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What is chefs: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. Q&LDezyn

    Discover the Perfect Blue Chef's Knife - In Stock Now! LMK if You Need It - 1516

    Hello, looking for this knife if anyone has it. LMK
  2. higoobs

    Find Top-Quality Retired Small Chefs Tools for Sale - Limited Supply!

    I'm still looking for retired small chefs tools. Please let me know if anyone out there has any to sell. These were the best tools ever so sorry to see it discontinued.
  3. C

    Discontinued Chefs Tools: Small Serving & Slotted Spoons Wanted!

    I have a customer looking for the small serving spoon and the slotted spoon in the chefs tools we discontinued. Anyone have these new in the box?
  4. C

    Compact Organizing Tips for Small Spaces: Chefs Share Their Secrets

    I don't want to dedicate a whole piece of furniture to my business, but I have a pretty decent sized shelf in our utility closet. I would like some "compact" organizing tips from my fellow chefs. What do you file, how do you file, what else do you keep a stock of (with coordinating creative...
  5. R

    Can't Order Chefs Tools in P3?

    I read where we have until the end of June to order the chefs tools but I'm getting the red dot. Is there a different number we are supposed to use to order them? Thanks for any help!
  6. K

    Reaching $1500 in June: An Exciting Journey for Chefs!

    I only need $79.00 in sales to reach $1500 for June. I'm so excited. I'm going to do my own catalog show in hopes to reach that. PC offers 1 product for 2 shows before the 15th, I got that and a bigger selection at 1500. I'm so excited. For you veteran chefs is it a really good selection if you...
  7. K

    Grilling Ideas for Newbie Chefs: Recipes and Show Ideas

    Hey everyone! Looking for ideas for a grilling show. I need some recipes as I have a couple of shows coming up. Keep in mind please that I don't normally grill so I'm not wholly comfortable with it. My upline suggests that we just do chicken on the grill and then incorporate it into a salad...
  8. esavvymom

    Kitchen Safety & Hygiene: Tips & Rules for Home Chefs

    I am putting this thread here in Team Training- because I thought about how many consultants (new and old) who probably could use a little training or tips or something in this area. We all know that many consultants start this biz and don't know much or anything about cooking. So it stands...
  9. G

    Comparing 8" Chefs Knife Warranties: $32 vs. $75

    What's the difference between the 8" chefs knife with honing case for $32 and five-year warranty and the 8" chefs kinfe for $75 with lifetime - just the warranty?
  10. K

    Any Preggo Chefs Going to Conference??

    What are you bringing with you to make it a little easier? I'm 7 months and this is my first time going to conference I'm really excited!!
  11. Chefkelly88

    Attention All Chefs: Join Kelly at National Conference Wave 2!

    Attention all chefs!!:chef: I just signed up for National Conference Wave 2. I dont know anyone else that is going. I am from Indiana. Does anyone still have room? Or is there anyone else out there looking for a roomate? Thanks, Kelly
  12. K

    Can I Run a Vegetarian Pampered Chef Business?

    I am considering starting a Pampered Chef business and have what is maybe an obvious question! I am vegetarian and do not want to demonstrate meat/poultry/fish recipes at parties. I do not want to touch meat, and would be rather grossed out washing the tools that were used for meat. Is that...
  13. P

    US Chefs: SAT Groupings & Sample Pack Info

    Question for all the US cheffers... Did your SAT groupings differ from the sample groupings? (i.e.: was everything earned for a level, say $1500, included in the comparable sample pkg?) I can't find the Cdn SAT levels anywhere on CC (& no one has posted them here yet, hint, hint) & I want...
  14. T

    Suggestions From All You 'Seasoned' Chefs?

    So I tried the Spicy Shrimp Ceviche Cups last night and they seemed to be missing something. I followed the recipe exactly, so I am not sure what it was. I didn't put 'alot' of the sour cream mixture int he cups because the DH doesn't care for sour cream, so I thought that might be it...
  15. bsaxman

    Which Celebrity/Television Chef's Cooking Style Matches Your Own?

    I wanted to make a poll for my newsletter- just for fun... I want to ask them which celebrity/ television chef's cooking style they most resemble... but now I can't think of any... anyone got any good humourous ideas? Anything goes!
  16. wadesgirl

    Cooking with Phyllo Dough: New Ideas for Aspiring Chefs

    I bought Phyllo Dough (or sheets or what ever they are actually called) to make the wrapped asparagus. I only need 16 sheets for the asparagus but the box has like 40 sheets. What other recipes are good with Phyllo Dough? This is my first time using it, I don't even think I've noticed other...
  17. amy07

    Score 12 Lapboards for $5.49: Crafting Chefs' Secret Weapon Revealed!

    so, I totally missed the back to school sales, but today at Costco I noticed they had a 6pk of the binders that the crafty cheffers talk about making their own lapboards out of. They are on sale for $5.49/pk, so you'll actually be getting 12 lapboards. Can't wait to try them at my show...
  18. pregochef

    Any Other Pregnant Chefs Out There?

    I'm in a great mood! I just had my 38 week OB visit - less than 2 weeks until I deliver my bundle of joy! They are already telling me that I have dialated (which I know doesn't mean that I'll be going into labor right away - wishful thinking I guess!) YIPPEE!!!! :love: Are there any other...
  19. heat123

    Culinary Chefs & TPampered Chef: Planning for the Next 4-5 Years

    How many people are actually working culinary chefs and do TPC? If so how well does it tie in with TPC for you? Or own a restaurant or cafe of your own? I need to figure out what to do in the next 4-5 years when both kids are in school and thought about going to culinary school to work at a...
  20. jrstephens

    Prayer Buddies: Chefs Lounge Prayer Request Section

    Prayer Buddies/Prayer Request Section in Chefs LoungeWith all of the request for prayer we have been seeing here lately, I was thinking it would be a good idea to have prayer buddies. We could all put our names in for a certain amount of days and then draw names to partner up. Like the first two...
  21. Ginger428

    Lets All Give Thanks to Chefs Success!!

    I started this thread because I didnt want to Hi Jack someone elses.....;) Giving ALOT of thanks to this site & ALOT of people here that kept me going (and there was ALOT of times I was going:( ) Also To Greg & Deb for starting this site!!:D I have not done I bang up job, but what I have...
  22. 4

    Find the Perfect Chef Hat Logo for Your Brand - Get Inspired Today!

    Does anyone know where I can get the chefs hat pic? I know that I can get the logo hat with "discover the chef in you" under it, but I just want the hat, like what is on the boxes when you receive an order. Even something that looks like the 25th anniversary logo would work. Thanks :)
  23. A

    Discovering the Best UK Chefs and Their Recipes - A Must-Know for Foodies!

    I just wondered if I was the only British addict to this site! Everyone should know about this - it is fantastic - I am spreading the word across the pond!! This is the first time I have ever posted anything but I have been reading and learning for a couple of weeks, i wish I had found you all...
  24. L

    What Age Are You, Chef? Comparing Ages and Motherhood

    I have been reading some posts about age and wondered how my age (21) compared with everyone elses.....so....here we go.....