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What is parties: Definition and 110 Discussions

  1. crisbm103

    How Can I Expand My Customer Base for My Pampered Chef Business?

    Hello I'm new here. I'm from Massachusetts. Looking for a way to branch out of my circle of friends and get new customers. But it's hard, no one wants to book parties. I ran one last month but had no sales. I'm hoping next month is better. Oh my name is Cristin. And ideas on where to advertise...
  2. chef4u2

    Mini-Catty's for Live Parties: Tips & Advice

    Is anyone still making the mini-catty's? I used to prefer using these when I did live parties and now that I have a live party coming up, eeek! I was looking to see if there was one in here. :) Or are there other flyers that you are using these days that you like better??TIA for any help!
  3. T

    Host Letter Template for Virtual & Catalog Parties

    Does anyone have a recent host letter that they use for virtual or catalog parties?
  4. chefjeanine

    Mini iPad Buffering Issues at Parties - Anyone Else Experiencing This?

    Good morning friends. I use a Mini iPad at my parties. I continually have problems with it buffering (is that the correct term) as I'm trying to put in orders. I thought it might be this particular device, so I took my husband's iPad to last night's party. Fine at first (which is what would...
  5. Toni Monsen

    Virtual Parties - Group Vs. Event - Pros & Cons?

    Seems to be a mix of which to do. What are your pros & cons for each?
  6. Niki Kate

    Kid-Friendly Pampered Chef Party Ideas

    I've been asked if I can do a parent/child Pampered Chef party. I'm sure that I can, but havong no children of my own, I don't know what's appropriate for the kids to do. I'm thinking of doing a healthy treat and a sweet treat. Does anyone have ideas?
  7. J

    Transporting Products to Parties

    I am a new consultant and would like to know how everyone transports their products to parties. I want it to be efficient as possible so my host and guests feel that it is something that they could do.
  8. DebPC

    Who Has January Parties Booked?

    I have 1 show this Thursday and 1 book show going. That's good enough for me because of a vacation.
  9. esavvymom

    Explode Your Business with Virtual Parties: Webinar with Julie Anne Jones

    I know alot of you did or do FB Party's, so I thought I'd share this webinar link/info. I am not on FB at all, but would be curious about the virtual party idea she will present. Here is some of the teaser info she had on her website: "The Facebook Party's Over! Learn to use virtual...
  10. K

    Verbage for Online Ordering for Facebook Parties

    Hello all! I always make an event page for my hosts on facebook. I include the specials and how to easily order online. I just added my first show on Beta and then made her an event page. I would like to add how to order online. Does someone have a very simple way of explaining how to order...
  11. M

    Made This to Help With Football Fan Parties

    What do you think?
  12. M

    Want to Do Office Parties "Shop While You Eat"

    I am looking to cater to the businesses in my small town by offering a Shop While You Eat parties. Has anyone ever done this and have a flyer already made? Thanks, kimberly harrell Statesville, NC
  13. wadesgirl

    Frustrated Hosts: Dealing with Two Difficult Parties

    GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! :grumpy: What is wrong with my hosts this month?!?!?!?!?! I have two this month that are giving me gray hairs!! I always set up the day to close the party before I leave their house with full instructions on how things work after their party. The first one, who's party...
  14. K

    Healthy Party Recipes for January: Beat the Winter Blues with Nourishing Dishes

    Anyone have any good ideas or suggestions for making at January parties? Everyone has requested a "healthy" recipe... I eat comfort foods in January because its so cold! HA! Any suggesstions would be appreciated! THANKS!
  15. bluexoxo

    3 Fb Parties - 1 Great - 2 a Bust!

    Helloar all! My first posting here - be gentle :) I am a new PC consultant who jumped in with both feet by doing three FB parties immediately. One was quite successful, the other two a total bust. :cry: I'm about to submit the parties, however because the two that didn't work well are...
  16. NooraK

    Share Ideas for Facebook-Only Parties!

    I've seen several consultants promoting Facebook Only Parties on their FB pages. The party is set up as an event, and the consultant posts tips and recipes until the set closing date, which will then show in the newsfeeds of those invited. I was thinking it would be great to start a thread...
  17. naekelsey

    Other Ds Was Able to Get Parties Booked

    I have a hostB who I have become friends with, (her party was booked off of a friend I went to school with) So when they both wanted me to come to a Tupperware party that hostB was having, I went. (I needed the midgets) The Tupperware Consultant had a few little prizes for everyone who...
  18. naekelsey

    Made a Scrapbook to Show at Parties

    Has any of you made a scrapbook that you show at parties? Do they help you get bookings or recruits? Can you post pictures? I really want to make one, just not creative enough to make one with my own thoughts...
  19. A

    Hosting a Successful Multiple Hostess Party: Tips and Potential Challenges

    Hi! I'm just getting back into my business after being off for 10 years. My girlfriend want to rent a local hall with 4 other people to do a multiple hostess party. In other words it would be 5 individual hostess each one with their own friends. I would have to probably for example have to have...
  20. A

    Director Celebrating the Holidays with Your Team: Ideas for Gifts & Parties

    What are you all doing for your teams for a "holiday" party, gift etc? I am thinking of investing my HOLIDAY budget in the back to business meeting and providing food and beverages and just sending a nice card to my organization with a bonus bracelet bead to complete their bracelets this...
  21. vhadley

    Party Submission Deadlines: Get Paid on Time with Our Tips!

    Do you need to have parties submitted by the 15th and 30th of each month? Or can I submit a party tomorrow and still get paid on Nov. 8th for it?
  22. K

    How do I organize parties while on the go?

    Hello! Ok I LOVE to organize but sometimes I over analyze! But I have now uped by booking schedule to 10 to 12 parties a month so I need to re-think because before I was only doing about 2. So how do you organize your parties when you are out? LIke do you have a binder? Or a packet? I need to...
  23. vhadley

    New to Pampered Chef? Need Help Planning Catalog Parties!

    I'm new to PC, just signed up and anxiously awaiting my kit to arrive! I already have 5 parties lined up and a couple people wanting to do catalog parties. My question is you have to have a personal website in order for you to do a catalog party, right? I won't be able to get my website up...
  24. B

    Closing Parties: Tips to Get Hosts to Cooperate

    I have had 3 parties in the last 2 weeks and was finally able to close on one last night. I'm still waiting on the other 2 to close. It has been difficult to get in touch with my hosts since the parties. I like to close parties on Wednesdays after having them on the weekends. I do let the hosts...
  25. L

    Monthly Dinner Parties at Consultant Home

    Ive been asked by a few of my customers to start a monthly dinner party. the idea is each month you feature a product, charge a flat rate and each month a different attendee gets the host benefits. Does anyone already do this? if so is it successful? any tips you can give me? thanks in advance
  26. K

    Organizing Parties with Director Chief Success: A 5-Minute Guide

    OK! So I have been a REALLY BAD dump! I have not been motivated and just promoted to Director but have been soooo super overwhelmed by all of the wonderful conference calls and training that is offered to New Directors but I wasn't sure how to manage it all!!! So my month has really been bad...
  27. cookingwithlove

    Frustrated With Lack of Follow-up: Why Pampered Chef Parties?

    I don't understand people. Why would you say you are intersted in having a Pampered Chef party and then give me a phone number that does not have a message service on it? No email either. How am I supposed to follow up with you?! It is very frustrating.
  28. K

    Carry-All Tote: Is It Worth It for Parties?

    Does anyone have the Carry-All Tote? It is the one that comes with the mini-kit & is sold on supply order for $20. I'm wondering if it would be worth ordering to take things to parties. I find that the New Consultant Tote (the one that comes with the regular kit) is just too big to carry...
  29. cookingwithlove

    Director Babies, Parties and New Consultants

    I had a potential new consultant want to come to one of my parties to observe. But she wanted to bring her 3 month old baby because she is breastfeeding. I was hesitant for several reasons. One not everyone enjoys kids and babies and I was not sure if this was the case with my host. Also, I...
  30. cookingwithlove

    Director Maximizing Bookings: Find Opportunities Beyond Parties!

    I hold once a month conference calls. Tonight the topic is Bookings are Everywhere. I was planning to train on how to find bookings outside of a party. This is the single most asked question I get. Nobody called! I am going to be possitive and assume they are all too busy calling their leads.