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What is booth: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Andrea Davis

    Vendor Booth in Need: P.C. Table Cloth (74014)

    I'm a new consultant and have signed up to do a few vendor booths - however, I'm in need of a P.C. Table Cloth - does anyone have any to spare? If so, how much and what would you charge for shipping? My zip is 74014. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. 039311

    Promote Your Freezer Meal Workshops: Tips and Tricks from Pampered Chef

    How can you promote freezer meal workshops?I'm looking to locate any type of Pampered Chef promotional information that I can take with me to a trade show, and to share on social media.Any info and help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you all!Jemma
  3. Jasmine

    Reordering? What to Stock & How to Handle Warranties

    I am sure that this has been asked before, but time to update! What items do you make sure you have in stock? Do you carry stoneware? If so, how do you handle the warranty? I sold over $200 last week at my market and I need to reorder. I am trying to get an idea of what people by the most and...
  4. N

    What should I focus on for my first vendor event as a new consultant?

    Hi! I'm a very new consultant. I just signed up on Friday! I'm very excited about getting my business started off right so I have lined up two vendor events for this month to help get leads. What should I be concentrating on? Should I bring my whole kit? What should I give away a a drawing...
  5. DebPC

    Who's Doing a Booth This Summer?

    I have one at our state fair in August. It's inside so it's climate controlled and I rent out the time I don't want.
  6. S

    What Catchy Superhero-Related Signs Can I Use for My Booth at a Super Hero Day?

    I am doing a booth at a Super Hero day and would like some input on what I can make signs say that would be Super Hero related and catchy. I am taking cash and carry with me so people can buy some items right there and would like to get some orders too so I am trying to think of a special or...
  7. S

    Photos From My Booth on Tuesday (Wedding Expo)

    Did my first wedding expo on Tuesday and id say it went fairly well. Not as well as i had hoped of course, but thats life! :D I got 1 potential recruit and 8 potential wedding shower hosts, but no bookings :( . Hopefully my follow ups will be a success!Would like some feedback on my booth set...
  8. M

    Boost Your Business at Fairs: Maximize Exposure with a Winning Booth Strategy"

    I am a new consultant - since mid April - and will have my first fair booth next weekend on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I will have a total of 20 hours over those 3 days for exposure, so I'm super excited about that. I plan to have my spring/summer catalog on display in a 3 ring binder...
  9. DebPC

    Farmers Market Booth Success: Proven Tips from Experienced Sellers

    Has anyone had good success with these?
  10. C

    Has Anyone Ever Done a Booth at a Yard Sale?

    I am setting up a table at a yard sale fundraiser in June from 7 am til 2 pm. Does anyone have some display ideas? I'm thinking of filling the Cool 'n Serve with veggies, fruit & dips; possibly making salsa in the MFP; I will defintely have the DCB; June special totes and signage. Any other...
  11. B

    Do You Charge Sales Tax for Products Sold at a Vendor Booth?

    Hi everyone, I am a new consultant and I am doing my first vendor booth on Saturday. I will offer free shipping for local orders, but was wondering if you charge sales tax on products sold at the event. TIA for your input.
  12. DebPC

    What Are the Top Venues for Spring Booths at Farmers Markets and Bridal Expos?

    Now that most of the country is experiencing spring. Where are some great venues to get a booth? Farmers markets have popped up and bridal expos. When I have a garage sale I have 3 large tables with gently used, cash and carry new, and a summer display. I also PC on my neighborhood signs. I...
  13. W

    What are some eye-catching booth ideas for a festival on a college campus?

    I am setting up a vendor table at a "festival". There will be bounce houses, bands, etc. It will basically be from 3pm-10pm. It is on a college campus so we are not allowed to exchange any money, but we can have a sign-up for drawings, get exposure for potential bookings, etc. I would like to...
  14. CheleG

    New Catalog in Pdf File for Booth Shows

    I am looking for the new catalog in pdf form so I can print it up and have it in flip style form for an upcoming vendor event..... Thank you in advance for your help!!!
  15. C

    Ready for Your Big Day? Get Bridal Booth Info!

    I have my first bridal booth on monday night! I made this pamphlet to have out, but I'm also putting together basic folders for the interested folks (wish list, bridal planner, dear bride and groom letter). What do you think? I couls use any and all advice!
  16. Kandi2candy

    My First Booth: Cash & Carry, Drawing Slips & Catalogs - Advice Needed!

    I had my first booth this weekend! It was a lot of fun. It was sorta slow, but that was ok! so I could get the hang of things. :) I made enough to cover my booth costs, got 3 potential hosts, and 1 potential recruit!! I however do have some questions... Cash and Carry VS. Free Local...
  17. M

    Maximize Your Sales with a Successful Booth and Catalog Show!

    I had a great booth yesterday had over 60 names have almost a $400 show only $24 togo to get there. 5 possible names for a show and one is doing acatalog show now till friday to get that new cutting board. had a cooking show in the eve the same day and it was good as well had a catalog show...
  18. pjpamchef

    Expert Tips for Maximizing Your 4ft Booth Space - Multi-Vendor Event Help

    I have been invited to do a multi-vendor booth, and was told yesterday that I will have room for a 4ft table!! Any ideas!!! That is not much space!!
  19. wadesgirl

    Boost Bookings at My Booth with a Fun Dice Game & Exciting Prizes!"

    I am in desperate need of bookings :( I have a booth this weekend and was thinking of doing a version of the dice game there. I thought about bringing the Spice Turn About with spices labeled 2-12 with prizes on the bottom. I thought about little things like old season's best, twix-it clips...
  20. C

    Maximizing Success at Vendor Events: Tips and Tricks for Booth Owners

    I have done many vendor events and have not had much luck, either with orders or interest when I do follow up calls. I know it must be something I am doing wrong, considering how much success so many have doing these. Any helpful hints or tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  21. Dina Atnip

    What is the Tax Form for Booth Vendors?

    I am doing a booth and they want some form about the taxes and how we are covered or something like that I looked in downloads and can't find it any help at all please.
  22. Y

    Recipe or Food Samples at a Booth?

    I am fairly new to PC and have signed up for a couple booths this fall. I looked through all the photos on this board! Great resource! For some reason, I assumed I would pick and easy recipe like a salsa and make a big batch of it up and give out samples and have some there to demo the...
  23. kreaser

    Pics From My Health Fair Booth Yesterday

    hopefully I can upload these...I had to do a booth where I could educate employees coming through on healthy ways to use our products etc..here is what I did..I am now making these little signs for our new products for our county fair starting on monday..they are 4x6 picture frames I got at the...
  24. W

    Boost Your Direct Sales Success: My Goals and Strategy for Upcoming Fair Booth

    For the past year my personal life stresses completely took over and I have been floundering and struggling to keep my head in the game for the past 8 months. I was fortunate enough that a spot at our teams fair booth became available for this upcoming Weds night and I jumped on it! I have...
  25. esavvymom

    Anyone Know Where to Find Small Baggies to Hand Out at a Booth??

    I need some ideas as to where I might be able to find small catalog bags. I have an event coming up next week, that potentially has me meeting LOTS of people. Based on how it is set up, we may be talking to and meeting people as they are checking out to pay for their purchases (consignment...
  26. P

    Can't Decide on Booth Drawing Idea!

    I am trying to decide what kind of drawing to have at my upcoming craft show. Which sounds better???.... 1) A FREE SHOW! What I may do is call it a "party in a bag". In a gift bag or maybe even a Pampered Chef shopping bag I will put everything needed to host a show - including plates, cups...
  27. P

    4Th of July Booth Ideas Anyone???

    Hello! I am doing a craft show this Saturday and I wanted to focus on this months Host Special as well as the month of July. I want my display to be as a eye catching as possible and I thought I would go with a 4th of July theme. Does anyone have any photos of booths that you have done that...
  28. S

    1St Booth, New Consultant, No Cash and Carry!

    I just started a couple months ago and have signed up to be part of one of the local Farmer's Markets this weekend. I'm a little flustered and frustrated trying to decide what to do. It seems everyone has several products on hand to sell. I, however, being new just have my start up kit and a...
  29. R

    Jumpstart Your Business with a Trade Show Booth!

    Hi there, I just did my FIRST trade show booth yesterday and have 128 ballot slips of people to follow up and contact. Does anyone have a "catchy" email that they use? I am having trouble putting words down for an email to send out. I really want to book some shows from it to make it...
  30. maldvs

    Rules for "Cash and Carry" at Festival Booth

    I'm doing a vendor booth for the first time this Saturday and was thinking about selling a couple items that I have doubles of. (I was an avid PC host before signing up for my biz) I also wanted to sell some Season's Best and a couple Itty Bitty Bevs that I have. I just want to make sure I...