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What is photos: Definition and 59 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Cute Cat Photos to Brighten Your Day

    Found this.
  2. pampchef.angel

    Find Stunning Facebook Cover Photos for Current Month Specials | CC

    Anyone know where to find a cover photo with the current month specials? The one on CC is just a picture of the Cookware.
  3. S

    Photos From My Booth on Tuesday (Wedding Expo)

    Did my first wedding expo on Tuesday and id say it went fairly well. Not as well as i had hoped of course, but thats life! :D I got 1 potential recruit and 8 potential wedding shower hosts, but no bookings :( . Hopefully my follow ups will be a success!Would like some feedback on my booth set...
  4. S

    Love Your Trifle Bowl? Share Your Photos!

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you could send me pictures that you might have taken using your trifle bowl. I am going to post a picture on my facebook wall every day with different ways to use the trifle bowl and tell people they could get it for free if they gather $150 in orders. If you...
  5. B

    Facebook Photos and Banners for Subscribers: FAQs and Guidelines

    Just wondering.... I am not a subscriber to your newsletter, but I am a fan on Facebook. Are the banners, etc you post only for your subscribers? They're fantastic, but I don't want to snag what I shouldn't. Thanks!
  6. wadesgirl

    Explore Spring Launch 2012 Photos: Password Required

    Here you go - the password is chef12 http://s287.photobucket.com/albums/ll153/jamiesgirl305/Spring%20Launch%202012/
  7. thehaleykitchen

    Recipes and Photos Are Pampered Chef Intellectual Property, Right?

    Came across this blog today: sacchef.wordpress.com And noticed all the PC recipes and photos without a mention that they are Pampered Chef! If you dig a little, you can see that he was also a PC Consultant but quit back in 2010. Isn't this a violation of the copyrights that PC owns on...
  8. Karo

    Boost Your Booth: Creative Display Ideas and Photos for Small Tables

    I have found these wire baskets (used to hold sports items in garages and kids closets) to be great for my tables. They lift the eye and expand what I can display on a small table. You can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Home Depot/Lowes. 2013 update - adding my photo from this year's...
  9. babywings76

    Recipe Photos or Youtube Videos to Share on Fb?

    Where can I find the YouTube video demos from PC that can be public? If I go to YouTube, I can find a couple, but not all the ones the company made. I'm hesitant to share them, too, because of the weird anti-PC videos that are displayed next in line. KWIM? Also, do you know where I can find...
  10. Sheila

    Stage Photos (Please Add Your Photos Too!)

    Here's Melissa's photo (Left to right = Sheila, Laurie, Kristina) http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/270410_2208967708915_1389121744_3408704_373063_n.jpg My upline posted a photo today on FB. I know she took some of us at the stage, I e-mailed her to see if she would e-mail...
  11. Sheila

    Director Anyone Get Photos of the New Ad's on Stage?

    Laurie, Kristina & I were all together & all wearing our Chef Success buttons on the front row ~ left side! :D My upline came up front & took some shots of us, but she's not yet back in Japan so I haven't seen them yet.
  12. gailz2

    Updating Pws, Few Photos to Choose

    I guess I haven't updated my PWS in a few weeks, but there are very few photos to choose from, and none for the HWC program, but 2 for Mother's Day Specials. I was very disappointed with the selection.
  13. Sheila

    Director Need Hwc Photos for Japan Spring Launch!

    Hey, for those of you who have already been, I'd LOVE to have photos of the HWC items that I can show in a few hours when I do Spring Launch here in Tokyo. Karen's doing a SL simultaneously in Okinawa & then Annastasia is doing another Spring Launch 24 hours later (also in Okinawa). I've...
  14. esavvymom

    Humor Funny Photos: (Pioneer Woman's Site)

    Ok...if you haven't seen these or are not a follower of The Pioneer Woman's blog, you have to pause for a few minutes and glance at the last few days entries in her Photography section. She's running one of her contests, but the Subject is "Funny photos". There are some doozies in there...
  15. wadesgirl

    National Conference 2010: Check Out Our Photos!

    Just thought I would share in case the others missed something. http://s287.photobucket.com/albums/ll153/jamiesgirl305/National%20Conference%202010/
  16. forkatieb

    Looking for Step by Step Photos of Making a Wreath

    Please help me. I have looked everywhere and I can not find step by step photo instructions on how to make a wreath. I have seen them before and thought I had saved it. Thank you
  17. Sheila

    Son's 1St Birthday (Cake Photos)

    So we did my son's 1st Birthday party yesterday. It was 2 weeks early because DH is about to leave (military thing) and we wanted him to be able to participate. Let me just tell you that my son LOVES cake...
  18. sklay723

    Smiling Consultants at Spring Launches Across the Country - Lakeland, FL

    Hi everyone! Thought it might be fun to post some photos from Spring Launches across the country, so others can see some smiling, happy consultants. :) Here is one from the launch in Lakeland, FL. Some Cheffers met up "in real life!" From Left to Right: Rita Goebert (Grandmarita)...
  19. Sheila

    Booth Photos - Feel Free to Post Your Photos Too!

    I know that some of you were interested in ideas on how to set up a booth. I did one today & actually took pictures!!! But they would only let us have one table at this event, so I had to be creative with very limited space. If you have photos that you think will help other...
  20. wadesgirl

    Find the Best, Most Cost-Effective Website to Print Photos from Your Vacation

    I just got back from vacation with my sister and her family. As a thank you I bought a photo album and wanted to print out pictures I took of her family. I have about 100 pictures to print out. What is the best most cost effective website to do this on?
  21. esavvymom

    Sobering Photos of Chernobyl Area

    Interesting photos to see. I was just a young teen when this happened- so didn't really sink in at the time, but I can't even imagine.GRcade :: View topic - BLH's tour of Chernobyl. Hello Digg/Reddit/world!!I'm not sure which is more disturbing - that some company actually gives TOURS of the...
  22. NooraK

    Do You Have Bath-Time Photos of Your Kids?

    I just saw this on CNN, and I was flabbergasted! :eek:Video - Breaking News Videos from CNN.comThat is just utterly ridiculous! :grumpy: The terms they're using to describe the photos? Who gets to decide that? And does that then mean I can't bathe my child because I'm going to see him...
  23. L

    Need Help ... Coping Monthly Special Photos With Pictures...

    Hi Everyone, I want to make a flyer to send out to people in my neighbourhood but I am having problems copying the monthly special photos that include the prices on it. I can copy the photos but the price do not copy. I would use the one's I have found on this wedsite but I am in Canada. I...
  24. S

    Organizing Your Stoneware: Tips, Photos, & Deals!

    I noticed this under the product reviews. It says something about keeping your stoneware organized. Does someone have more info and maybe a pic? And if I decide I need one, anyone offerign one for sale?
  25. S

    Find Bridal Booth Photos and Ideas for a Fair

    I am in search of bridal booth photos. I have looked on here and can't find anything. Before they updated this site you could click on the tab at the top of the page and look at pictures. Now I don't know how to find pictures. I have gone to the files and haven't really found what I am...
  26. S

    Where Can I Find Photos for My Fall Product Show?

    I am putting together a fall new products show, but don't have the products. I am thinking about printing out 8x10 photos of some of the new products to display. Where can I get the photos? Sharon
  27. KellyTheChef

    Kellythechef's Photos and Albums

    Hey all! I finally added a couple of albums and pictures on my page here! http://www.chefsuccess.com/members/kellythechef-albums.html
  28. DebbieJ

    Stunning Photos of New Product - Captured in a Crowded Room

    I took a few photos, not a lot as the room was super crowded when I was in there. Enjoy! http://s7.photobucket.com/albums/y283/jenningsdeb/NC%202008/
  29. dannyzmom

    Want to See My NC Photos? Let Me Know!

    If you want to see them let me know. And let me know - I'll send all but the product-preview room pics - LOL
  30. TheChaoticCook

    Does Anyone Have Photos of a Shower Board Set Up?

    Maybe a tri-fold board set up to show the bride's choices in items? Even a link to a previous thread would be great. I've been through 10 pages of "files" so far LOL!!