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What is turnabout: Definition and 29 Discussions

  1. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Trying to Find a Spice Turnabout

    I am interested in finding a spice turnabout. Would anyone have one, can be gently used.
  2. Sandyj

    Find the Perfect Tool Turnabout #2171 in Back or White - Shop Now!

    Looking for a Tool turnabout, back or white #2171. Don’t mind if it is gently used.
  3. J

    Looking for a Seasoning Turnabout

    I am looking for a seasoning turnabout, new or gently used.
  4. krusso

    Looking for the Iso Black Turnabout Tote Bag?

    I am looking for the black turnabout tote bag if anyone has one for sale please contact me, thanks.
  5. luvtocook868

    Fs. Spice Turnabout Tote. $10.00

    For Sale: Spice Turnabout Tote. Green. Please email for a photo! [email protected]
  6. W

    What is the Tool Turnabout and how can it help with kitchen organization?

    Tool Turnabout Used, but looks new Store more! An extended base has an improved spinning function that handles up to 10 lbs. of tools and still spins freely. The black color complements any kitchen and appliances, even stainless! Dishwasher-safe. Will combine shipping if you purchase other...
  7. DebPC

    Tool Turnabout for Sprinkles Etc.

    A host just sent me this, I believe she got the bottles at Michaels.
  8. J

    Measure Diameter with Tool Turnabout Dimensions - Customer Service Alternative

    Hi, Does anyone have the tool-turn-about and can measure the diameter. Customer service doesn't have it. Thanks
  9. DebPC

    Tool-making: Crafting a Solution for Every Job

  10. chefheidi2003

    What Are the Dimensions of the Black Tool Turnabout?

    Can someone please give me the dimensions of the Black Tool Turnabout? I need to know if it will fit where I want it in my kitchen before I order 1 or 2. Thank you in advance.
  11. quiverfull7

    Director What is the height of the STA with the handle down?

    Would someone be kind enough to send me the height of the STA with the handle down? I think it's about 9 1/2 with it up but I have someone asking me the height with it down... TIA!!!!!!!
  12. J

    Tool Turnabout & More for Sale!

    Mini Catalogs, Recipe Cards, Invitations & Tool Turnabout For SaleI have the following items for sale: Tool Turnabout and More Tote $15.00 2 Pkgs. Fall/Winter 2010 Mini Catalogs (still sealed in pkg.) $ 6.00 1 Pkg...
  13. C

    Get Your Hands on the Spice Turnabout Tote for Just $35 - Limited Time Offer!

    I am selling the Spice Turnabout Tote we earned a few months ago. I decided it is not something I will use. I am asking $35 plus the shipping. I really think I could get it in the $4.90 flat rate envelope if I fold it. Paypal is the only way I will take payment. Let me know, thanks...
  14. M

    Are Spice Turnabout Totes the Same Size as Tool Turnabout Totes?

    Since I've only briefly seen the spice one once, is the tote for spices the same size as for the tools? (are the turnabouts the same size?)
  15. C

    What is the value of a new Spice Turnabout Tote?

    Please email your interest to me, not sure how much to charge, since I will have to pay tax on the item on my 1099, wonder what PC feels is the value...New, just not in the package anymore. note2lori at hotmail dot com
  16. P

    Resolving Payment Issues: Is the Spice Turnabout Tote Still in Reach?

    I submitted a show last night and when I checked my email today it said that the card was declined. It was a catalog show so the host was putting the whole amount on her card. I called her (a cousin of mine) and we decided to just put it on my credit card and she is mailing me a check...
  17. frozenchef

    Why is the Cranberry Tool Turnabout Only Available on the Customer Side?

    Does anyone know why the cranberry tool turnabout is available on the customer side of the outlet, but not on the consultant side?
  18. S

    Looking for a White Tool Turnabout

    Does anyone have one for sale? I have a consultant who has a guest that wants to purchase one. Thanks, Suzy in Texas
  19. rocki

    forSale: Table Cloths, Consultant Tote, Turnabout Tote

    For Sale: Table Cloths, Carry-All Tote, Turnabout ToteI have the carry-all tote, the tool turnabout tote, a vinyl table cloth, an old Celebrations cloth tablecloth and a denim apron. All items are in good, used condition. Just add cheapest shipping and fees (if paying non-funded Paypal). I'd...
  20. P

    Troubleshooting a TTA That Won't Spin

    I have the black TTA and I can't get it to spin properly! I took it apart to wash it and now it won't spin. Any tricks here or did I break it?
  21. DebbieSAChef

    White Decor: Find the Perfect NIB Tool Turnabout

    Hello fellow cheffers, I have a host who really wants a NIB white tool turnabout because it matches her kitchen so much better than the black one. Let me know how much you are asking and shipping please to 78244. The old kitchen shears are on the outlet, that is so cool. I had some...
  22. pamperedcheermom

    Looking for a Tool Turnabout Bag!

    Does anybody have one of the tool turnabout carrying bags they want to sell. I can't seem to find one anywhere and I'm tired of picking up my tools out of the back of the car when I go to do a show! I take so much to my shows that I don't have room in my black bag that came with my starter...
  23. pchefkristin

    Altered Tool Turnabout: Creative Inspiration and Fundraising Success

    Thought I would share. My team and I had a craft day today, and a few of the gals altered their tool turnabouts. I had altered one for a Charity Auction which closed out at $45 this evening. Yeah! Not sure how to post pictures, so thought I would share a link. It will link you to my gallery...
  24. dannyzmom

    Anyone Have a Tool Turnabout Case?

    I need another Tool Turnabout Bag...anybody have one they'd like to get rid of? I don't care if it's used or even slightly roughed up as long as it works...
  25. C

    Have You Seen the New Spring Products on the PC Website?

    This probably looks cheesy to some people, but I'm not creative enough to have ever thought of something like this on my own! I found an old catalog (from when I was just a PC client) and I thought this was a really cute use for a now-outdated product.
  26. pchefinski

    Waiting for Tool Turnabout Gift: Is My Order Lost?

    i've ordered a tool turn about that i want to use in part of a baby shower gift on the 10th (next saturday). mind you, I ordered it on the 25th of may. i've been waiting for it in the mail. went to check the status of it on TPC.COM and it said that i haven't placed any orders in the past 30...
  27. M

    Organizing for Shows: Has Anyone Tried the Tool Turnabout and Catalog Totes?

    Hello, I am in SS2 and am trying to find ways to get more organized when I go to shows. I am thinking about purchasing the Tool Turn about Tote and the catalog shoulder tote. I was just wondering if anyone had these and what they think about them. Thanks!
  28. A

    Tool Turnabout Bag Delivery - Where Is It?

    I earned my tool turn about bag from the show to go promo - what month was that again? Anyway, I still haven't received it!! It went on backorder, but it feels like it has been forever since I've earned that. How long until we get these? :mad:
  29. luvs2sellit

    Can I Earn a Stoneware Tote from PC?

    Got my tool turnabout tote today. I wasn't expecting it to come so soon. What a nice surprise! I have been wanting it and when they said we could earn it I was thrilled. I am now working my way to earn the stoneware tote. When I originally learned of this promotion I did not catch that we had 2...