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    Question About Parties

    I'm about to become a new consultant in about a month or so after I finish moving. Right now I'm trying to get some information. My questions are: How does everyone like working for PC and is the Money what you thought it would be? Also when you do a party does the hostess take care of buying...
  2. M

    Southern Parties?

    Since I now live in the south, are there themes or parties ppl have tried that work best down here? I thought about the obvious sweet tea and putting some lemon zest in it..
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    I Have Done Everything. No One Wants to Book Parties!! It Is Summer!!

    I have done everything. No one wants to book parties!! IT IS SUMMER!! I told the hostess about August host special and I told the guests several times. They like the bowls and they said the special was a great price, but they do not want to host shows. That was my first show. All the guests...
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    On-Line Parties?

    I have seen some people holding online parties, which seems like a good way to help a catalog party hostess. However, I am worried that it violates TPC's Advertising and Publicity Guidelines re: the web. Any thoughts? Paula in TN