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What is love: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Sarah Wilhoit

    Returning to Pampered Chef Because I Love the Products!

    Hello all!Sarah Wilhoit here- I'm back as a PC consultant because I just love the products! I moved to the Clearwater/Tampa, Florida area about 3 years ago and have yet to meet a Pampered Chef consultant or be invited to attend a PC party. I had a friend ask me where I got some of my PC products...
  2. S

    Personal What Are Your Thoughts on the New Owner of Pampered Chef, Warren Buffet?

    PC allowed me to enjoy cooking more. I love that ! I'm healthier & sound mind as I actually I actively, research for better way to cook for me & my husband. He's happy that we don't eat out ( unless we are traveling ) I feel good & confident on PC. I feel like a savy & confident cook when I'm...
  3. Julie Henne

    Personal What's Your Favorite Pampered Chef Product to Cook With, Julie?

    I can't wait to meet everyone & receive or share helpful ideas with everyone.
  4. Jennifer Erzen

    What can I do with the amazing flyers from PF?

    I love the flyers created here. Hoping to be able to share and swap. My favorite are the 3 months at a glance combined all in one. Excited to see what else is here
  5. raebates

    Check Out the New Website - I Love It!

    Have you checked out the new website? I love it.
  6. S

    Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Community?

    Hi everyone! I joined Pampered Chef recently and am LOVING it so far. I'm so excited about my new business decision!
  7. MissChef

    Trouble Ordering April Grow With Love Special on Beta Site

    On the April Grow With Love Special, it says at the very bottom that it can be ordered as a future party pick and even gives numbers, but in the Beta Site, when I try to enter that number it won't take it. And when I do it by the description and the picture, it only brings up one picture to...
  8. Bren706

    I Would Love a Pink Ribbon Charm

    I saw this on the Pink Ribbon Facebook page, and it made me think that it would be a nice incentive to earn a pink ribbon charm to add to our bracelets for May or October.
  9. K

    Gotta Love the Things Our Kids Say

    So aabout a month ago, my husband and I were invited to an event at the last minute. I don't remember now what it was, and it's not important. We were discussing if we could go or not, knowing there was no way we could find a sitter as such a late date. My 6 year old says "mom. it's called...
  10. DebPC

    Cheering on the Packers: Why We Love Our Team!

    What's your favorite team? Mine's the Packers!
  11. A

    Maximize Your Rewards: My Experience with Choose What You Love Incentive

    Not sure if this is the right category but I earned 100 points in the Choose what you Love Recruiting incentive and trying to decide. Did anyone else earn this level? What did you choose? Suggestions?
  12. T

    I Just Love Pampered Chef, But...

    This is the phrase I hear the most when I do a booth at a fair... People love to stop by to talk about how much they love it, BUT, they don't buy anything because they already have "too many things". No matter how much I talk about new products, hosts benefits, gift needs, etc... "no, no...
  13. DebPC

    Director Valentine's Day Recipes for Your Special Show of Love

    Anyone doing any special heart or holiday recipes at their show honor of Valentines Day?
  14. raebates

    Can Answering Your Phone Boost Your Business Success?

    Last Friday I was relaxing, waiting for The Furry Guy to get up so I could get started on my Christmas baking. (The Furry Guy works second shift, and our bedroom is right off the kitchen.) The phone rang. A former team member had given my name and number to one of her former customers. That...
  15. S

    Love Your Trifle Bowl? Share Your Photos!

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you could send me pictures that you might have taken using your trifle bowl. I am going to post a picture on my facebook wall every day with different ways to use the trifle bowl and tell people they could get it for free if they gather $150 in orders. If you...
  16. higoobs

    Cooking in the RCB: Love this Recipe in the Deep Covered Baker

    Love this recipe in the deep covered baker. Now I would like to know if it can be done in the RCB. Is there a change in temp or cooking time????
  17. B

    Director Don't You Just Love the End of the Month?

    ...Well I know many of you are green early but I also know many of us have teams that will not submit until the last day no matter what we say. I know that I have more than enough people submitting and well more than enough sales but as of today we were two people and $600 away from director...
  18. gailz2

    Rcb--Trying to Use It More and Learn to Love It

    Tonight I put a pound of ground beef into the RCB and microwaved it--one thing I really liked about that is the beef was still "whole", so instead of breaking it up right away with the Mix N Chop, I dumped off any liquid easily using the lid, then used the Mix N Chop. THEN, so I wouldn't dirty...
  19. J

    What I Love About My Pampered Chef Business

    I started the year with great goals and expectations for myself, then I started being an emotional wreck and exhausted all the time, then found out I was pregnant. I started this biz when I was 5 mo pregnant with #2 and fell in love, 2 years later I have #3 and this pregnancy has hit me hard...
  20. C

    Director Something I Will Love About the New Web!

    Today I processed 9 product adjustments (3 last week) :yuck: For some reason I am not getting emails for any of these which makes it really hard to track. I can't wait until full transition to the new web where it will be set up for the customer to do this for themselves!
  21. higoobs

    Pampered Chef Sweet Cheese Ball Recipes: Discover What Customers Love!

    I had a friend absolutely love the key lime cheese ball from tastefully simple. Does pampered chef has any sweet cheese ball recipes that customers at shows loved?
  22. EmilyStraw

    Find Success in Pampered Chef: Balancing Work and Family with 3-2-1 Method

    I love that in this business I get to choose how much I am away from home. I max myself at being gone for Pampered Chef stuff to twice a week, and I'm so excited that I am already getting my schedule nice and full! The guidelines of 3-2-1 are awesome, I am finally getting organized with my...
  23. Shawnna

    Religion Help Liam Fight: Check Out the I Love Liam Lyon Page on Facebook

    I would so appreciate everyone checking out the I Love Liam Lyon page on facebook. Liam is my friend's grandson. He was born last February and has only been able to be out of the hospital for about 2 weeks. We are spreading the word across the country to find new doctors and treatments for...
  24. Bren706

    Woohoo! Wendy Love in January Cn

    Another one of our cheffers has been made famous by CN. Did everyone see Wendy Love highlighted in the Upper Level Director's Academy page? Way to go Wendy!
  25. Sheila

    Let's Spread Love and Happiness Today!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and are surrounded by lots of loved ones! :D
  26. C

    Director Surprise Christmas Gifts: Garlic Press, Slicer Set, Santoku Knife & More!

    This is what I woke up to this morning::happyforyou: This was an email from a customer who attended a party last month, she wants to order Christmas presents but didn't even hint at that at the party so this was a complete surprise.Garlic press and slicer set. # 2578. Mix n chop # 2583 deep...
  27. B

    Interested in Pampered Chef products? Let's chat at our 5pm appointment!

    I belong to a single parents group through my church and one of the parents gave my information to a friend of hers. This is what I found on my facebook wall this morning. I texted her this morning and have a 5pm appt tonight: :sing: "Hi, I would love to know what you have in Pampered...
  28. B

    Would Love to Purchase a "Pretty in Pleats" Bag :)

    If anyone has a "pretty in pleats" bag they would be willing to part with, I'd love to purchase it from you! Let me know the price / shipping information. My zip code is 04240. Thanks so much!
  29. pampered1224

    Gotta Love Maxine! Adorable Moments Worth Sharing

    This is to cute not to share!
  30. P

    Director Love Love Love Greeeeennnnnnn on the 8Th of the Month!

    Love love love GREEEEENNNNNNN on the 8th of the month! :woohoo::woohoo: