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What is organizing: Definition and 94 Discussions

  1. K

    Organizing a Perfect Birthday Party: Ideas & Tips

    How is better to organize a birthday party?? Any ideas?
  2. baychef

    How Are You Adapting to Manual Expense Entries in P3?

    Now that P3 income and expense does not automatically fill in some of our expenses, has anyone come up with an alternative plan or are you adding each expense to the report?
  3. H

    Organizing a Bridal Shower: Gift Certificate Questions

    Hi Everyone, I am doing my first Bridal Shower and want to offer the guests the opportunity to buy a gift certificate for the bride to be. But I don't think they are offered anymore...is that true? thanks Cynthia
  4. W

    Organizing an In & Out Party: Need Ideas!

    I have decided to have an "In & Out" party. I have sent out invites by email and facebook already. I am trying to figure out how to send out the snail mail one. I was planning on sending mini's with an insert. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help! :love:
  5. S

    Need help organizing your office for the new year?

    I am wanting to organize and get ready for 2012. I have entirely too much stuff in my little office. I need to get in there with a big garbage bag and toss! Other than a major clean out, please share some tips. TIA, Sandi
  6. C

    Organizing My Party & Tax Details with Spreadsheet

    here is a simple spread sheet I'm going to use (i'm gonna try the book to look at my next party) and thought this would help me remember a few things. also a nice reminder for tax season for right offs.
  7. C

    Compact Organizing Tips for Small Spaces: Chefs Share Their Secrets

    I don't want to dedicate a whole piece of furniture to my business, but I have a pretty decent sized shelf in our utility closet. I would like some "compact" organizing tips from my fellow chefs. What do you file, how do you file, what else do you keep a stock of (with coordinating creative...
  8. K

    How do I organize parties while on the go?

    Hello! Ok I LOVE to organize but sometimes I over analyze! But I have now uped by booking schedule to 10 to 12 parties a month so I need to re-think because before I was only doing about 2. So how do you organize your parties when you are out? LIke do you have a binder? Or a packet? I need to...
  9. P

    Expert Organizing Consulting Services for Businesses and Individuals

    Does someone here do this for a living or on the side? I have a friend who is looking to start her own business and she's not sure where to start...there's nothing like this in our area. I thought someone on here did this type of thing...
  10. K

    Organizing Parties with Director Chief Success: A 5-Minute Guide

    OK! So I have been a REALLY BAD dump! I have not been motivated and just promoted to Director but have been soooo super overwhelmed by all of the wonderful conference calls and training that is offered to New Directors but I wasn't sure how to manage it all!!! So my month has really been bad...
  11. P

    Need help organizing your office? Let us show you how!

    I am usually a pretty organized person until change-over happens...then my office looks like a tornado hit it! So yesterday I took it on. Went through my closet that stores all the "overflow" products, cleaned out files etc. I have a large shred pile for sure. Actually looked at things and...
  12. O

    Organizing a Host Club: Benefits & Challenges

    Hi Has anyone ever organized a Host club? One of my regular hosts suggested that. She belongs to a Stamping Group and they do that on a regular basis. She suggested that I find 12 hosts - or send an email out and ask for a volunteer for each month who would be committed to holding a show...
  13. dme.grant

    Organizing a HWC Fundraiser: How to Donate % to HWC

    Hi everyone. I need a little help. I want to do a HWC fundraiser, but how do I set it up? I went onto my PWS and set up a fundraiser, designated it as HWC, but you can't order the HWC pink products. Here is my question. If I email and call people to tell them I'm doing a fundraiser, but don't...
  14. pcsharon1

    Organizing Receipts for Customer Show Folders: My Strategy

    So, another post I was reading talked about giving customers file folders to keep their receipts in. I loved this idea - and I'm sorry, I don't remember which post was talking about it - and decided I'm going to give it a try. I plan to use file folders as my show folders for each guest...
  15. BlueMoon

    How Can You Efficiently Organize Kitchen Tools for Stress-Free Cooking?

    o my goodness!!!! forget the paperwork, this little newbie can't even organize the tools! Forgot the saute pan at a host's house Can't find my small bar board. just found my mandoline blade garage, after looking all over for it how do you keep the tools organized AND integrated...
  16. cookingwithlove

    Organizing Email: Using Outlook and 3rd Party Providers

    I use Outlook to manage my email. My email is actually through a domain I set up. It allows me to manage my contacts better. When you use MSN, Yahoo, hotmail, etc can you use Outlook? That is do you have POP3 addresses? I am trying to advise several of my consultants on how to organize...
  17. R

    Efficiently Organize Your Contacts for Better Lead Management

    How do any of you keep track of your calls that you make. Leads, ccc's, etc. Sometimes I call past host or customers randomly to see if they would like to have a party. Do you have a seperate sheet for each of these? What if they say they really aren't interested what do you do with it? I...
  18. K

    Organizing 100 Customer Care Calls: Tips & Ideas

    Ok! So I have sat down and collected ALL of the people that I need to call! Its like 100! Bad- I know! Anyways- I am trying to figure out a way to organize my customer care calls and so on. I pull the drawing slips for potential hosts and recruits, but what do you do with the others? How do you...
  19. I

    Director Organizing My Office for Success: Help!

    Ok, I have to get my life organized. I feel like I've been out of school for a month and between traveling and moving my sister, I've done nothing. I want to start with my office. I have paper everywhere...guest care cards, order forms, etc. What do you guys do with these? I need a...
  20. C

    Organizing Leads: P3 or Paper Records?

    Title pretty much says it all. I have been keeping a file folder for each show with a carbon copy of everyone's order. I am also trying to set up an effective lead book that I would like to include as much information as possible for each customer. I wonder if this is redundant? All the...
  21. M

    Help! I'm Organizing a Vendor Fair...

    I'm organizing a vendor fair for this summer as a Summer Open House. I've contacted many consultants in the are from various companies and have had a lot of positive feedback. Nobody else wanted to organize it all themselves, but I am a teacher and summer is my time off to do other things like...
  22. S

    Organizing Collection of Art Show Drawings: Tips & Ideas

    I have pile's of drawing slips from booth's and show's. My question is how does everybody store these??? Basically how do you manage them. One of my goal's this year is to make contact with all of these people. Any idea's are appreciated. Thanks
  23. C

    Organizing Car Washes: Tips & Ideas

    i need to make up some of these to keep in the car so when i am out and about and see people doing carwashes for clubs and this i can talk to who is in charge of it. any ideas?
  24. C

    Organizing Kitchen Tools for Home & Show Use

    So my question is how do you store your kitchen tools? I am fairly new so I don't have doubles of anything. I have been keeping some stuff in the kitchen and some in my office on a shelf but then I am always running back and forth to get stuff at home to cook with then stuff from the kitchen...
  25. P

    Streamline Your Show Paperwork Organization | Tips and Tricks

    Hello! After I do a show I keep any and everything pertaining to that show including the host's guest list, guest order forms, show summary report, etc. in a manilla envelope. This way if I need to refer back to something for a particuliar show all I have to do is pull the envelope that I need...
  26. S

    Organizing a Catalog Show on Vacation: Experiences and Tips

    So we are off for vacations at the end of the month, do you guys think I can make a catalog show with the hotel crew? like get someone to collect oreder and have fun? have you ever done something like this? and if you did how did it turn out?
  27. turtle15

    Organizing a HWC Cancer Fundraiser Respectfully

    I am trying to figure out how to do a HWC Cancer fundraiser with a certain group, but I do not want to break the rules about advertising on the internet. I know posting our website is a big no no, but I wanted to see what I could work out. Thanks!
  28. babywings76

    Organizing Data for Shows: Does Anyone Have Advice?

    Maybe this already exists somewhere, so I thought I'd ask before I recreate the wheel.... I am getting overwhelmed by file folders of previous shows (saving just so I can keep papers that I took notes on about each customer, CCC, and e-mails sent), sticky notes, loose CCC log sheets...
  29. C

    Organizing a Job Fair/ Craft Show..help!!!!

    My director and I have decided to put on our own job fair/ craft show. We are not sure what to call it for advertising purposes. We have about 13 vendors so far. What would you say on the fliers and newspaper advertising? It isn't neccesarily direct sales as I have a realtor wanting to set...
  30. C

    Organizing Contacts in iContact: Help Needed!

    I need some help with iContact. I signed up yesterday for the trial. I uploaded my contacts. It put all the contacts in a list under my username. In other words, my username is my list name. How can I now take these contacts and make other lists, such as one for potential recruits, one...