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What is contacts: Definition and 119 Discussions

  1. Niki Kate

    Following up With Facebook Contacts

    What do you send as a quick: Thank you for attending; isn't our hostess great? And you should really host/join my team? for people who attend virtual/facebook parties?Everything people send for letters is LONG. I don't want a LONG thing - just a quick one off that I can send, that won't bore...
  2. esavvymom

    Managing "My Contacts"- How Do ...

    How do I scroll down the list of contacts?!!I am looking at the group "Send E-Newsletter". (or even my "All Contacts" list). I have about 266 names in the list- but it only shows me the first page of them...through some of the B's. I can't figure out how to see the other names on the list!!I...
  3. C

    Why Aren't My Contacts Migrating to Beta?

    Trying to get my feet wet in Beta so I just did the "migrate contacts" thing and only 4 showed up on the Beta site. I have LOTS of contacts in P3. Help - what's wrong?
  4. KimoMakano

    Adding a Guest From Contacts in Beta

    Okay, someone may have asked this but I cannot find it. I am thinking of moving to Beta and was playing around with adding a show. When I went to add guests, I couldn't find a way to add them from my Contacts list. Is that possible? It seems like it should be but I cannot figure it out. Thanks.
  5. C

    Why Can't I See My Contacts in the Pampered Chef App?

    I am thorougly confused, so if someone could offer any help it would be fantastic (sadly, I actually consider myself tech savvy). :grumpy: I have the new android app on my galaxy s4 (so, not an older phone). I did everything I needed to in my P3 contacts and migrated them over. They are...
  6. chefliz

    Managing Contacts in P3: What Practices Do People Follow?

    I feel so dumb asking this....BUT what does everyone do with their contacts in P3? Do you save them if you don't have complete info such as phone and email? Do you only save them if you have email? I have only been saving them if I have email and I am now thinking this may have been a "not so...
  7. S

    Director Missing Guest Contact Info in New Web System | Troubleshooting and Solutions

    I am wondering if anyone else has discovered that the new web is not saving all the guest contact information. I have been working on creating my show summaries with contact name, phone, email, address, and order total (like I was able to create in p3), but when I look up my guests in my...
  8. jcsmilez

    Contacts and Calendar in New Web

    For those that have had a chance to play around in the new web can you describe the calendar and contact features in more detail? I currently use Google calendar for my personal and business calendar and the database program bento for my contacts. I'm hoping that the new web will enable me to...
  9. esavvymom

    ?S - Updating Contacts in Prep for System Upgrade

    If I update contacts on my PWS Customer Connection contacts pages, and then Sync with my P3, will it revert back to what P3 has it entered as? or should I be making my edits in P3 only, then Sync with my PWS. The PWS Contacts I know automatically update nightly with my newsletter list...
  10. L

    Host Having Trouble Importing Contacts

    My host is having trouble importing her contacts to send out the PWS evites. She's got a yahoo address. What can I tell her? She's pretty frustrated. I suggested that we try E-vite if we can't get this to work. :grumpy:
  11. K

    Why aren't my contacts pulling from PamperedPlus?

    I'm a new consultant. I have had 3 shows over the last two weeks but just set up my PWS today. It says that it pulls from PamperedPlus to create a contact list, but it hasn't happened. Moreover, while there is a link to export from PamperedPlus, I have to know what the file name is to export...
  12. C

    Any Way to Export Contacts From Pws?

    I don't want to have to manually type in ALL of those email addresses, but I want to send a custom email to them (not use one of the template PC has). Just thought I'd ask! Thanks!
  13. Bren706

    Brainstorm Ideas to Reach Out to Inactive Contacts

    For a long time I had been in a rut calling the same contacts over and over again, leaving voicemail after voicemail. Sound familiar? Then I saw a thread here on CS about calling 3 yr old contacts (contacts that you have not spoken to in over 3 years, LOL), and I got inspired to pick up the...
  14. ilovpc

    Should I Call 3 Year Old Contacts?

    Today, after going thru my customers list (for booking blitz) I realize that I have customer from shows I did 2 - 3 years ago and never follow up with them:eek: Do you thinkg it's too late to call them now:confused: If I call, what can I say to them? I need bookings and I want to come up with a...
  15. wadesgirl

    Post-It Notes Work for Out & About Contacts!

    I want to start off by saying I LOVE my sling tote!! I also wanted to share that putting post-it notes for contact information on mini catalogs is an easy and effective way to make sure you get their information! It's easy when you hand them the mini catalog to just ask them to write their...
  16. M

    Efficiently Add Contacts for Customer Connection and E-Newsletter Sign Up

    Hi everyone, OK, I might be missing something, so please don't think me foolish if I am :blushing: I feel like when I enter new contacts, I do it once in P3. Then I click "add to contacts". Is this adding it to the same place where I enter contacts on the website for customer connection...
  17. gailz2

    Anyone Wear Reading Glasses on Top of Contacts??

    I've done this for many, many years. However, today I got my first pair of a bifocal type of gas permeable contact lenses--I want to tell everyone that does as I did (with my readers on top of my head when not in use) to go to your eye doctors and try these out--I am so totally amazed to not...
  18. thehaleykitchen

    Not Getting All Contacts on Report

    Hey, I am trying to print out a complete contact list, but when I run the report in P3, I am not getting all the names! There are ones left out..... What can be done that I get all of them? All the check boxes are checked on the right hand side. Thanks, Karen
  19. California Girl

    Import Contacts from Excel: Save Time & Effort!

    I have a ton of contacts on excel is there a way to import them?? I dont want to type all 140 of them!!
  20. L

    Efficiently Managing Newsletter Contacts for Optimal Open Rates

    I normally use tasty tidbits with icontact to send out my newsletter. I am going to try using the newsletter from PC and see how that works out. I have not been good with keeping my contact information under my contacts on CC (PWS) because I never thought I would need it. I have always manually...
  21. Barry Carlton

    aSurprise Offer for New Contacts

    I am a member of a newly formed builders group. It was formed by a very successful Realtor. I mentioned that I sell PC along with installing floors and waterproofing membranes. Here is what he offered. Barry, if you would like to do pampered chef parties I can give you lists of recent...
  22. babywings76

    Keeping Contacts and Phone Calls Organized

    I'm not that happy with the way I'm organized right now, so I'm looking for some ideas and would love to hear how you all do it. What system do you use to keep track of your contacts? Do you take notes as you talk to them? Is it on paper or on a computer? How do you keep track of when you...
  23. M

    Weekend Contacts: 3 a Day? Ask Here!

    So, does 3 contacts a day include Saturday and Sunday. LOL. Just curious.
  24. F

    Jillian Grant Letter to Recruit Contacts?

    Exec. said Jillian Grant has a letter she sends out to contact list of new recruits explaining how they can help recruit get started. Apparently has helped her get people up and going and qualified. Anyone have a copy of the letter or her website so I could ask her for one. Thanks.
  25. S

    New Consultant, Moved, No Contacts, Open House

    Hi, I am a new consultant, waiting for my kit and I am planning on doing an open house for my first show because I don't know anyone in the area. Do you think that mailing miniature catalogs to close family and friends and then calling them to see if they wanted to order anything is a good...
  26. C

    Adding Contacts to PWS Newsletter: Tips and Tricks

    A long time ago (back in August?) I got on there and set up my newsletter and who I wanted to send it to. Well, I just got a whole slue of new contacts, that I would love to add, but I am not seeing a place to do that. Has anyone had any luck with adding people to the PWS newsletter...
  27. NooraK

    Re-Importing Contacts: Ethical Dilemma with MailChimp Threshold Exceeded

    I have an ethical dilemma. About a month ago, MailChimp sent me a notification stating that I had exceeded their allowable threshold for subscribers who marked spam in a single campaign. That threshold is 1%, and since I had a list of just over 400, that meant four people marked the...
  28. Bren706

    Session 2 Discussion: Tote Bag Contacts From Last Week

    I always carry my tote bage as my purse, but have not been making it a point to bring up the conversation first. When I do, it is usually by handing out a recipe card first. I did hand out a few recipe cards last week, but for the most part, I was awful about getting their contact...
  29. P

    Lost Contacts: Dealing with Disappointment and Anxiety

    I could cry so im going to vent: i have been making contacts on facebook and had a list of who said yes no maybe and fates well the file is GONE Im pretty good with computers but its gone gone gone. I dont want to recontact ppl. who said no i could cry
  30. R

    Efficiently Organize Your Contacts for Better Lead Management

    How do any of you keep track of your calls that you make. Leads, ccc's, etc. Sometimes I call past host or customers randomly to see if they would like to have a party. Do you have a seperate sheet for each of these? What if they say they really aren't interested what do you do with it? I...