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What is multiple: Definition and 53 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Can Same CC# Be Used for Multiple Orders?

    Am I correct that a cc# can only be used on one order? For example a mother places an order a pays w/her cc and she also wants to pay for her daughter's order with the same cc#. When I put the cc# in both orders show they are credited, but I remember when I paid for two different orders with...
  2. winklermom

    Girls' Night Out W/ Multiple Vendors

    We have several ladies in our church who work for DS companies. I have thought about possibly doing a Girls' Night Out and having each of us set up in the dining hall of the church. We would have Thirty One and Perfectly Posh, as well as my PC business represented. Has anyone ever tried...
  3. A

    Hosting a Successful Multiple Hostess Party: Tips and Potential Challenges

    Hi! I'm just getting back into my business after being off for 10 years. My girlfriend want to rent a local hall with 4 other people to do a multiple hostess party. In other words it would be 5 individual hostess each one with their own friends. I would have to probably for example have to have...
  4. Intrepid_Chef

    Can I use multiple credit cards for online show orders?

    Trying to close out a show and P3 is having a fit. The host, a former consultant, wanted to close out online so she has the show on 2 different cards. P3 is having a fit over the cards in her mom's name but is fine with her credit card being used on the other 3. What's up? I should mention...
  5. babywings76

    Entering Multiple Orders on One Personal Credit Card

    I'm buying some Mother's Day gifts (one is a direct shipment to my MIL who lives far away) and am paying for them with my personal credit card, so I can't figure out how to do this. Will it reject it if I try put in 2 separate payments on one card? I can't combine the amounts, because I get a...
  6. NooraK

    Question for Those With Multiple Recruits in a Month

    Where do your recruits come from? Do the majority of them come from shows? If so, how many shows are you doing per month? What's your average attendance? Do you have anything in particular you feel contributes most to the number of recruits (such as an activity at the show, doing interviews...
  7. P

    Host Paying for Multiple Orders

    I've read on here before about people having problems if the host pays for multiple orders. I had a show on Saturday that the host is closing today. She got 3 or 4 outside orders and wants to put them on her credit card. Whats the best way to enter this into P3? Do I have to enter in her...
  8. cwinter474

    Two Cheapskates: Combining an Order with Multiple Credit Cards

    I have two ladies, both too cheap to spend $75 each to get free shipping. So they are going to combine their order. It's like $94 or something. But they both want to use their own credit cards to pay???? I am thinking the website will only allow one payment per order in the order placers name...
  9. L

    Syncing P3 With Multiple Computers?

    I have a couple computers that I have been using for my P3, I thought the web sync on P3 would sync with one, then I moved to the second computer and also sync'd, however, it only collaborated my contacts, not my shows. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  10. C

    Using One Cc for Multiple Orders

    I have a unique situation....customer called me today to place a $300+ order. Wahoo!! Obviously we're going to turn it into a catalog show for her. We're breaking it out into multiple orders, one for each of her children that she's buying the gifts for. She's using her credit card to pay for...
  11. S

    Shipping Costs for Multiple Orders: How to Save?

    I need to place 3 orders. Wish I could put them together but P3 will not! I know that they say you can only place one order at the $4.50. How will the shipping work? Should I submit one before the other to reduce my shipping charges? Will I know what the shipping total is before...
  12. C

    Planning a Multiple Vendor Open House in My Home- Tips?

    Hello,I am working on a multiple vendor open house in my home. I have heard of others in my cluster having success at theirs so I am trying as well.So far it will be PC, Arbonne and Longaberger. I am hoping for Scentsy and maybe a jewelry company.I started selling in November and I am still...
  13. A

    Multiple Stoneware Guest Special

    I am wondering if guests can order more than one piece of stoneware at 20% off this month. I feel that they can't but P3 is not telling me that it can't be done when I order 2 or more for 1 guest. I don't want the show to come back with a problem as it is my only show this month. Anyone know?
  14. R

    Tax With Fundraisers/Shows and Multiple States

    I am a new consultant who lives in Delaware where we have no sales tax. I am hoping to understand how P3 works and the 'taxing' in it so I am giving a couple of examples from things that I have read in other threads. 1. A host is from another state, but as some reading I have seen...
  15. chefann

    Wave 2 2009 - Multiple Category TPampered Chef

    THIS THREAD IS NOT TO BE USED FOR CONGRATULATIONS. Posting "congrats" messages makes it hard to filter the names from the notes. That said, here's a blanket statement to everyone who can post their name in this thread: Way to go! Congratulations on earning Top Performance Cluster in...
  16. chefann

    Wave 3 2009 - Multiple Category TPampered Chef

    THIS THREAD IS NOT TO BE USED FOR CONGRATULATIONS. Posting "congrats" messages makes it hard to filter the names from the notes. That said, here's a blanket statement to everyone who can post their name in this thread: Way to go! Congratulations on earning Top Performance Cluster in...
  17. J

    Multiple Customers "Saving" on Shipping?????

    I hope I am putting this in the right place...anyway, I would like to know how you guys handle this. I am doing a fundraiser and each board member is taking orders. Well, one lady had her office put all the orders on one form to save on the "OMG that's outrageous $4.25" shipping!!!! There are...
  18. turtle15

    Need Recipe Help - Multiple Recipes

    I have a hostess who has given me some recipes she would like to do (long story). Anyone know any of these recipes or have experience with them? Are there any you would or would not demo? I am trying to decide which on the list would be the best to demo, and then let her make the rest herself...
  19. TAClements

    Help Needed: Setting Up a Party with Multiple Consultants

    I am not sure how to do this but I have a party booked with a TS consultant and she wants to also set up a table and have one other person come in and set up a table. I really don't mind too much even tho I would love to have to expierence of actually doing the show but I can't see doing a...
  20. J

    Alert: Multiple Withdrawls Made on Debit Cards!!!!

    FYI, just had a call from my Director. One of her guests just called and had a $40 order debited several times from her bank account. Home Office said that it is a random problem....but just in case you get a call from a (probably irate) customer, you will need the following info: Bank...
  21. chefkathy

    Director Efficiently Manage Users in P3 | Simplify User Switching Process

    So it appears that I can't toggle between users like one can do on Windows XP and Vista, for example. Do I really need to close and reopen P3 to switch to a new user?
  22. ChefPaulaB

    Flyer for Multiple Ds Consultant Open House

    Hi, I have a friend that is going to have an open house with several different consultants there, a jewelry lady, scrapbooking lady, food lady, gold buying lady and me and would help with the flyer. Does anyone have anything like this already made that I could use as a starting point and just...
  23. chefkathy

    Director Dealing With the Request for Multiple Recipes

    So I have a show next Friday and the hosts are being a little bit difficult. It requires some back story. I did a show in Sept for Jenni and made the 10 min pork tenderloin. Then in March I get an email from a guest at that show (Dana) saying her sister is getting married and they want to...
  24. brendaivette

    Can I ship to multiple addresses in one order?

    Good morning i have a customer wanting to place an order, but she needs to send one item to california and one to puerto rico............is this possible in the same order thanks
  25. PamperedDor

    Hwc Orderform for Multiple Orders??

    I am sure this is somewhere in files, but I can't find it - My sister (teacher), a former host, Friend, as well as myself, would like to collect some orders for the HWC products - They would like to put it all on one order per person (sister = 1, host = 1) So if my sister gets 10 scrubbie...
  26. ivebeen4given

    Host Specials: Book Multiple Parties & Get Rewarded!

    Ok here I go again... people book off of a party and host in the same month, the original host can get the host special for that month at each party whether it is 1 time or 5 times. The only limit is 2 host specials per party. Is this correct??? Just want to make sure I am doing...
  27. I

    Multiple Uses for Baker's Roller

    I have a group that might be interested in pre-ordering the food chopper and the baker's roller. I wanted to make a list of multiple uses, and so far have * smoothing out wallpaper * rolling out play dough * make massager I know there are more, can't think. I did search and get all...
  28. kisrae

    Dealing with Multiple Returned Checks: What Should I Do?

    I had a returned transaction. I had a feeling this was about to happen. I had 6 yes SIX returned checks :mad: between my last two shows. I use one account for PC orders and deposited all the check in that account. What do you think I should do? Should I wait to pay HO until I collect all the...
  29. caynreth

    Is Combining Shows for Multiple Hosts a Good Idea?

    I have a gentleman who is doing a catalog show at his church, and he is leaving it open until Nov. 25th. His goal is to get the stainless steel 12" skillet either free or half price. He came to me last night, however with two orders that he wanted submitted right away because the people wanted...
  30. heather223

    Exploring Multiple Direct Selling Businesses

    I was wondering how many do more than just one direct selling business and if so which ones?