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What is calendar: Definition and 78 Discussions

  1. stephaniekocala

    Do the Host Specials Run on a Calendar Year?

    I'm relatively new to PC business with less than 6-months under my belt. Hopefully this is a relatively easy question for an experienced PC consultant or two...Do the host specials run on a calendar year? For instance, I know that January is always double product, but do other months run that...
  2. DebPC

    June Events & Shows: What's On Your Calendar?

    How's your June looking? How many shows and events do you have on the books?
  3. B

    Looking for a 2013 Recipe Calendar?

    Does anyone have an extra 2013 Recipe calendar?
  4. natural

    Need Fillable Dec 2012 Calendar

    Can anyone help me with this? I am working on a team challenge where they complete tasks each day... I want to fill in a calendar with the tasks. So it needs to be FILLABLE. Thanks in advance
  5. Kjurich

    Commission Pay Dates: Where to Find a Calendar

    OK is there a Calendar somewhere on CC that maps out when comission pays are. Cause I don't always you my consultant planner and would love to just see a list or something. . . Is it always the same dates? Funny how I have been doing this a while and never really paid much attention to it...
  6. jcsmilez

    Contacts and Calendar in New Web

    For those that have had a chance to play around in the new web can you describe the calendar and contact features in more detail? I currently use Google calendar for my personal and business calendar and the database program bento for my contacts. I'm hoping that the new web will enable me to...
  7. M

    Missing Calendar? Need One? Contact Me!

    I missed deadline. If anyone has an extra calendars, I would LOVE to buy them from you. I am bad about getting on here sometimes, if you can email me at [email protected] thank you
  8. P

    Understanding Submission Deadlines: Deciphering the Symbols on the Calendar

    I have recently re-signed, and didn't receive a consultant's calendar with my mini-kit. Can someone explain to me what the symbols mean? When I was a consultant before, I'm pretty sure that the submission deadline was the 15th for the previous month. (ie October shows could be submitted...
  9. Kjurich

    When will the 2012 Consultant Calendar be available for purchase?

    Thid may be somewhere but I could not find it. I just resigned about 2 weeks ago and I am trying to find out when our 2012 calendar will arrive? Also one more question. . . I don't remember from when I signed up last time, but I just had a show last week and now will that be a commision...
  10. C

    Order Your 2012 Pampered Chef Calendar by September 14 - Limited Time Offer!

    Just a reminder that September 14 is the deadline to order 2012 Pampered Chef calendars!!
  11. pcsharon1

    How Do You Use the Calendar.........

    So I see that the new recipe calendars are available for order on the website. Those of you who use these, what do you do with them? Do you simply give them as the host gift? Do you add them into a special you creat - such as "purchase the DCB tonight and you will get a new calendar to take...
  12. chefkathy

    Director This Consultant Calendar Is Throwing Me Off!

    I hate that the week starts on Monday. That is not how my brain works, so I guess the calendar is going in the trash again this year.
  13. J

    Director Love the New 2011 Consultant Calendar!

    Yay! It's so much better!! Thanks PC for listening!!
  14. cookinmama

    Get Your 2011 Planning Calendar Now | Stay Organized and Book Ahead

    Does anyone know if we are going to get 2011 calander planners this year? I have already started booking next year and it only goes to the end of Dec. I sure hope we get them I love them, but I DID NOT like the new way the put the calendar this year. I don't like turning it around, plus I...
  15. wadesgirl

    Creative Calendar Recipes: Ideas for Every Month!

    I finally figured out what to do with my calendars! I want to add a quick recipe to each month. I figured I would do the rub dips for one month, the 2 step fudge for another month but then I'm drawing a blank! Anyone care to share?
  16. Careyann

    When Will Pampered Chef Send Out 2011 Calendars?

    When do they send us our 2011 calendars? I have so many January requests and no calendar, I'm about ready to go buy one but I keep hoping ours will be coming in the mail soon!!! Anybody know?
  17. B

    Efficient Tips for 2011 Recipe Calendar Labeling | Save Time and Money!

    Does anyone besides me think about how much of a PIA these calendars are this year? Because we need to put a label on every month's page -- not only more manual labor, but more expense because of the shipping size label. I'd love to stamp them, but it would take forever to dry on each page...
  18. cookingwithdot

    Creative Calendar Labels for Year-Round Smiles and Contact Info

    Has anyone come up with or seen some clever calendar labels? Not sure exactly what I am looking for, but it seems redundant to put the SAME label on every page! I think the basic contact info is good, but also maybe a little blurb related to the month like, "It's April, have you picked out a...
  19. M

    No Labels Needed: Last Year's Business Card Calendar

    I like last year's calendar where I could put ONE business card on a calender. This year's calendar, we have to put a label on every month. (and labels are pricey) I really do NOT want to put a label on every page. I bought 100 calenders and plan on using them as host gifts, but don't want...
  20. bridedream

    2011 Recipe Calendar - Is This Worth Ordering?

    So... I know it's the 11th hour, but I'm really on the fence about ordering the recipe calendar. Money's tight for me right now, and I'm wondering if I'll get bang for the buck from it. What do you all think?
  21. raebates

    Idea for Enhancing 2011 Recipe Calendar

    I've been thinking about the calendars, which those of us who ordered them will get next month. The 2010 calendar had a place at the bottom to put a business card or 2 x 4 label that could be seen all year long. The 2011 calendar has a space at the bottom of each month for a label, but not for...
  22. angmillar

    Need a 2010 Consultant Calendar? Anyone have an extra one?

    I wasn't expecting to restart my TPC business, so I recycled mine when it arrived in the mail. I'm using a calendar I picked up at the BX, but I'd like to have a PC one.. Anyone have an extra one laying around??
  23. R

    Can I Still Order on the Last Day of the Month According to the FedEx Logo?

    On the month at a glance calendar you can get from CC there is a FedEx logo on the 27th or 28th of each month. According to the guide it says that is the last day for delivery. That is all it says though, does that mean if you order by that date the order will be counted for that month? I...
  24. A

    2010 Downloadable Calendar From Cc

    I have been using the PC calendar that was sent to consultants for the last month. Went into it with a positive attitude and I really wanted it to work. I like the format and being able to see a week at a time. This has really helped me to book in close. However, I have decided that I really...
  25. C

    How Effective Are Year-Long Booking Challenges in Motivating Sales Teams?

    ...or something like that. I'm trying to put together a challenge for my team to help motivate them to get bookings for the year. This was at the suggestion of a director. Her idea was to challenge them to book a catalog show with friends, family and past contacts, one for each month of...
  26. F

    Anyone Else Not Received Calendar Yet?

    I still don't have the calendar that was being mailed out to consultants. I have been active every month. I don't know if I just need to wait patiently for a few more days .... or make a phone call.
  27. R

    Finding the Last 2010 Pampered Chef Recipe Calendar

    Hi! i'm looking for just one of the PC recipe calendars for 2010, I just want it for myself, and i joined after the cutoff date to order them... thx much!!
  28. Jen1409

    Wanted: Pampered Chef Calendar - Must Be Sold to Me!

    Would anyone be willing to sell me one PC calendar? I want one for myself and I signed on too late to buy them.
  29. NooraK

    Discover the 2010 Calendar: Personal Reviews and Opinions

    I saw in the ShoutBox that someone posted they had gotten their 2010 calendar. I know Jodi is in Canada, but I'm curious to hear what the calendar is like. Anyone else receive theirs yet?
  30. C

    Custom Calendar Labels for Business Thank You Messages | TIA

    I'm going to be mailing out the calendars soon but rather then just stamp my name and contact info on the calendars, I'd like to add a label thanking customers for their business. I'm terrible with words so I was hoping someone may have done this already and has labels made already. Can anyone...