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  1. pamperedbecky

    Any good Sangria recipes out there?

    I have the non-alcoholic Sangria recipe that comes with the Wine Bottle Opener, but wondered if anyone out there has a good "real" Sangria recipe with alcohol. I checked all the files here and couldn't find one. I want to pass one along to my host for my "Tempting Tapas" show on Thursday...
  2. DebPC

    Another Sangria Recipe

    From Carol Kout SANGRIA I have made this sangria at alot of my shows... With or without wine... 1-12 oz. frozen limeade, 1- 12 oz. lemonade, 1-12-oz Pineapple Juice - all frozen... then take 1 lime, 1 lemon, 1 orange, a few strawberries and slice those up and put them in the Gallon...