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What is invite: Definition and 191 Discussions

  1. C

    Station Style Show E-Mail Invite Request for New Consultant

    Does anyone have an e-mail ivite they would be willing to share? I'm going to be hosting my first Station Style show and I am a new consultant. y host would like to send out e-mail invites for guests that are not on facebook. If you have an e-mail invite that is geared toward the new...
  2. M

    Recipe And/Or Name From Old Postcard Invite

    I'm looking for the recipe (at least the name of it if nothing else) for the chocolate dessert on one of the old postcard invites. Looks like a brownie or cake with a basket weave of frosting or whipped topping on top. Any help you can give me is much appreciated!!!
  3. O

    Designing a Quick & Easy Beta Invite - HELP!

    Hi In the past I have been able to adapt various invitations on here to send out for my hosts. I love sending a paper invite with the mini-catalog to everyone on the host's guest list. Now I have made the switch to the Beta site - and cancelled my Legacy Site. The same directions do not pertain...
  4. M

    Spring Open House Creative Invite

    Just curious if anyone has a Spring Open house invite template they could email me ... [email protected] I really need to get an Open House scheduled for late March/Early April ...would like to start looking at the invites ya'll been using! Thanks!!!
  5. K

    Social Gathering Invite: Join Us for a Pampered Chef Sampling Event!

    Hello Ladies, I have a host that wants to have an 'open house' but not call it that. She wants more of a social gathering invite, but a little blurb about a pampered chef consultant being there with samples, but no demonstration. Has anyone done an invite like this that I can take a look at...
  6. blarrabee

    Always Invite Frank Flyer: A Must-Have for Host Packets

    I always include this flyer in my host packets. I wasn't sure if one like this already existed here so I am posting my copy to share with others:chef:.
  7. wadesgirl

    Effective Facebook Invite Wording for Your Party or Online Order

    My host asked me for some wording to use on her Facebook event to help either get people to the party or to order online. All of my hosts usually set up their own Facebook event and never involve me in on it.
  8. VeronicaW

    Newly Designed Bridal Shower Invite - Find an Updated Flyer Here | TIA

    Looking for an updated flyer Bridal Shower Invite, anyone have a newly designed one? TIA
  9. M

    Do You Add Any Info to TPampered Chef Bridal Shower Invite

    I am doing my first bridal shower in a few weeks. I offered to send the invites for the host because we are in a little bit of a time crunch. My invites are here, just not sure I should add any additional info to them to clarify how the shower works. What to you think?
  10. babywings76

    Good Picture for Season Kick-Off Invite?

    I'm creating a FB event and can't decide what photo to put in there. Any ideas?
  11. M

    Theme Show Invite - Kids/Family Show

    I am working on a couple of shows that are going to be family oriented - moms and kids involved in the demo. Does anyone have any kind of invite for that? I thought I would ask before I try to make something on my own. If anyone is willing to share I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  12. chesse

    The Pampered Chef team.Need a Festive Invite for a Holiday Show?

    Hi, I'm doing a show for a friend's daughter who lives in a house with three other young woman with disabilities. They had a show when they first moved into the house and they had a riot! I'm in need of a holiday themed full page invite for them to send. I'm crafting challenged. TIA Char
  13. F

    Thanksgiving Invite for a Turkey Cranberry Braid - Get Your Festive Invite Now!

    Hi- my host for end of November wants to do the turkey cranberry braid. Does anyone have a Thanksgiving themed invite that I can use? Thanks!
  14. P

    Creating an Invite Event on FB - What Wording to Use?

    Does anyone create the FB event for their hosts to invite their friends? I'd like a little more "control" over what is going out there and I thought it would be nice if I created the event and invited my host so she could invite all her friends. If you do this, what wording do you use?
  15. O

    Facebook Catalog Event Invitation: Tips for Crafting the Perfect Wording

    Does anyone have any great wording for a facebook event catalog show? Thanks so much for ANY Help1:confused:
  16. P

    Boost Your Bridal Shower Sales with Cash Gifts - No Registry Needed

    We are doing a bridal shower but rather than having people shop from a registry, we are having them bring a monetary gift. From there, the bride will choose whatever she likes. We are also allowing guests to shop for themselves to help boost the show sales. Does anyone have an invite with...
  17. Tracie

    Urgent Any One Have a Great Summer Invite Flier?

    I'm looking for a flier that I can use for my summer shows. I'm doing some theme shows like: :chef: Pizza on the Grill Show Margarita Mania Sangria and Salsa Skinny Dipping Show (light appetizers) Summer Salads I'd like to be able to type one of these themes into it & it would be great...
  18. esavvymom

    Having Probs W/Fillable Guest Form and Mini-Cat Invite

    I just downloaded both of the PC fillable forms - the Guest Address List, and the Mini-Catalog Invitation. I saved them to my PC, opened them in my Adobe (vers 8.1.2). With the Guest Address List, when I tab to the next field, it bounces all over the place, not from field to field. I'll...
  19. P

    Cookie Exchange Show: Invite Guests & Collect Info

    I am looking for an insert to guests on a Cookie Exchange Show. I am sending out invitations for a host using the mini catalog. I am going to put them in a holiday envelope but want to include what the guests are suppose to bring, have them call the host with the type of cookie they are...
  20. California Girl

    Book a Show Now: Invite Your Apartment Neighbors!

    SO i just went to check my mail and well i live in apartments so people come and go around here all the time, how would you about giving them a catalog and seeing if they want to book a show? TIA
  21. P

    Help Needed for Wording on Invite for Open House

    Hello to you all, I just started PC and very excited. I love there products and can't wait to share with everyone how great they are! I just signed up and decided that I will host an open house to jump start my PC business, however I am having a very hard time wording an invite. Any help...
  22. wadesgirl

    Invite to an Ornament Exchange Party: December Fun!

    Does anyone have an invite for an ornament exchange party? I have two hosts who want to incorporate this into their parties in December.
  23. N

    What appetizers will be featured at the CYW Holiday show?

    PLEASE maybe some kind soul has made up an invite to share... please thanks!
  24. BlueMoon

    Need Ideas for a Successful Catalog Party Invite?

    Hi! I have found so much useful stuff here, thought I'd share this cause my hostess is so happy with it. She's having an out-of-state catalog party, wants to send cattys to her friends and family in Montana, may pass some out here, too. So I put together the holiday gift idea flyer (double...
  25. P

    Create Unique Invitations for Your Grand Opening - Tips and Tricks

    I'm having my Grand Opening and I was wondering if anyone has created their own invitations for it. Any suggestions? I was going to try and work something up and then just print them on regular paper.
  26. E

    Help Whip Cancer Mini Catalog Invite

    I created a mini catalog invite for Help Whip Cancer shows. It fits the 5164 labels. Right now it's not a form, I'll try and get a fillable one soon. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks! Erin
  27. AJPratt

    Mini Catalog Invite in Envelope

    When you send out your mini catalog invites, do you place them in an envelope, or just seal them and send with label on them?
  28. F

    Printable Bridal Shower Invitation Template | Perfect for Paper Supply Cards

    Consultant on my team needs a template to print info. on bridal shower invites today. Anyone have one set up? She's using the cards from paper supply.
  29. wadesgirl

    Another Sending Out Invite Question

    Apparently since someone bumped up my last thread. This is the first time I have ran into this. 3 people booked off a host that wants to sign. I gave them the stuff to send me their guest list. Do I just pass those onto the host when I get them or should I still send out the invites myself?
  30. Intrepid_Chef

    Invite With Cool and Serve Flyer?

    I do my own show invitations, and I'd like to have an invite with the Cool and Serve for my June shows. Has anybody done one of these before I re-invent the wheel? I'd like to e-mail one to my host tomorrow to distribute for her June 5 show.