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What is cooker: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. PatGBlock

    How Hot Is the Sear Setting for the Quick Cooker?

    I have a customer that wants to know this. Anyone know?
  2. 5

    Reviving Your Quick Cooker Pot: Tips for Removing Stubborn Residue

    My Quick Cooker pot has food residue "baked" onto the surface. Maybe I didn't use enough oil when searing meat? It give the pot a rusted look. Soaking in soapy water did nothing. Anybody?
  3. Estelene Nichols

    Cooking Eggs with an Egg Cooker Stone: Issues & Solutions

    Hey y'all, I have really loved the egg cooker stone but I found that one side cooked well and the other side didn't cook well. So I sent mine back and got a different one. I am finding it happening again with the 2nd one. Anyone having this issue? I use it almost every day!
  4. kam

    Is Your Slow Cooker Stand Too Hot? Find Out Here!

    I just got the Slow Cooker stand to use with the Rockcroks. Using it for the first time today.I have it on LOW - but it seems to be cooking hot.Also, the outside of the cooker is hot as well. My other slow cookers are certainly very warm while cooking, but not as hot as the outside of the Slow...
  5. Sarah Mitson

    Ceramic Egg Cooker Lid Popping off

    So I love my little ceramic egg cooker for things like cakes and muffins, but whenever I cook eggs (I tried scrambled and poached so far) the lid keeps popping off. Poached is the worst, the lid flies off when I poach an egg. I'm worried it'll break. Is there a way to fix this?
  6. S

    What are some popular recipe books for ceramic micro cookers?

    I am looking for a recipe book for simple ceramic micro cooker recipes.
  7. J

    Seeking Flyers for Single Servings Pan and Microwave Egg Cooker

    Hi everyone, When I attended Spring Launch, there were full color 2 page (front and back) flyers for the Single Servings Pan and the Microwave Egg Cooker that accompanied the products. Does anyone have these scanned or know where I can locate them on the PC website? I've tried, without...
  8. DebPC

    Discover the Benefits of Demoing the Egg Cooker at Your Shows

    Is anyone demoing the Egg Cooker at their shows or are you just talking about it?
  9. P

    Amazing Stoneware for Making Breakfast Sandwiches & Omelettes!

    For those who just left Spring Launch and have not had a chance to use this piece of stoneware....let me just say you are going to LOVE IT! I have been "playing" with mine for a week now. Breakfast sandwiches....awesome! Omeletes....awesome! Made a poached egg for the first time in my...
  10. Admin Greg

    Egg Cooker - Discuss Tips, Complaints, Reviews & Ideas

    Please discuss the Egg Cooker. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  11. Senkimekia

    Microwave Rice Cooker Question...

    I ordered the micro rice cooker off a party intending to use it for demoing. I guess I missed the small print before I ordered it, it says on the directions to only use with rice that has microwave instructions. My husband and I only buy bagged rice, and nothing parboiled. My question is this-...
  12. B

    Mini Cooker: Is It Worth Buying?

    Hi Does anyone have any ideas for this product? I bought one before I was a consultant, I have used it once. I can't stand it! I have 2 people wanting to buy it & I told them it's really an un useful item, you get more use out of the batter bowls! Am I missing something because I don't cook...
  13. kam

    What Should You Consider When Buying a Pressure Cooker?

    I am thinking about buying a Pressure Cooker and have no idea what I should be looking for. Looking for anyone who can recommend brands/models. Also, what features are good to have? What features did you bypass, but now wish your pressure had? Anything else I should consider? THANKS!:)
  14. VeronicaW

    Graduation Gift Ideas: Small Micro Cooker with Ramen Noodles

    Any new thoughts on Graduation gifts? I've done the Small Micro Cooker with Ramen Noodles.
  15. E

    Troubleshooting My New Rice Cooker: Is it Safe to Use?

    I just got a RCP today & was excited to use it. I was following microwave instructions for my brown rice. It wasn't done, so I put it back on 50% power for a few minutes & it just barely started to melt the bottom when I took it out. I mean, you can just see in 2 places where there are...
  16. higoobs

    Creating Perfect Jasmine Rice Without a Rice Cooker

    Can anyone tell me how they prepare savory and delicious jasmine rice or jasmine rice pilaf. I don't have rice cooker!
  17. N

    Making a Lava Cake in a Rice Cooker - All Your Questions Answered

    I have never done a lava cake in the rice cooker... how long do you cook it for? Whole can of frosting? Cake mix ingredients like it says on the box? How long do you let it set when its done Mwaving?
  18. C

    Rice Cooker: Brown, Wild, Instant? and Small Amounts?

    Hi- I am not familiar at all with the rice cooker. I have several customers waiting to buy and wanting to cook brown, wild and/or instant rice. One wants to use it for only 2 small portions (i.e. 1 cup cooked). Does that work? If brown and wild rice is feasible, How long does it take...
  19. pampchefrhondab

    Discover Delicious Recipes for Your 8 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker!

    Wow, I haven't been on here for months! I need to update my years of svc!Some of you may remember me:-)!! I was going to start my business back up this fall, but then broke my foot and really wasn't up to doing shows, but now I have a few scheuled. Enough about that and to my subject. I...
  20. byrd1956

    Cook Wild Rice in Rice Cooker Plus: A Recipe to Wow the Hard-to-Please!

    I got an e-mail from a customer asking me to tell her in simple terms how to cook wild rice in the rice cooker plus. Anyone have a recipe that will wow this her (as she can be somewhat hard to please)?
  21. M

    Can You Cook Pasta in the Rice Cooker Plus?

    I just got a call from a truck driver who is interested in the Rice Cooker..he said he's looking for something to do pasta, rice, veggies in, while on the road. I've gone through all the files on the RCP and don't see any suggestions for cooking pasta. I've seen a few people post that they do...
  22. finley1991

    Director Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad Made Easy | Try It in DCB or Micro Cooker

    I am doing the Deluxe Cheeseburger Salad at 2 shows next week... I'd like to do the gb in the DCB or Lg Micro Cooker to show those but have never done it. Can anyone tell me if you have and for how long? :confused: Thanks so much!!!
  23. D

    Can You Bake a Microwave Cake in the Lg Micro Cooker? Tips and Recipe Inside!

    Have a customer asking...Can you "bake" a microwave cake in the Lg Micro Cooker? I have seen that you can in the Rice cooker plus but wasn't sure about the Micro Cooker? If so, any tips, as for recipe and cook time? Thanks in Advance.
  24. M

    Easy Micro Cooker Lava Cakes: Perfect for Dessert or Snacking!

    I know Friale uses the rice cooker for her "lava bombs". I thought I remembered we can make lava cakes in the micro cooker. Am I misremembering? Can it be made in the small one? I have a friend who is asking what she can use hers for. Thanks in advance! Margaret
  25. RoseAndrews

    Urgent Need a Recipe for Nutella Rice Cooker Cake?

    I have my FIRST show tomorrow and my host just informed me she HAS to have a nutella rice cooker cake and told all of her friends we would be making it. Of course I have no idea what that is...does anyone have the recipe??? THANK YOU Rose
  26. G

    Micro Cooker or Rice Cooker: Which One Should You Use for Browning Ground Beef?

    I have a customer who likes to brown ground beef in her micro cooker. She needs a new one. She asked what the difference is between the micro cooker and the rice cooker, and if she could brown the beef in the rice cooker. Can anyone tell me the answer? What should I recommend and why...
  27. I

    Molten Lava Cake in Rice Cooker

    Do you keep the lid on or off. Please help. I have a show tonight and I haven't done this before and the recipe I found doesn't say if you keep it on or off. Thank you.
  28. cookinforyou

    Urgent What Recipe Comes With the Sm Micro Cooker

    I have a host that is asking me for the small micro cooker recipe that comes on the use and care card. Problem is I don't own it and the PC site gives a list of a bunch of recipes, please help! TIA Jan
  29. winklermom

    Can I Cook Uncle Ben's in a Rice Cooker?

    Can anyone tell me how to cook Uncle Ben's in the Rice cooker? I've got the kind that it says to cook on the stovetop for 25 minutes or in the microwave it would be 5 minutes on high, then 15-20 minutes on medium. I'm not sure if there is a difference in using the rice cooker or not. Any...
  30. 3

    Rice Cooker Plus Cake With Soda

    Does anyone know the recipe for a no egg cake....or the diet (weight watcher) version...instead of using frosting?