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  1. Heather Collins

    New Consultant in Mississippi

    Hello, my name is Heather and I am a new consultant. I have used Pampered Chef products for over 20 years. I am excited and ready to start my adventure.
  2. Tenille V.

    Selling Lot of 44 Vintage Season's Best Recipe Books

    Sell Lot for $53.60 ($40 for books & $13.60 for shipping medium flat rate box). Paypal only. 44 Vintage Season's Best Recipe Books (new, no stickers, a few with slight marks - see pics) F/W 2011 - 13 F/W 2013 - 4 (1 has slight mark at top) F/W 2014 - 11 (1 has slight mark near spine) S/S 2014 -...
  3. R


    I have a host wanting to do a bon fire party. We did pizza at the party she booked from, so i'd like to do something different since some of the same people will be at this one. Need help coming up with something to cook!!!!! Either pre cook or cook on a charcole grill while there!! HELP!!!!!!
  4. S

    Ceramic Micro Cooker Recipes

    I am looking for a recipe book for simple ceramic micro cooker recipes.
  5. M

    HWC Recipe Holder

    HWC Recipe Holder NEW in box - HWC Recipe Holder List Date: 9/1/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: HWC Recipe Holder -------------------------------------- On Sale For: $20 + Shipping TDB --------------------------------------
  6. K

    Double Burner Grill Recipe Booklet

    Hello everyone! I watched a youtube video on Tenille doing a station type show. I LOVE the recipe she used and was looking for it. She also mentions an ebook she sends to her guests for this product and I have been unable to find one. I am doing my first station style show on Saturday and hope...
  7. A

    Help! I need fool-proof grill recipes for the Rockcrok

    Ok, grill-masters, I need some help. I have a host who would like me to demo the Rockcrok on her grill on 8/21. When I say I don't grill, I'm not exaggerating. I NEVER grill. ANYTHING. Does anyone have fool-proof recipes I could suggest to her? (And by fool-proof, I mean super-easy and laid...
  8. DebPC

    Mini Apple Pies in Brownie Pan Recipe

    Mini Apple Pies from your Brownie Pan 1 package Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheet 1 can apple pie filling 5 Tbsp flour 2 Tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon 2 Tbsp butter Preheat oven to 350. Roll out dough. I used the Baker's Roller to flatten and stretch it a tad. I then used the Pizza Cutter...
  9. L

    Lunchbox recipes

    Hi Thank you to everyone who shares - you are amazing. I am in need of some great lunchbox recipes Thanks!
  10. raebates

    Old Roaster Recipes

    I have a customer who has the old roaster (great big bowl that fit inside the large round baking dish. Anyone have recipes for that?
  11. C

    Bookings Recipe Night!

    I am going to try a once monthly "New Recipe Night" at my house. It'll give me a chance to practice recipes for upcoming shows, and it'll get people in to see product and how much fun it can be to have a cooking party. Has anyone tried this and gotten good results?
  12. W

    Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook

    Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook Looks New * Will combine shipping if you purchase multiple items from me 56 recipes including burgers and smoky ribs to vibrant veggies and much more. Includes grilling basics and grill master's tips for perfect results. List Date: 6/24/2014 For more...
  13. DebPC


    INGREDIENTS: 1 cup sour cream 1 3/4 cups milk 1 package vanilla instant pudding and pie filling Angel food cake, torn into bite-size pieces Fresh strawberries hulled and sliced 1 – 8 oz. container of Cool Whip 1. Place sour cream in large bowl 2. Gradually stir in milk with wire...
  14. K

    Recipes on Host Show page on new web (beta)

    I'm going to change over to the new website on June 1st and have been playing with setting up parties. I noticed on the show page where you can add a Pampered Chef recipe and photo and can choose to have this show up before the party or after. I have also seen where you can add your own...
  15. DebPC

    New Strawberry Cheesecake Bombe Recipe Questions

    I am making this for the first time for 2 shows this week and had some questions. Can I make it ahead of time and bring and unmold it there? Can I use graham cracker crumbs instead of chopped shortbread cookies? Are you serving them with halved strawberries like it shows or something else...
  16. N


    Does any one have this COMPLETE recipe ..the ones I am finding don't mention cherry anywhere in it....cherry pie filling im assuming?
  17. C

    ISO: Recipe for brownie pizza

    I tried searching the files without success. Does someone happen to have the classic recipe for the "Banana Split Brownie Pizza" available to post here? TIA
  18. J

    Get Your Healthy On Recipes

    In the Jan Consultant News the consultant talks about how she does well-balanced healthy recipes at her shows using the salad spinner and MFP. What recipes have you done or can you think of that would be healthy using these products?
  19. M

    Rockcrok Recipe Booklet 12-10-13 Updated

    I've made some additions to the booklet and prettied it up a bit - added PC logo, use and care comments, etc. I'd really like some feedback. Can anyone tell me what they think? And while, it's not a part of this forum....can someone tell me the secret of how to attach a file to post without...
  20. M

    Rockcroc Recipe Booklet

    I've fallen in love with the Rockcrok and want my customers to love it as much as I do. I've started the attached recipe booklet. Feel free to use and add to at will. If any o you have any easy recipes you've tried, I'd love to have them to add to it. Check it out and tell me what you think...
  21. J

    Recipes made in Rockcrok instead of slow cooker/crockpot

    I've just ordered a Rockcrok and can't wait to get it. For those that have one already, have you found you've been able to make recipes that are usually made in a crockpot/slowcooker in the Rockcrok instead? I'm hoping to be able to make some of my favorite crockpot recipes in the Rockcrok...
  22. pampchef.angel

    December Show Recipes

    What recipes are you guys using for holiday shows? I'm currently using the "Nothing to Snicker About" recipe for the Trifle Bowl since hosts can get that for Free in November - but I need to get started on December show plans - I have some on my calendar already!
  23. K

    Spinach Dip Recipe?

    Does Pampered Chef have a spinach dip recipe? A co-woker says I gave her a spinach dip recipe, (which she can't find)and she is sure it is a Pampered Chef recipe. However, I have given this co-worker lots of recipes, so I am having a bit of trouble recalling a specific one. For all I know it...
  24. B

    Searching for recipes on Beta site

    Does anyone know how to search for recipes by product on the beta site? I keep looking around, but can't find the option to search by product. TIA
  25. C

    Emailing recipe books to clients

    I am having trouble wording a "cover" email to send out recipe booklets to my clients that have purchased various products. Can I ask some of you to share your ideas on what you say when sending these out, please? I just can't seem to get my brain going on this!
  26. K

    Forgien Country Dessert Recipe

    In a few weeks our church will be celebrating All Nations Sunday. We will be serving to guests and visitors after the service, maybe even the whole church. I've been asked to make something for the service. So far the countries/nationalities that we have are: South America Dominican...
  27. K

    Favorite Recipe For RCB

    What is your favorite recipe to make in the Round Covered Baker? I have a customer who has asked me for some recipes for her RCB. I've selected several, and I've told her that she can use any DCB recipe, just to cut the ingredients in half. As fellow consultants, I would like to know what is...
  28. J

    Blogger is now stealing a Pampered Chef Recipe

    So, remember just a couple months ago when PC Consultants were being attacked for stealing blogger pictures and recipes... Well, I just saw one on Pintrest, a blogger is taking credit for being the author of the Taffy Apple...
  29. M

    Recipe and/or name from old postcard invite

    I'm looking for the recipe (at least the name of it if nothing else) for the chocolate dessert on one of the old postcard invites. Looks like a brownie or cake with a basket weave of frosting or whipped topping on top. Any help you can give me is much appreciated!!!
  30. P

    Recipe pictured on beta site

    Does anyone know what that recipe is on the welcome screen? It looks like a taco or hamburger recipe on a folded over flat bread. Can you tell me where I can find it? Thanks. VA