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What is frustrated: Definition and 151 Discussions

  1. T

    Frustrated with Constant Show Holds? You're Not Alone!

    Anyone constantly get their shows place on hold? When I submit an order, it always gets put on hold and people from Field Support call the Guests and will only approve a show if literally every single one of them answers or calls back to talk to them. I don’t understand, and Field Support isn’t...
  2. M

    Frustrated with Open House Results - How Can I Succeed?

    Ijust had my first open house today and we had moved so i thought more people would come but no only 2 came and i sent out 68 invites plus on facebook another 120. i got no orders but a talk about a bridal shower catalog show for eather nov or dec. I had a few out side orders come in but will...
  3. wadesgirl

    Frustrated Hosts: Dealing with Two Difficult Parties

    GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! :grumpy: What is wrong with my hosts this month?!?!?!?!?! I have two this month that are giving me gray hairs!! I always set up the day to close the party before I leave their house with full instructions on how things work after their party. The first one, who's party...
  4. MrsNetNut404

    aNewbie and Already Frustrated and Discouraged

    Hi Everyone, I am a brand new consultant that signed up on Friday. At first I was SO excited and inspired, but that has quickly worn off and been replaced with frustration and discouragement. You see, I have a very small group of friends and all of my family are 2,000 miles away on the other...
  5. C

    Can Anyone Help Me Navigate the New Website?

    Is there anyone out there that can help me with features of the new webiste? I started in May and I was told to use the new "beta" site for everything. I keep reading posts about all the recordkeeping features, personal website features etc available with the old system, but I getting very...
  6. A

    Dealing with Unresponsive Hosts? Here's How to Handle the Frustration

    Ugh...I have been in contact with this host since March and after she moved and got settled into her new home we finally scheduled a show for this coming Sunday (July 15th). I have not been able to get in touch with her since last week. I am so frustrated, I only have her old address because she...
  7. G

    Need Recipes for Tomato Basil Squares and Pesto Lemon Chicken Pasta?

    Hi folks, I am so frustrated with Consultants Corner right now. I am looking for the recipes for the tomato basil squares, as well as the pesto lemon chicken pasta that you make in the deep covered baker. I thought these were the right names, but I can't find the recipes anywhere. Can...
  8. chef131doreen

    Frustrated with Bad Leads: What to Do?

    I received a H.O lead the other a week or so ago ,I called a she didn't wat to have a party she wanted me to join a Direct Selling group that gets together once a month for training networking ext , you have to buy 50.00 worth from each DS once a month example March ( party lite ) then each...
  9. naekelsey

    Frustrated With My Open House Responses

    I sent out my invites, emails and etc for my Open House and all I am getting back is, Sorry Can't make it. When is your next one? I would to have loved to order. How do I put, without being rude, that they can still order online (I would like them to order now) and that this isn't an...
  10. gailz2

    Frustrated HO Rep Struggles With Fundraiser Check Delay

    I am so, so very angry right now with HO it is hard to even post here. I had a fundraiser (Relay For Life) host have a show, submitted 12/18. She is planning a huge show with me in February, as well. Well, she hasn't received her check yet. I called late Dec. and they said it was sent 12/20...
  11. F

    Frustrated with Software: 45 Min to Put in a Bridal Shower

    Anyone else tried to use the software today? I'm trying to put in a bridal shower from this afternoon and it has taken me almost 45 min.!!! Every time I click on something it thinks about a min. to pull it up. Every field is doing it! :mad: I have several people with a zip code with...
  12. PamperedchefDaly

    Frustrated Party Planner Seeks Advice

    I'm just so frustrated--I did a party for a repeat host--November 1 because she really wanted that free turkey and the 12" executive skillet. She had 4 people show up, and one person placed an order for $73. The other ladies "didn't have any money to spend." I told my host that we needed $150...
  13. vhadley

    Is hosting a Pampered Chef party worth the stress and frustration?

    :eek: I'm just starting out and I'm having my grand opening party this Friday. I only have a handful of people coming (who are also having shows with me this month) so I know they won't be ordering anything. I've had a couple of people say now that I'm selling Pampered Chef, they'll just wait...
  14. pcsharon1

    Frustrated with My Team's Lack of Activity

    I have three girls on my team. Love them. They are great people. But they are simply working their business enough to stay active. Which means every other month, I only have one active person under me. This month I did nearly $2100 in sales myself but only one other person submitted, so I'm...
  15. cookingwithlove

    Frustrated With Lack of Follow-up: Why Pampered Chef Parties?

    I don't understand people. Why would you say you are intersted in having a Pampered Chef party and then give me a phone number that does not have a message service on it? No email either. How am I supposed to follow up with you?! It is very frustrating.
  16. A

    Shipping Issues with Stoneware Bakers from Jan Host Special - Seeking Solutions

    Anyone else having shipping issues with the Stoneware Bakers from Jan host special? Four Bakers from two different show were recieved broken by my hosts. And then my first host was off to Florida and I had the replacements sent to me, and one of the replacement bakers was broken too! :-( I'm...
  17. L

    Feeling Frustrated with Low Guest Numbers at Shows

    Does anyone have a minimum guest # to keep a show? For an example, you wouldn't do a show if there were only 3-4 guests. I have a show tomorrow and there will be 4 guests, 3 of which are buying I am told. I am not going to cancel but I am really getting frustrated. I work hard at host coaching...
  18. vanscootin

    Rant Cable and Internet Services - Annoyed and Frustrated!

    I'm so annoyed... my internet and cable have been going out for a few weeks. They have come and replaced the cable box but it didn't work. DH swears it's the same box and the guy just took it out to the truck and pretended to swap it out and brought the same box back in. Every channel is pixely...
  19. I

    Frustrated with DCB Limits: Did I Miss Something?

    I just got off the phone with the solution center for the third time today and am wondering if I missed something. Did you all know that there was a limit on the number of DCB we could submit per show? I do a 25% off sale the first two weeks of June (it's my summer sale and goes over really...
  20. kcjodih

    Rant I'm Sooo Frustrated Right Now - Warning Long Post

    Background - My 12 yo DS had track and field at school last Friday. They must participate in 2 track events, 2 field events and one more of their choosing for a total of 5. They then had two longer track events today (why such a break I don't know) of the 1500 m and 3000 m. These two were...
  21. K

    Rant Frustrated New TL: Struggling to Help My Team Reach Success

    I recently added 3 new consultants to my team (Promoted to TL March 1). 2 of which have qualified. 1 has not. I am having an issue in getting the point across that communication between me and them is the #1 key for me being able to help them effectively. I know I have left several messages...
  22. esavvymom

    Frustrated by PWS Evites? Try Postcards!

    I really hate using our PWS for evites! I've sent more than 4 dozen for a catalog show (offering a stoneware special to try to get one more show for HWC products). Maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of them have been opened, and it's been more than a week. :mad: most of them end up in Spam, I know.Do you...
  23. W

    Frustrated - Getting Run-Around From Host

    I'm just venting - feeling really frustrated. I'm off to a slow start and with the luck I've had with my shows, I don't know what to think. My first show was a complete joke; ended up taking the two orders from that "show" and applying them to my open house. The second host that was scheduled...
  24. hmolah

    Down From Tl to Consultant and Frustrated!

    Well, I'm asking for some seasoned consultants to give me some tips! I am I guess considered seasoned myself, but I've only worked my business consistently and full-time since late last summer. I've only ever recruited 4 people in my total 5 year career, as I was a hobbiest and not interested...
  25. P

    soExcited!! but Frustrated at the Same Time..

    So yesterday i got my first home office leads to my website.. What a surprise.. I never thought my hard work would pay off. but it looks like its starting too, if i could only get my team motivated to do sales ever mth.. Any suggestions? I am also wondering if anyone has any suggestions on...
  26. C

    Frustrated After 1st Event: Need Advice to Improve Bookings!

    I am so frustrated my 30 days is over on monday and I made barely $500 in sales! I had my grand open tonight and 4 or the 32 people who r.s.v.p'd showed up. I spent so much time and money on this and people actually had the nerve to call after the party to say they couldn't make it. All in...
  27. T

    Frustrated with Importing Contacts to Website - Help!

    Am I doing this wrong? Why can't I import the contacts that I have already entered into P3 onto my website? I am having to enter all of the information again, double work....can someone tellme how I'm supposed to do it if there is a way?
  28. Intrepid_Chef

    Frustrated and Confused: Show on Hold After Submission

    Grrrr! I finally got my show in under the wire (wanted to have it submitted on Aug. 1 if not earlier) and when I check shipment status, it's on hold. It looks like an automatic hold b/c it showed up moments after I sent it in. I have no idea why and am not sure what time I'll be able to call...
  29. kdangel518

    How to Support Frustrated Consultant?

    Hi everyone- I have a consultant on my team who has been with me since January. She has great passion and people skills and I really feel she has awesome potential! The problem is she just seems to be having very lackluster results in her business and is getting very frustrated... She was...
  30. Jennie4PC

    Frustrated Over Unexpected Changes as Team Leader

    This is just a rant so if you dont want to go any farther then that is ok. I have been a team leader since we switched over to the new program and I have been getting HO leads which are awsome. Well I lost it for the month of June because1 my down lines shows was on hold. She resolved it before...