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What is setting: Definition and 83 Discussions

  1. PatGBlock

    How Hot Is the Sear Setting for the Quick Cooker?

    I have a customer that wants to know this. Anyone know?
  2. L

    Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Closing a Show

    Hello! I Wanted to see if any of you have a process of setting up and closing a show? Ive been looking on the PC training features for help, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. When I say setting up a show I'm referring to Setting up my shows online… Where do you start? I realize...
  3. G

    Setting Up an Open House w/Mystery Hosts: Tips & Hints

    I want to do an open house with a couple mystery hosts at the end of this month. The problem is, I don't know how to put this into Beta. What do I put under the host's name? What do I put under the host's e-mail address? Am I able to change these once I know who the host is? I want to be able to...
  4. T

    Urgent Setting Up a Party: Should I Change the Email?

    Question... I used the fake email for a guest at a party and she wanted to have a party so I scheduled it online before I closed the show. Now, I am setting up her party and did a search on her name and it comes up with the fake email (of course). My question is, should I change the email now...
  5. naekelsey

    Organizing Your Home Office: Inspiration from Real-Life Setups

    I am really wanting to get organized!! Would any of you post pics of what your "office" looks like? I have some ideas but would love to see what you have that may work better....
  6. Kjurich

    Can I Set Up a Facebook Event From My Fan Page Without Using My Personal Page?

    How can I set up a facebook event from my fan page for my shows without having to do it throug my personal page. I have been using my personal page to do it but would rather do it through my PC FB page. I can set up the acctual event that I know how to do but creating an actual "Host" and...
  7. chefheidi2003

    Setting up a Show on Pws for Recruit

    I have someone who is probably going to sign on when she has her show next month. I set up the show on my PWS. What do I do to give her the sales if she does? Is there a way to put it onto her P3 at that time? Or do we need to print all of the orders and put them in manually?
  8. C

    Setting up Table Without Me There

    Hi Ladies, I have been contacted to set up a table at a local fitness club for women. The previous consultant they used has moved away. What they have asked me to do (which they did in the past and currently with other direct sales consultants) is to set up a table with catalogs and order forms...
  9. C

    Setting Up My Website: Can I Let Guests Shop?

    So I just setup my website last night. I didn't think anyone could order until I qualifies... which I haven't yet. But the option to "shop online" is there. Anyone know if I can have guest shop? I also am curious if their order is sent directly to PC HQ or will I get it first and then send it...
  10. KateInTheKitchen

    Setting Up a Facebook Page: Which Category is Best?

    How do you set up your facebook page? I've got mine as a "Brands/Products" page –*do you think that's the best category? I think that different categories may have different page features but I'm not very sure.
  11. kam

    What is the Equivalent Simple Slicer Setting for the V Blade's Thin Setting?

    I am making the Blue Cheese Potato Crisp things and they call for the thin setting of the V blade for the UM. Does anyone know which setting that would equal on the Simple Slicer??? THANKS!!!!
  12. babywings76

    Just Contacted About Setting up a Registry

    Yay! My first registry!! Okay, so now what?! lol Here's the e-mail I got. It's from a past host (co-worker of DH's who moved away.) Amanda, Hey, how are you, xxxx, and the family!? Well if you didn't know, I got engaged and getting married in July. I was interested in doing a wedding...
  13. babywings76

    Entering in a New Show, Setting up on Pws

    I know this has happened to me before, but I can't remember if there was a solution to this problem or not. I am setting up a new show in P3, but the box to check mark to set it up on my PWS is grayed out. It won't let me click it. I synched my P3 to my PWS and it still shows up grayed out...
  14. thehaleykitchen

    Setting Up a HWC Show: Help for Karen's Fundraiser

    Hello, I am trying to set up on-line a HWC show for my sister-in-law and its my first one.. It's set as a fundraiser, and I have HWC chosen as the design option but it still wants a name for the check. What do I do there? Thanks, Karen
  15. J

    Seeking Answers: Setting Up for a Spring Shopping Day

    OK... so I'm a little lost and need so answers... I am going to be setting up at a friends house for a spring shopping day!! So excited as I've never done this before!! Anyhow she has sent up a flyer and has sent it out on facebook in her events. On it she included my website along w/ 4 other...
  16. Cooking_Mama

    Setting up Discounts in Your PWS: A Step-by-Step Guide

    So I have it set up in my pws...but how do I honor a discount? If I offer 10% off is there a way to set it up so it automatically applies?
  17. babywings76

    Setting up Catty Show Trouble on P3

    I'm trying to set up a catty show in P3. It keeps the show date and time in Red, like it doesn't like what I've selected and need to do something. It won't let me click the button to set it up on my PWS. It's done this before to me and I don't remember ever learning a concrete answer to...
  18. esavvymom

    Setting Up Co-Hosts for Tax Purposes: What Do I Need to Know??

    Not sure if I'm putting this in the right category, but I'm doing a show in a few weeks that I'm setting up as a co-host between my Mother-in-law and her daughter. Both are nurses and have lots of work contacts that I'd like them to be able to take advantage of. :D But my MIL lives in...
  19. mbh06

    Setting Up an Out of State Catalog Show: How Does It Work?

    Sorry me again :blushing: If I set up a show w/ an out of state friend as a catalog show. When guests place orders online how do they go in? Do I get an email and add it into PP. I am just wondering how this works. Thanks!
  20. esavvymom

    Setting up Your Own Vendor Fair?

    So, I've heard the idea a few times about setting up your own vendor event if none are available. Over the last few months, I've met/networked with quite a few other Direct Sales/Crafters in my area. Now, my town/area doesn't really have any vendor events that I've seen in the 2 yrs I live...
  21. J

    Automatic Task Setting in PWS: Tips & Tricks

    The first couple times I started entering shows I entered them directly in P3 and it asked if I wanted to set tasks for the show. I loved it, because as a new consultant I needed the tasks and timings set automatically for me. Now I'm setting up my shows on PWS and it no longer gives the...
  22. D

    Fundraiser Setup & Switching Options for Your Website: Tips & Tricks

    I want to set up a fundraiser on my website - the contact and the shelter is very pumped! However, she is not sure if the "board" will approve it. If I set it up as a FR can I switch it back to a cooking show? Also, could I add their website in later if they do agree to it? Or, do I truly...
  23. esavvymom

    Setting up Hwc Fundraiser in Pws

    I've not done a fundraiser before, let alone the HWC. I'm hosting my own fundraiser for HWC in May. In the "Show information", under the Organization Information, it wants to know the "Name on the Check". It already shows the Organization as "Help Whip Cancer".Should I put "American Cancer...
  24. babywings76

    Setting up Catalog Show on P3, Won't Let Me Set It up on Pws

    I am setting up a new catalog show in P3 and it just won't have the check box for setting the show up on the PWS clickable. Do I need to call tech support? Or does someone know what I might be forgetting. I did an update already. I do think it's odd that when I was first setting up...
  25. niclowther

    Setting Up for a Job Fair/Career Expo: Tips and Advice

    Would anyone mind telling me or showing me how they set up at a job fair/ career expo? I have read thru the posts and I didn't see any discriptions or pics. Also, I know a lot of you have expressed that these events aren't very successful, but, I figure in these times and especially w/...
  26. TAClements

    Help Needed: Setting Up a Party with Multiple Consultants

    I am not sure how to do this but I have a party booked with a TS consultant and she wants to also set up a table and have one other person come in and set up a table. I really don't mind too much even tho I would love to have to expierence of actually doing the show but I can't see doing a...
  27. A

    Honoring Mom: Setting Up an Open House on P3

    I am doing an open house for HWC and my question is how do I set it up on p3? I want to do it in the memory of my mother. Do I make her the host?
  28. Jennie4PC

    Setting Up a PS Site: How Long Does It Take?

    My recruit just tried setting up her site PS and the way she read it was she had to wait till she did 4 shows for her to get it. I thought she could sign now but she couldnt get online orders, wedding registries and outlet sales? I didnt get my PS till I was 3 yrs into selling.
  29. P

    Setting Up a Free Trial Period for New Consultants

    I have a couple of new consultants who have qualified .. do they get a free PWS trial period? And how do they go about setting up the free trial period? Thanks.
  30. D Levad

    No-Show: Disappointment After Setting Up for a New Signing

    I was suppose to sign my new girl up tonight. She never showed up at the meeting and hasn't returned my calls. I was too excited I guess. I know that she still might sign but it is a bummer when you set everything up and then this happens. I am hoping she has a very good reason for not showing...