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What is herb: Definition and 45 Discussions

  1. B

    What Are Some Simple Tuscan-Style Herb Chicken Recipes?

    Hi I'm looking for Tuscan-style herb chicken mix recipes please
  2. J

    Soy Free Substitute for Garlic Herb Rub in Freezer Workshop

    I have a guest that cannot have soy. The freezer meal workshop utilizes the Garlic Herb Rub in most of the recipes. Does anyone have a good substitute for this? I'm thinking maybe some garlic powder or fresh garli + Italian Seasoning? What do you all think? Thanks in advance, Jammie
  3. DebPC

    Herb Freezing Trays and Sangria

    WHY are these called Herb Freezing Trays when they are clearly Sangria Starters? LOL!!! Take some orange slices, strawberries, blueberries, pears and peaches- top with some white wine and then freeze... in the glass... 4 cubes along with more white wine and a splash of orange liqueur!
  4. DebPC

    Exploring the Benefits of [Product]: A Guide for New Users

    For those who have them- what do you think of them??? I'm thinking about getting them. I've been impressed with all the ways you can use them.
  5. DebPC

    Fresh Herbs Last Longer with Our Herb Keeper

    This is great! Use our herb keeper.
  6. C

    Looking for Rosemary Herb Seasoning? Can Anyone Help?

    I have a past host looking for some. It was on stop sell before I could get my show submitted last weekend - even before the deadline:( I am guessing there must be a lot out there that got up by consultants who knew after the 1st launch that is was being discontinued. So can anyone help?
  7. babywings76

    Substitute for Fennel and Herb Rub?

    I want to make the new recipe, Stove Top Pan Pizza, but I don't have the Fennel & Herb Rub. Any ideas on what a good substitute might be?
  8. lisaterwilliger

    Maximize Herb Freshness: Tips for Storing Multiple Herbs in a Herb Keeper

    I had a host fb me this question and I have no idea and can't find any info online anywhere...anyone know? "Can you store 2 or more types of herbs in the herb keeper at a time?" Anyone?
  9. Kristin Radunz

    Iso Garlic and Herb Rub - Minneapolis, Mn Area

    Hello, I'm in need of Garlic and Herb Rub for a show on Saturday. Does anyone have some I could pick up Saturday morning? I'm in Hutchinson, MN but I will be driving through Minneapolis Saturday morning. Thanks!
  10. L

    Summer Show Ideas: Infusing Herbs and Tea into QSP!

    Hi all, I've got a ?? I had an idea for upcoming summer shows to make when I get to shows to take the herb infuser and put some fresh mint in it (not sure how much) and put in bottom of QSP with some tea bag and pour HOT or boiling water (if QSP will handle that) over just far enough so INFUSER...
  11. naekelsey

    Questions About the Herb Infuser

    I had a customer ask a few questions about the herb infuser... I was able to answer one but was at a loss for the other.. 1. Can you use the infuser in the turkey cavity? With or without it being in a cooking bag? 2. Can it be used in roasts and things that aren't so soupy?
  12. J

    Is the Herb Infuser Safe to Use?

    It's not listed on the page with the BPA items on Consultant's Corner, but I was just wondering if anyone knew....I already e-mailed HO and am waiting for a response. Thanks!
  13. babywings76

    Urgent Substitute for Rosemary Herb Seasoning?

    I thought I had some of this, but I don't. :cry: What can I do for a substitute? It's for the Sausage & Apple Herb Stuffing recipe.
  14. C

    Director Chicken Sausage & Herb Wheat Pizza

    I made this pizza tonight for dinner from the new "Make it Fresh, Make it Healthy" cookbook. I gotta say, it was so tasty and easy. I think it would make a good show recipe even. At least for a Couple's Party or Amazing Race show. You can do the whole thing, crust and all. It was REALLY...
  15. dannyzmom

    Lemon Herb Chicken Ring: Nutritional Information Included

    Does anyone have the nutritional information for this recipe?
  16. A

    Discover Flavorful Rubs: Find a Substitute for Bell Pepper & Herb Rub

    Do we sell the Bell Pepper & Herb Rub anymore? If not, of the rubs available, which one is close to the BP&HR?
  17. T

    New Herb Keepers for Sale - Only $7 Each + Shipping

    Both new in their boxes. $7 each, plus shipping.
  18. raebates

    Tried Something New: Delicious Sun-Dried Tomato Bites

    Necessity being the mother of invention, I tried something new. I was going to make Hone-Apple Brie Bites for today's show, but I couldn't get out to the store to get the apples or the brie. So, I looked around for something else to make in the appetizer category. :chef: (For January shows I'm...
  19. babywings76

    Sun-Dried Tomato and Herb Dipping Oil on Chicken

    I cooked chicken breasts the other day with the sundried tomato and herb seasoning with some olive oil. We cooked too much chicken and I have some leftovers. Any ideas on what I could do with it? It's probably about 1 1/2-2 cups worth if I chop it up. (It ended up kind of dry, so it needs to...
  20. linojackie

    Iso Bell Pepper and Herb Seasoning

    Hey all, I just used the last of my bell pepper and herb seasoning (which is my husband's absolute favorite) and I am in desperate need for more. If you have any you'd be willing to sell, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks! Jackie
  21. D

    Discover the Benefits of an Herb Keeper: Does it Work?

    Hey, guys! I was just wondering if you could tell me what's so special about the herb keeper? Does it really work better than your standard tupperware container? If so, why? Thanks!
  22. P

    Recipe Review: Garlic and Herb Tenderloin (29 Mins to Dinner)

    one word: DELICIOUS!!!!! First off, I didn't realize that Beef Tenderloin was another name for :eek: Filet Mignon :eek: and at $17.99/pound I wasn't willing to buy it to try a recipe. I used Top Sirloin Filet instead ($6.99/pound). OMG this was so so so so GOOD!!! I can only imagine the...
  23. raebates

    Sun-Dried Tomato Herb Oil Dipping Seasoning

    Following the directions on the package, I fixed it "for bread dipping." I took it to last night's team meeting, and it was a huge hit! I served it with a French baguette from Panera. Darn tasty.
  24. M

    Shop Iso Rosemary Herb Mix for Christmas - Limited Availability!

    One of my downline consultants has a customer who needs this for Christmas and we are just not sure if the personal order we sent in will make it in time. Does anyone one have an extra bottle of the Rosemary Herb Seasoning mix that you recently got from PC that we can buy from you?:pray...
  25. ndbigler

    Looking for a Delicious Bell Pepper and Herb Rub? Need Some Help Finding More?

    I have a customer who would love about 4 or 5 or maybe even 6 of these if possible. Basically as many as they can get their hands on. Can anyone help? THanks!!
  26. JAE

    Do You Have Any Bell Pepper and Herb Rub?

    Someone sent me an e-mail, today, asking if I have any Bell Pepper and Herb Rub or if I can get any from anyone. It seemed a bit urgent (as urgent as something like this can be, KWIM?). Please, pm me if you have any you'd like to sell. I have a Paypal account. Thanks.
  27. A

    Delicious Lemon Herb Chicken Ring Recipe - Perfect for Entertaining!

    Hi All, I have a hostess who would like me to demo this. Does anyone have the recipe? Thanks, Amy
  28. linojackie

    Looking for Bell Pepper and Herb Rub? I have some available!

    My husband has declared this is his favorite of all the rubs and wouldn't you know, it's d/c. So, if anyone has any they would like to sell. Please let me know. Thanks!
  29. P

    How Well Does the Herb Keeper Work??

    So, a few days ago I snipped some Sweet Basil, Purple Basil, and Sage from my herb garden, and placed them in the Herb Keeper with a little water so I could use them that night in the chicken salad I made with the left-overs from the 30 Minute Chicken (by the way, if you haven't tried this yet...
  30. Karen

    Can I Plant an Herb Garden Alongside My Veggies? Tips for First-Time Gardeners

    OK, my DH and I are planting our garden this coming weekend.:) Along with our regular veggies I also want to plant an herb garden for the first time. I'm looking for advice as to what to plant, what's everyone's favorite, and some ideas of uses (besides some of the obvious cooking ideas)...