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What is dipping: Definition and 45 Discussions

  1. Jasmine

    Something for Chocolate Dipping?

    This is a message I received before I respond I thought I would ask you guys, the only think I was thinking might help is the core and more?"I am going to be making some candies and desserts and some of them will be dipped in chocolate. I am wondering if pampered chef has something to help with...
  2. kcnancy

    Lemon and Rosemary Oil Dipping Seasoning

    Lemon and Rosemary Oil Dipping Seasoning 3 Jars of Lemon and Rosemary Oil Dipping Seasoning. I will be glad to combine shipping if you are interested in more than one of my sale items. List Date: 5/25/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Lemon and Rosemary Oil...
  3. kcnancy

    Spinach and Smoky Red Pepper Oil Dipping Seasoning

    Spinach and Smoky Red Pepper Oil Dipping Seasoning 3 Jars of Spinach and Smoky Red Pepper Oil Dipping Seasoning. Selling both jars for $6.00. If you are interested in multiple items that I have listed I will be happy to combine shipping. List Date: 5/25/2014 For more info, click here to...
  4. DebPC

    What Makes the Medium Bamboo Tray a Must-Have for Open Houses?

    At my open house I served our Orange Infused Oil with our Pomogranate Balsamic in the Medium Bamboo Tray. Perfect and features another great product.
  5. Jennie4PC

    Ice Cream Dipping Recall: Check Your Emails!

    Just got an email for soultion center that the ice cream dipper is on voluntary recall from 7/1/2010=9/30/2010. Check your emails:)
  6. Karen

    Iso: Oil Cruet From Old Oil Dipping Set

    I have a customer looking for the oil bottle that we had a few years ago that came as a set with 4 little dipping bowls. The bottle was painted white with an Italian looking design in greens/reds/yellows. Her daughter had the set and the bottle broke. If anyone has the bottle or the...
  7. L

    It's a Not-So-Skinny Dipping Show...

    So my theme choice is "dipping". I plan on making chicken in the DCB...demo how it falls apart (using salad chopper) and have a few pantry sauces available for dipping with toothpicks. Then I'll have bread with some of the oils/seasoned dips, etc. My question is in regards to dessert: What's...
  8. S

    Fs: Oil Dipping Set -- Retired

    FS: Oil Dipping Set -- RETIRED / NEW IN BOXFOR SALE: OIL DIPPING SET - RETIRED *** NEW IN BOX / NEVER USED *** $30 ++ shipping OBO PayPal only! Please email me if interested. [email protected]
  9. S

    Fruit Dipping for Fun: Is It Worth It?

    Anyone done this yet? I am wondering what dips to make and if it is actually a fun show. I mean really you are just cutting up fruit...lol THanks so much!
  10. K

    Substitue Dipping Seasoning for a Rub?

    I really want to make the new beef filet recipe featured on the recipe page on The Pampered Chef site. Problem is, I don't have the rub for it. Do you think it's possible to substitute a parmesean-garlic dipping seasoning instead??? Hope someone has an answer, I want to make tonight!
  11. S

    Creative Uses for Oil Dipping Seasonings: Share Your Ideas!

    A guest yesterday wanted some ideas for other ways to use the Oil Dipping Seasonings. So, tell me, what are some of your ideas? TIA, Sandi
  12. Intrepid_Chef

    Oil Dipping Set ... Can You Believe It?

    I sent out an e-mail plugging my Black Friday sale and someone asked about my oil dipping set. UNBELIEVABLE how much this thing is going for on Amazon! Didn't know I had an antique on my hands! Got stuck with 2 of these in a surprise box. Gave one away as a gift and the other may sell...
  13. chefheidi2003

    Another Use for Oil Dipping Seasoning

    My boyfriend and I LOVE the cheese balls from TS. I decided to experiment so I mixed 2 TBSP of the Sun-Dried Tomato Herb Oil Dipping Seasoning into 8oz of cream cheese..then refrigerated it for a few house..and ate it on crackers..and I must say that I like it just as much as the TS cheese ball...
  14. AmyDare

    Lemon & Rosemary Oil Dipping Seasoning Ideas?

    I'm already thinking of trying it on Chicken and Potatoes...but is there a dip (not dipping) recipe for this? I thought I read somewhere about 1/2 C mayo, 1/2 C sour cream and 2 T seasoning...but can't find the posts anywhere. Any ideas??
  15. K

    Adtl Uses for Parmesan-Garlic Oil Dipping Seasoning?

    As part of a b-day gift to my MIL, I am giving her a container of the Parmesan-Garlic Oil Dipping Seasoning. My in-laws are garlic freaks, so I'm hoping they will like the seasoning. But, they are also skeptics of everything and I know they will ask, what are we supposed to do with this...
  16. V

    Creative Uses for Oil Dipping Seasonings: Wrap Ideas!

    As I was reading some of the comments about the Oil Dipping Seasoning's I wondered if you could mix the Sun-dried Tomato Herb with something like creamcheese and put on a tortilla with maybe chicken and veg for a wrap....I have a jar and have never opened it because I didn't know how to use...
  17. leftymac

    Discover the Versatility of Oil Dipping Seasonings

    I love these seasonings. But what I find interesting (ironic, maybe? you English teacher peeps can help me) is that none of the pictures that promote these products actually use them as oil dips. The new Spinach & Smoky Red Pepper seasoning has it as a creamy mayo-based dip, and the Lemon &...
  18. P

    Looking for an Oil Dipping Set? Check Out Our Selection at ISO Today!

    Does anyone have an Oil Dipping Set they would like to sell. It is no longer on the OUTLET. Thank you!! Debbie [email protected]
  19. wadesgirl

    Olive Oil Dipping: Regular vs. Extra-Virgin?

    What's the best olive oil to use for the dippings? Regular, Extra-Virgin? I think the last time I did this at home we used the EV and it tasted really bitter.
  20. H

    Caramel Apple Show: Invitations, Flyers, Ideas & Product Recommendations"

    I want to host a caramel apple/dipped apple show. Anyone have invitations/flyers/ideas or know which products I should showcase? Thank you.
  21. janetupnorth

    My New Creation Using Parmesan Garlic Dipping Oil

    So, I had a package of cheese tortellini I had bought and didn't use yet so I decided to get creative tonight and "created" a recipe. Parmesan Garlic Tortellini with Tomatoes 1 lb. 4 oz. package of cheese tortellini 1 pint grape tomatoes 1/2 cup olive oil 1 T basil 1 T Parmesan Garlic...
  22. darlinclem

    Safe Storage of Oil-Dipped Spices

    How long can you have the oil dipping spices out safely, once made? How do you store them (once it is made)? Nothing is said about if they need to be refrigerated or how long they keep if not refrigerated. Weird I know but I would like to make them ahead more than an hour or so (sometimes a...
  23. babywings76

    Teacher Gifts--Oil Dipping Seasonings

    I got my kids teachers each both flavors of the Oil Dipping Seasonings. I was going to put them in a gift bag. Any ideas on an insert I could put in there w/ a cute saying and recipe ideas? Or, does anyone else have something already made that I could use the same format and design, just swap...
  24. BettieC

    Discover Delicious Dipping Sauces for Your Next BBQ - Try Our Unique Recipes!

    We had a BBQ today, and the chicken cutlets I had were pretty big, so we planned on slicing them up like a london broil. We decided to use different marinades on each one. 1 BBQ sauce, 1 herb garlic marinade and one pineapple rum and the last ginger wasabi. EVERYONE loved the dips as a...
  25. K

    Can the Dipping Oil Sit Out or Dod I Have

    to put it in the fridge? I made it two hours ago and need it for tonight.
  26. C

    Boost Sales with Oil Dipping Seasonings for Event Sampling

    I want to take these to my show tomorrow for the guests to sample. I read the directions on the package and it doesn't sound like one "batch" makes that much. Here's my question for those of you who have used these at shows: Do you double or triple the amount? (BTW, I'm expecting 10-15...
  27. babywings76

    Sun-Dried Tomato and Herb Dipping Oil on Chicken

    I cooked chicken breasts the other day with the sundried tomato and herb seasoning with some olive oil. We cooked too much chicken and I have some leftovers. Any ideas on what I could do with it? It's probably about 1 1/2-2 cups worth if I chop it up. (It ended up kind of dry, so it needs to...
  28. P

    Director Pop Corn and the Dipping Seasonings - Yummy!

    Sprinkle the Garilc Parmesan or the Sundried Tomato Herb dipping seasonings over pop corn - yummy! I did that at my show last night, everyone loved it.
  29. kcjodih

    Parmesan Garlic Oil Dipping Seasoning

    How much do you use of this when making it for a show as an extra dish? It says 2 tbsp oil, 1/2 tsp water and 2 tsp seasoning. Do I need to double this? Will it fit in the small bamboo dip bowls if I double it?
  30. wadesgirl

    New Dipping Seasonings and Sauces

    I used the new dipping seasonings and sauces yesterday. I made the seasonings like suggested on the bottles and then poured the sauces over cream cheese. It was a really nice set up, would work great for a sips and dips show. The one thing I didn't like was that the seasonings settled too...