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What Age Are You, Chef? Comparing Ages and Motherhood

In summary, the conversation revolves around individuals sharing their ages and family situations. The age range varies from 21 to 54, with most being in their 30s and 40s. Many are married with children, some are single or have no children. Some are also consultants for Pampered Chef.

How old are you??

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I have been reading some posts about age and wondered how my age (21) compared with everyone elses.....so....here we go.....
I'll be 34 this December. :)
I'm 28...husband (truckdriver) & 2 children ages 5 & 2-1/2!
ageHi, I'm going to be 46 in May I have a son almost 10 and a daughter 8 , and a great husband
Just turned 34 this March :)
I'm 32, will be 33 in August, 2 boys ages 14 and 7, and a wonderful husband.
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I'll be 33 in May, Mother of a 3 year old son and also work full time as a bridal consultant and sell Pampered chef and loving it.
I'm 45 will be 46 the end of December. Wife, mother of 3 kids in their 20's and grandma of 5. :eek:
I just turned 30 last October - I have 4 kids, ages 10, 9, 4, 1. Two gerbils a cat and a hubby!
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my ageI am 25 married to a husband in the Air Force! We have a 7 month old son. I have loved and bought PC prodcuts for the past 3 years though.
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I'll be 25 in July, married, no kids yet!
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Ok...whose my other 38-42 counterpart?

I'm 38 with 4 kids - 13b, 11b, 9g, and 6g.
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Where else do you find a bunch of woman telling how old they are!!!

I'm 36 with 3 kids... 6 yr old boy, 3 yr old girl, and my baby girl turns 1 this weekend!!! :(
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all about meI'll be 23 in June. I have a husband and an awesome 16 month old little boy.
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35 here . July birthday. UGH!!! It's right around the corner. Then I will be on that downward spiral to 40! No offense to anyone. married 15 years, 2 sons, 10 and 6. 1 dog and she's a girl. Thank goodness!! :D
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My age!!!!:rolleyes: Well, I'm 39 yrs. old, married, and I have a 6 yr old son:D ; I have been a PC consultant for 4 1/2 yrs and a PC customer for 7yrs :) !!!!
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I just turned 25 in January. I have 2 kids, ages 4 years and 21 months.
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AgeO.K. looks like I have to represent those in the late 40's -- I have a feeling there are some scardy cats here! I will be 47 on May 18th :eek: I'm married and have two girls ages 10 and 7. I LOVE PC! And I love all the great gals on this message board!
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My ageI'm 35. I have a 6 year old daughter and a four year old son. I work as a middle school coord for an after school progaram , part time wedding consultant and pampered chef as well! Husband works in law enforcement and Air Force reservist. Yes! We keep very busy! :D
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ageI am 27. Single, a full time Kindergarten Teacher. I started selling Pampered Chef because I love to cook. :)
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ageI'm 54 - but feel like 35 ;) I have 5 sons 16, 18, 26, 31 and 33 and 4 granddaughters and a grandson on the way (oh... and a loving husband :eek: ). I KNOW there are plenty of older consultants out there...
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my ageI am 25 and engaged! No kids, but can't wait until I do. :)
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My ageHi all, I'm 31. I'll be 32 December 4th. I've been married for 11 years, we have 2 girls(unless you are like me, we also have 3girls(2dogs & 1 cat) and 1 boy(cat)). This is my second month as a consultant and loving it, a customer for 12 years.
Everyone on this site is great! Very helpful!!! :D Thanks for all the help and support!!!
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Fabulous Fifty!
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Turned 29 last dec. Male and married almost 5 yrs. have 2 boys (2 and 6 months). Just got back into PC.
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AgeI'm 37 will be 38 on December 2nd. Mother of 2 - 10g, 7b. Married for 11 1/2 years, consultant for PC only 5 months and parent volunteer at my children's school 3 full days a week for the last 3 years.
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AgeJust turned 41 in January. I have a wonderful husband (34) and two children ages 21 and 17. Have been selling PC since 9/03 and love it. :)
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ageHi, I'm 27 turning 28 in August. Married 7 years, a daughter who will be 6 in May and son turning 4 in May as well. I'm currently homeschooling and loving it. Just started with PC and had my 1st show on Saturday, it went Super!! :D

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AgelessI am 38 but in my mind I feel much younger. I am a wife, mother of two great kids(dont we all say that) age 8 and 5 and we are going for custody of a third. We are fosterparents to my sisters children. I have been blessed with very supportive husband/cheerleader. Pampered chef allows me extra income without giving up any family time and provides a little "me time."
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AgeHi I'm 40 married to a wonderful husband, three kids 19, 16, 10
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I am 25 and have been married to my husband for 4 years who is currently in the US Army! We have an 18 month old daughter and 2 labs (who also qualify as our children!!) :rolleyes:

~Erica Walters
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I just turned 33, have a 14 yr. old son and an 11 yr. old daughter. In response to the original post, I have met several consultants in there early 20's, and even have a fantastic 20 yr. old in my downline!
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I'll turn 25 the 26th of this month, am married for 4 years and have 2 girls- 2 1/2 years old and 5 1/2 months old. Love PC!!!!!! Just started selling- haven't even had my 1st show yet! :)
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I am 30, Married with a wonderful husband will be our 10th anniversary in June 05, we have a beautiful daughter who is 5. I have been selling pampered chef for 4 1/2 years and have loved every minute of it. :)
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janel kelly said:
I am 25 married to a husband in the Air Force! We have a 7 month old son. I have loved and bought PC prodcuts for the past 3 years though.
I am 26 years old (27 in September) with a husband and a 4 year old daughter.
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22, married with two kids 5yrs old son, and 1yrs old girl.
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I'm 31 will be 32 June of this year. Single mother with one child, a girl age 1.
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I am 28 I started 4 years ago. I did PartyLite for a couple years before that. I have a very full time job as well as a 5yr old and a 3yr old.
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I'll be 25 this weekend (16th) with a great hubby for 5 yrs in May 05, and 2 kids, 3 1/2 boy and 18 month girly girl! I'm in the BRAND NEW club, having my 1st show the 21st! :)
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I am 37. My husband and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary in February. We have 3 wonderful children - son Heath age 15, daughter Hayley age 12 and son Hunter age 9. I have been a PC consultant for a little over 3 years. I work full time as a bookkeeper. My husband and I own a 166 acre cattle farm. We live in a small rural town in Eastern Oklahoma. I also help my husband with his catering business.

Shawnna Nixon
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Turning 40!I am turning 40 during the Disneyworld trip in June! Will be there with my three kids and wonderful husband! What a way to turn 40 --- on a free trip! :cool:
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I'll be 30 in December I have a 10yr. old Daughter 9 yr. old son and 7 yr. old twin boys
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Hi everyone. This is my first posting. I'm 24, will be 25 in September. I love Pampered Chef products! I sign up to become a consultant next monday. I already have 2 shows booked, and 3 tentative. This is going to be great. I finally found something I can feel good about doing and make money at. Love the sight here, you all have been very helpful in convincing me I should do this. Thanks. It's nice to know there's such an involved network of people to go to. Happy cooking all.
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AgeHi, I am 28 yrs with 3 children - 8yrs girl, 3yrs girl, & 15 mos boy. And two dogs both girls. I am married to a wonderful Navy man. This is my first month in PC and joined to have a social life outside of my family, have fun and still make money to play with. :D
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I will be 33 in Dec have 3 kids 13,9, and 2
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how old am IHi I just turned 35, wife, and mother of two boys, 9 yrs, and 4 yrs old.
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Hey all!I am 28, almost 29 and have two adorable kids (I might be slightly biased! :)
I started in the end of January and am now in the process of doing this as my only job. I want to be a stay at home mom. I have been a teacher who jobs shares and have loved it (and still do) but we need some stability in our home, with my husband's job. Pampered Chef is the best business! I am so impressed with their principles and the support network they provide! :)

Can you tell I like to talk? Another reason this job is good for me! I get paid to do it!

Heide Maschhoff
Independent Kitchen Consultant
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Age??So many PC consultants are not shy about our ages!! I am 52, feel and act like 42, with a great husband 6 years younger, two great dogs, and a super girl friend with 2 great kids who I call mine.
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I'm 23 now, i started PC when i was 21. It's a little challenging, but you just work through it. It's at an even more disadvantage for me b/c i look like i'm 13. Goals and incentives keep me motivated though, and you just get through it! Good luck!

(does this thread get a prize for most responses or what?!?)
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Turned 23 in March...married, no kids yet. I'll have to get through school first! :p

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