customer's Inquiry.

    Can this be used to sharpen non-PC knives too? A customer is asking about this. Thanks in advance. Donna
  24. J

    Tool Turnabout & More for Sale!

    Mini Catalogs, Recipe Cards, Invitations & Tool Turnabout For SaleI have the following items for sale: Tool Turnabout and More Tote $15.00 2 Pkgs. Fall/Winter 2010 Mini Catalogs (still sealed in pkg.) $ 6.00 1 Pkg...
  25. M

    Are Spice Turnabout Totes the Same Size as Tool Turnabout Totes?

    Since I've only briefly seen the spice one once, is the tote for spices the same size as for the tools? (are the turnabouts the same size?)
  26. chefheidi2003

    Will the Spice Turn About Fit in the Tool Turn About Tote?

    I don't have the Spice Turn About so I would not know this but would the Spice Turn About fit in the Tool Turn About Tote?
  27. suzipooh

    Shop the Best Iso BBQ Tool Bag for Your Grilling Needs!"

    Please, please, please if anyone has a new one of these to sell I desperately need one :) Please let me know.
  28. N

    Dcb Booking Tool - Is It Working?

    I don;t know about you but I have people get MAD at me that they cannot purchase the baker. They do not want to host anything. Yeah I have a few bookings for the baker- but not as many as I hoped for- If you are successful with e booking for the baker --please share.
  29. M

    Kitchen Tool Upgrade & Pampered Chef Show - Mom's Club Members Welcome!

    I am a new consultant and a member of the Mom's Club in my area. I am going to host a show at my house and invite the Mom's Club members to bring their old or used kitchen tools that they want to upgrade and we can donate the old things to a local shelter or soup kitchen, and they can buy new PC...
  30. P

    What creative ideas do you have for the Tool Turn About?

    So every month I send out an email to all my customers thats called an "out of the box" email. (no this has nothing to do with the out of the box calls we make) it simply is where I feature a diffrent item (usually on of my best sellers) and list several uses beyond the ordinary uses that these...