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What is sangria: Definition and 18 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Herb Freezing Trays and Sangria

    WHY are these called Herb Freezing Trays when they are clearly Sangria Starters? LOL!!! Take some orange slices, strawberries, blueberries, pears and peaches- top with some white wine and then freeze... in the glass... 4 cubes along with more white wine and a splash of orange liqueur!
  2. Sk8Mom209

    Help - Need Raspberry Tequila Sangria Recipe

    I have a show at 2PST today and I need the Raspberry Tequila Sangria recipe and cannot find my Easy & Impressive Appetizers cookbook. :eek: Can someone post it or email it to me ASAP? Thanks in advance Cheffers!
  3. Y

    Raspberry Tequila Sangria Recipe

    I need help. I need this recipe and my appetizer cookbook is at home. I know the ingredients, but need the entire recipe if anyone has it or could look it up for me. THANKS!!!
  4. B

    Non-Alcoholic Sangria Recipe - Can't Find One?

    Does anyone have a sangria recipe that doesn't call for alcohol? I can't find one anywhere on CS or TPC website....
  5. ChefRiGuy

    Mango Salsa & Sangria: A Perfect Pairing for Your Party!

    Is there is Sangria Recipe for the Quik Stir? My next host wants to do the mango salsa and have sangria with it...
  6. K

    Banana Split Party & Sandals & Sangria Party

    I just listened to a Karen Phelps talk about creative ideas for summer bookings and she mentioned that she used to hold when she was in Direct Sales Banana Split Party and Sandals and Sangria Parties. I thought both of these would be great summer theme shows for Pampered Chef consultants. She...
  7. N

    Need Help Creating a BBQ Pizza & Sangria Show Invite?

    PLEASE- I am SO bad with creating invites. Does someone have an invite to use for a BBQ Pizza & Sangria show??? please...even if its a bbq one I can maybe adjust it
  8. chefheidi2003

    Making a Sangria for Valentine's Day - Help Needed!

    I know that this is not regarding a PC recipe but I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. I would like to make a Sangria for Valentine's Day. I have a bottle of Spumanti..can I use that?? Does anyone know..I was looking for it on the internet and can't quite find the...
  9. Jenni

    Need a Raspberry Ginger Ale Sangria Recipe?

    I'm looking for a recipe for Sangria I have made before using Raspberry Ginger ale and fresh squeezed fruit. Anyone have it or something close? Thanks PS~ did a file search and it was no what I was looking for...
  10. P

    Easy Italian Red Sangria Recipe for Easter

    Anyone have a good (and easy) Italian Red Sangria recipe? I am doing a very non-traditional EAster and going Italian...Lasagna, salad, Garlic Bites, and red wine/Sangria.
  11. amy07

    Making Sparkling Sangria? Have Questions? Find Answers Here!

    Ok, I found the sips 'n dips in the files section. It gives the ingredient listing for the sparkling sangria, do I add water to this. Forgive me if this is a totally dumb question.............in a panic, need this for tonights show
  12. S

    Mexican Fiesta Night: Sangria, Taco Ring, & Fiesta Nachos!

    I have a show tomorrow night with a "Mexican Theme". I am making sangria in the Quick Stir Pitcher and the Taco Ring. I am thinking of making the Fiesta Nachos, to have out, on the stone, when guests arrive. I have never made these though and am just wondering if anyone else has....any tips...
  13. scottcooks

    Summer Sandals and Sangria Theme Show

    The idea came from a cluster meeting. I have a fantastic host who invites her entire apt/townhome community, so it is a powerpacked hour and I do a lot of prep work ahead. The idea of keeping your shows shorter by doing most of the chopping, grating, etc. definitely applies here - and gives...
  14. M

    QSP-Infused Sangria Recipe: Fruity Merlot Perfection

    I have a customer who is looking for the Sangria recipe that uses the QSP to mix it. She said it has fruit and Merlot in it. Thanks for any help.
  15. pamperedbecky

    Any Good Sangria Recipes Out There?

    I have the non-alcoholic Sangria recipe that comes with the Wine Bottle Opener, but wondered if anyone out there has a good "real" Sangria recipe with alcohol. I checked all the files here and couldn't find one. I want to pass one along to my host for my "Tempting Tapas" show on Thursday...
  16. DebPC

    Delicious Sangria Recipe by Carol Kout

    From Carol Kout SANGRIA I have made this sangria at alot of my shows... With or without wine... 1-12 oz. frozen limeade, 1- 12 oz. lemonade, 1-12-oz Pineapple Juice - all frozen... then take 1 lime, 1 lemon, 1 orange, a few strawberries and slice those up and put them in the Gallon...