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What is serving: Definition and 70 Discussions

  1. mturock

    Pampered Chef Large Pastel Serving Bowl From 3-Piece Set #2295

    Looking for the large bowl from the discontinued Pampered Chef Pastel Serving Bowl 3-Piece Set, item #2295. This was a half-price hostess gift several years ago. I already have the small and medium bowls from this set, which I love. I've included a pic. Please let me know if you have one to...
  2. Kristin Radunz

    Iso Medium Striped Serving Bowl

    Looking for the medium sized bowl of the serving bowl set of item 2295 for a customer. She already has the other two sizes and loves them. This is from the hostess serving bowl set from several years ago. I included a picture. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with. Thanks!
  3. C

    forSale: Beaded Serving Pieces and Beaded Spreaders

    This is for the Beaded Serving Spoon, the Beaded Serving Fork, the Beaded Pie Server and 2 of the Beaded Spreaders. I am asking $10 a piece for the Serving Spoon, Serving Fork and the Pie Server and $5 each for the Beaded Spreaders plus shipping.
  4. C

    forSale: the Pampered Chef Holiday Serving Plate

    This is the Christmas Trees Holiday Serving Plate, never used. I am asking $25 plus shipping.
  5. Admin Greg

    What are your thoughts on the Mini Nylon Serving Spatula?

    Please discuss the Mini Nylon Serving Spatula. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  6. C

    Fs: Retired Large Serving Tongs

    These are the polished stainless steel ones that we had a few years ago. Used only for demo - $10 + shipping.
  7. A

    Need 2 Mini Serving Spatulas? Get Them Here!

    Im looking for 2 mini serving spatulas. Shipping would be to 56515. If you have a couple of brand new ones that you would be willing to sell me, send me your price plus shipping. Thank you! :-)
  8. VictoriaH

    Iso: Hwc Zebra Pink Serving Shoe

    Since I started in August, a lot of these items were before I started. ISO: HWC Zebra Pink Serving Shoe
  9. Admin Greg

    Single Serving Pan: Tips, Reviews, Ideas & More

    Please discuss the Single Serving Pan. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  10. C

    Discontinued Chefs Tools: Small Serving & Slotted Spoons Wanted!

    I have a customer looking for the small serving spoon and the slotted spoon in the chefs tools we discontinued. Anyone have these new in the box?
  11. B

    Found It....dcb $2 per Serving Brochure

    With a little persistence and help from Pat in customer service at Pampered Chef, we located it. I've attached it here, but here's the link as well. https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/images/cc/us/pdf/p2338-112011-us2perservingdcbtrifold.pdf It's under the Product & Recipes Tab/Product...
  12. esavvymom

    Creating a Collection of $2 per Serving Recipes

    I was wondering if there is a collection of the $2 per serving recipes put together in one document/file?? There aren't a large list of those recipes on CC (only about a dozen or so of them), so I was trying to find some, or even find a good way to search for them to put a document...
  13. DebPC

    What Makes the Medium Bamboo Tray a Must-Have for Open Houses?

    At my open house I served our Orange Infused Oil with our Pomogranate Balsamic in the Medium Bamboo Tray. Perfect and features another great product.
  14. wadesgirl

    Whipped Cream Puffs: Making Ahead or Just Before Serving?

    I was thinking of substituting real whipped cream for the cool whip. Will it hold up in the fridge if I make them on Thursday and serve them on Saturday? Or should I make the puffs themselves ahead of time and then fill them on Saturday?
  15. D

    Are the Collapsible Serving Bowls Sturdy Enough for Fruit Salad?

    Does anyone have these? A customer was asking me how they stood up when there was actually food in them....like a fruit salad. The customer doesn't want to get the set if it's not sturdy enough....Any info would help greatly!! Thanks a bunch.
  16. babywings76

    Chicken Rubs and Dipping Oils: Tips for Serving on Bamboo Platters

    For the CYW theme show, how are you guys serving it?I'm going to do 4 different rubs and then cut them up. Should I serve them in 4 different bamboo bowls or on the small or large bamboo platter? I'm also doing bread w/ the dipping oils, so I'm wondering if I should put the cut up bread on...
  17. P

    Host Incentives for Serving Tray

    I have a lady who has booked a show for May already but is very interested in the new product (of course who wouldnt be) and she was wondering if she gets someone to book off of her show and it qualifys the $650 needed to get the 60% the new product can she use it as her 60% off item or is that...
  18. Monty060609

    My First Real Show: A Nervous Adventure in Cooking and Serving

    I was soooo nervous!! I thought I would keep the recipes super easy and then I'll just talk and showcase the tools separately. So I made the chicken in the DCB and garlic parm bites, neither of them use many tools but I had everything else I owned out on the kitchen table, since it was in my...
  19. M

    Single Serving Hot Cocoa Spoons?

    My director was telling us about a way to make single serve hot cocoa spoons using the small bamboo spoons. She said there was even a cute little poem/label for it but she can't find the directions or label anymore. Does anyone else know how do to this? It was basically melting chocolate then...
  20. Jen1409

    Which Serving Platter is Best for You?

    Which would you recommend for a serving platter? Large Round Platter Rectangular Platter or something else?
  21. pcchefjane

    Get a Durable Set of Silver Serving Tongs with Easy-Open Mechanism - 37311 Area

    One of my KITK Moms is wanting a set of these. They stay closed and you push a handle with your thumb to open them. These are not the ones currently for sale. If anyone has a set, let me know. My zip is 37311. Thanks!
  22. C

    Mini Serving Spatulas on Outlet

    I just had a guest ask about ordering these and they are not there :( Did anyone happen to buy lots of them to have extras? I might be interested in six of them.
  23. kam

    Cooking With the Large Serving Spatula

    I had a guest ask about cooking with the Large Serving Spatula (#2626). Her husband is looking for something to use as a flipper on the stove. Does anyone know if it would be OK to use the Large Serving Spatula? He does not want any Nylon-type tools. He wants metal. I said I did not...
  24. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Iso: Outdoor Serving Tray & Hospitality Set

    My SIL is in love with the outdoor serving tray (it's plastic and blue) and also with the older hospitality set....if anyone one has one and they'd like to sell....please let me know. Reasonable prices only.
  25. P

    DIY Craft Ideas: Where to Find Inspiration

    I know I saw several posts about these but now I can not seem to find them and I want to do one tomorrow. Please help
  26. L

    Urgent Sold 66 Mini Serving Spatulas Today...

    My principal ordered 66 of these today for our entire teaching staff for Teacher Appreciation Week. We are going to put them in a clear bag with pretty ribbon and a tag that says " Thanks for serving up knowledge". I found that idea here. So my question is what is the best way to order...
  27. byrd1956

    Looking for Large Serving Tongs

    Anyone have a pair of Large Serving Tongs. I have a customer that just has to have a pair. (I love mine and love the little ones, too...wish they had not done away with them.)
  28. BettieC

    Mini Bamboo Fork From Serving Set

    Not a GREAT tip...lol......but it worked nice for us. We made brussel sprouts last night, and used the fork to serve them. We also used the mini bamboo ladle from the same set for the gravy. LOVE that ladle for gravy! On a side note I used my DCB to make the 30 minute chicken last...
  29. jcsmilez

    Ad for $2 a Serving Meals (Mentioned Ad Leadership)

    At leadership conference (I think it was on the last day) they were talking about an ad generator on Consultants corner to create an advertisement to post in local papers for $2 a serving meals. I can't find it anywhere on consultants corner and I don't think it was through Merrill. Has anyone...